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Electors: Explained?

Just as many of us learned during the primaries that it's not the "beauty contest" tallies of the voters, but the votes of the delegates that really count, it would appear that, for the general election, it's once again not the votes of the masses of individuals, but in this case, the votes of the electors that really count.

That's Constitutionally sound, and saves us from mob rule. But...

How much do we really know about this process? Do we know how electors get elected themselves? Or appointed or otherwise selected?

How can one become an elector? Is it too late to become one for the general election this fall?

Are the electors for this fall already in place? Do we know who they are?

Has this already been discussed here on DP and I somehow missed it?

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are all the electors chosen at the state conventions??

Please post if you know...

I believe so. I don't know how though...

Here in Washington it just seemed to 'happen'. I don't know when or how, perhaps it was because I was an alternate for a good portion of the convention and they seemed to enjoy keeping us alternates from the proceedings...GRRR
When I finally got seated as a delegate, they passed out a sheet with a bunch of names on it -- it didn't say what for, it was just a list of names -- but I think I can conclude that it was the names of our electorates.

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Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!
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Oregon's GOP electors were chosen on the 7th

...at our state GOP convention. If the Republican nominee wins in November, they'll get to cast their votes for President and VP, I think sometime in December.

I truly recommend against trying to "hijack" the process at the electoral college level. Not good political strategery in this day and age. 200 years ago, maybe. It'd likely start a riot now. Even going after the national convention delegates is going to raise a lot of eyebrows -- and I mean starting by the time the first DVDs are in their hands.

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Oh good golly, I'm not talking about "hijacking" anything. I'm asking about the process, and curious as to who the people are who have the power to place the votes for the presidential election.

Does it work the same way as with delegates, in that they may or may not be bound to reflect the general vote, or, are they all bound, or all unbound, or ?? Do our individual votes in the general election in fact amount to the same level of power and influence as in the primaries (essentially, not a whole lot)?

If that's the case, then it seems to me that if John Q. Public wants his vote to actually count, he should be courting the delegates and electors, and not bother with the Diebolds at all. If that is considered "hijacking", then I suppose advising our representatives and senators of our wishes and concerns would have to be stamped with the same terminology.