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Campaign Finance Question?

I know that this is the daily paul and not the daily obama, but I have a question about recent events that I wanted to ask to the people i trust most. Plus I now view this site just as much a resource for information as for RP news.
Yesterdays announcement that Barack will not accept campaign finance was met with much criticism from the MSM about his trustworthyness etc. Doesnt this campaign finance thing bassicaly come from our tax dollars? I would think that if he rejected it its a good thing because it means people are free to donate if they choose to rather than me being forced with my tax dollars to give him 87million dollars.

Is there something im missing here or am i correct?

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I had the same thoughts you had.

I believe your assesment is correct that the public funds really mean taxpayer dollars. I don't think the taxpayers should be forced to give money to someone they may not support.

I think this issue makes McCain look weak since there are not enough people willing to give him money voluntarily so he is going to probably steal taxpayer money to fund his campaign just like he did in the primaries.