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Treasury Secretary wants to quickly give MORE powers to the FED

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We Should Start An Alternative Currency

The currency would be based on community service. Citizens would vote on what service is to be performed and pay for it with CREDITS. To establish demand for this currency, all taxes would be paid with these CREDITS. Citizens would earn CREDITS by performing community service or trading for them. Every citizen would have an account and make payments by phone using an account number and PIN. To stabilize the currency's value, every person would be paid equally for community service (10 credits per hour) and taxed equally (no more than 1,000 credits every six months). There would also be a limit to the number issued (10,000 CREDITS mulitplied by the number of citizens).

Thats a good idea...Lets let the Fox guard the Henhouse!@!

The Federal Reserve has been raping the American people for nearly 100 years! Lets do our ancestors a big favor and get rid of this abomination!!!

"Fire Team for Freedom" on revolutionbroadcasting.com
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"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

Ain't that about right?

And guess what? They'll get it! The Fed is scaring the sheeple into thinking that rouge banks are the root of all evil, and with just a little more oversight, the big old Federal Reserve (those honest sons of bitches) can protect the American Sheep from wrongdoings. Don't worry, your fine Congressman will be wined and dined by the Bernanke staff, and they'll have no problem in getting this done. Ugh!

alan laney


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