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Food for Thought: The Tyrrany of Compulsive Schooling

Thoughts welcome below.

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How To Raise Ron Pauls

I've posted this link before, and this thread is a perfect place to post it again: go check out The Thomas Jefferson Education Consortium and learn an approach to education that develops critical thinking, self-responsibility and statesmenship.

Not just for kids. As I've said previously, this is something of interest to all RP supporters and those who would forward the r3volution. (No, I don't work for them.)

I abhor pubic school.

However, if you are going to produce and submit a video damning public school, please review the basics of English grammar.

Don't accept mental laziness. If you do, you are no better than the sheep.

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UHHH...Better check your own spelling before you criticize

someone else's grammar.

If you're a Nevada delegate or know someone who is, click here!!
Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!
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Charlotte Iserbyt

The Southern Baptist Convention, for five years in a row, refuse to bring this topic forward, for fear of pissing off the collection plates givers, naturally. Government control of education IS the totalitarian garden producing America's statist slaves. Get your Kids Out Now, while the choise exists.

Culture is Religion externalized.

Could you elaborate?

I go to an SBC church and what we do has little to do with the convention. My perception of what the higher level leadership is is that they want to be perceived as a pendulum swing of a "conservative revolution", but I can't agree with their definition of what the conservative side of theology is. My point is that what the SBC does and what goes on in SBC churches seems to have little to do with one another. People at our church homeschool, private school, public school, with more emphasis on the first two than you'd see in the general population.

Defend Liberty!

Deep Well

This is one of the most important topics discussed on Daily Paul. America has been had, mostly by "public" education.
Dig deep into this topic, it represents the greatest long term success for Liberty.

Culture is Religion externalized.

"it represents the greatest long term success for Liberty"

Those words contain a huge dose of truth and hope.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."


I agree with this information presented very much, except the statement that we should be free to "evolve." This is the greatest lie being promulgated in the public school system, the media, government... The reason is, if we have no Creator (or Designer) and we are only animals on the journey of evolving then we have NO unalienable rights given to us by our Creator and the Constitution is just a joke, which cannot put chains on Government by allowing us to exercise our Natural Rights given to us by our Creator, not the government. It is a THEORY being touted as FACT. The consequences are huge, especially in our fight for Liberty, which we have no right to if we are just products of mere chance.


I don't think the video used the term "evolve" as in "the theory of evolution." I'm pretty sure the video isn't saying that our kids should be free to evolve from apes to humans.

The word "evolve" is not restricted to Darwin's usage of the term, although that is one meaning of the word. The video uses it (properly) to imply a progression of improvement.

From Dictionary.com:

Pronunciation[i-volv] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, e·volved, e·volv·ing.
–verb (used with object)
1. to develop gradually: to evolve a scheme.
2. to give off or emit, as odors or vapors.
–verb (used without object)
3. to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution: The whole idea evolved from a casual remark.
4. Biology. to develop by a process of evolution to a different adaptive state or condition: The human species evolved from an ancestor that was probably arboreal.

[Origin: 1635–45; < L évolvere to unroll, open, unfold, equiv. to é- e- + volvere to roll, turn]

Not at all

I don't want to debate evolution/creation etc.

But, you do not need a creator to have natural rights. Atheists can believe in rights that are a natural consequence of how the universe works. Its not a problem at all.

natural consequence

Natural consequence amounts to natural law. In Nature the "survival of the fittest" rules, or a male frequently rapes females, and canobolism is frequently practiced. Are these the natural consequences you advocate? Or would a fixed, transendant law provide better protection for private property and liberty, like the one America was founded on? You know, like the big TEN that stricks fear into libertines.

Culture is Religion externalized.

Intelligence evolves

And determines the best rules for human existence, and how we can best allign ourselves with nature. Just like Newton explained gravity, Locke, and Montesquieu, and Franklin, and Jefferson and Stanton, and Spooner, and Paterson and Rand, and Taft, and Goldwater, and Paul continue to explain liberty.

The desire for liberty is a natural consequence of evolved intelligence, and the mechanisms for obtaining liberty, and the social evolution of systems to deliver that liberty are still developing. .

I don't know

if the mediocre grammar makes this more or less compelling.

I agree with the sentiment, though I don't know if such an all out frontal assault on public schools will ever get anywhere.

