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BJ Lawson for congress June 29 money bomb

Want somebody to vote against domestic welfare spending and endless military spending with Dr. Ron Paul? Well we have a chance to get somebody like that in congress. BJ Lawson is running in North Carolina's 4th congressional district against David Price a 20 yr. incumbent. They need money for ad's so we need a money bomb on June 29th.

Guys these are the battles that need to be fought. Filling vacant precint chairs, running for state legislature, running for city council, helping congressional or senatorial candidates. We can do this!!!!!


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Don't let the bi-partisan

Don't let the bi-partisan destruction of our civil liberties continue. We've got to stop this ass hole David Price.

BJ Lawson JUNE 29 $$$$$$$$$$ Bomb

spammers are annoying

6 active BJ posts come on guys...blahhhhhhhh

"There is but one special interest that we should be working for, and that would solve just about all of our problems, and that is our liberty."Ron Paul

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

come on guys RP can't do

come on guys RP can't do this alone. Help me post this all over RP forums all over the internet.

June 29 is the money bomb

June 29 is the money bomb