I Disagree

While this video is NOT one of the best, I believe if more parents actually knew what their kids were and were NOT being taught more sheeple might wake up as I did. Some other videos I've run across:
Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World:
Who Controls Our Children:
John Taylor Gatto on Education:
Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth:

And I also found this article at American Policy "Education Fails Because It's NOT Education:

PyraBang for Liberty

I do like the overall presentation value of the offered

video. However, your links are considerably better in terms of specifics and I want to add my thanks to you for posting them. The Math Education video is particularly good in showing the shortcomings of modern-day abandonment of the so-called traditional math-skills methods.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Thanks for these links

I am involved in education, and am familar with alot of these things.

I could tell you some real horror stories about the requirements to certify and license teachers, dealing with so called educational innovations, the work of "accrediting agencies", educational funding agencies and the standards based teaching.

I agree with people like Charlotte Iserbyt, and Peg Luksik about alot.

I think they make a mistake though when they try to infer the reasons that educational professionals do things. They insinuate there is some purposeful master plan. I seriously doubt that. Of course, the link with Alex Jones makes trying to convince anyone with any authority that these are important issues next to impossible.

On a positive note, the reaction by educators, on every level, to things like outcomes based education is to treat the new requirements like red tape. They will have pages of matices linking behaviors to outcomes, to standards, to curricula, and then in the end they will simply check all the boxes, and go back and teach the way they always had. The downside is they do this when good changes, like using computers more, comes by as well.


I agree with all the info. in this video. However, the music, and words presented was very amatureish. OK for the deaf I guess but I think it would have been better if it had been a TALKIE.



I thought it was classic ... sometimes reading gets deeper into the brain than someone yapping at you.

Also, if you think Mozart is "very amatureish" perhaps it's because you went to public school or somehow imbibed too much of what passes for "culture" in America.

Public Schools

It was my search into the public school system that "opened" my eyes and my quest for more information. I did not home school my son, but I did do a lot of things with him (reading at home, using the dictionary, museum trips, library trips, educational videos, etc). I blindly believed he was receiving the same quality education I did (mine was in the late 50s and through the 60s) and I remember one time asking him if he'd learned anything about the constitution yet. I should have had a "clue" when I tried to help him with his Algebra classes: "mom quit helping me the teacher says it's not the right way to do it"

PyraBang for Liberty

So true! that video was very good.

In my life I can see the truth of this. The public school system prepares students for the corporate world. My husband was a dropout, and we married very young, so I too was, and we decided to homeschool, which was a burden financially, yet in order to live within our means meant we had to learn to do things ourselves, like mending, sewing, building our home, etc. etc. But all these skills we learned from being so poor led to home businesses , I , a reupholster, and related skills. And he, an incredibly talented stone, and brick mason. Even though we don't work full time, he, because of weather, me, because I grow most of our food, and homeschool, we actually earn more per hour than most people who go to college and work for corporate America. This also gives us the freedom to travel when we want, if we have the money (sometimes we can travel if we don't, if he can find work where we want to go). And doing homeschool, we can leave with our books along with us. Being without television for our 37 years of married life, and being big readers, (hey, we even learned with the books we gave our kids to study with). My children had very good marks on their SATs, and were given many offers to go to college, even the very best ones, but they too decided the free life was better than working for corporate America.Besides, hard to homeschool your own kids if you are in a career outside of the home. I know there are some who want careers that would require going to college, but so many don't.

Good story


Fun, educational projects to inspire young minds...


I have chosen to live in a community where the majority of the Catholic children are homeschooled. WHAT A DIFFERENCE between these kids ... well-adjusted, helpful, industrious, sociable ... and the punk heads coming out of the "system." My heart goes out to these children who never had a chance to live like normal human beings.

We live in the most evil society that has ever existed. It kills children in the womb and, those lucky enough to survive till birth, are subject to having their very souls destroyed before they can reach the age of reason.

Lord have mercy on us!

When you pull your kids out

When you pull your kids out of public school and begin to home school them, you will begin to notice how brainwashed and lifeless they really are. Oddly they will become more "socialized" the longer they are schooled at home. My kids can hold long substantive conversations with adults and play better with children of any age. Along with dumbing the children down, public school makes kids hateful and mean. You will never realize how much until you get them out.

I agree

and I was surprised how brainwashed I had been and the letting go process was strange to say the least. Its truly the best thing I have ever done and brings our family so much joy. My son can hold conversations with ANYONE. He has neighbor friends to play with and never meets a stranger. Homeschooling is way easier than most would think. We use ashworth university for highschool college prep diploma http://www.ashworthuniversity.edu/programs/highschool/jmcv/ and www.time4learning.com for elementary. They are both comrephensive programs
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My daughter, who is homeschooled,

Impresses people all the time with her ability to think for herself and form her own opinions (and she is 7).

`Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

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Of Course, he is no threat to the "Establishment" anymore. They treat him like a human being now; plus, he looks rested for a change.