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Calling all Patriots: OperationStatesUnited

I've taken it upon myself to start a new website to promote true American ideals. A vast amount of content to be made available to Americans in one place. The name is backwards indicating distress, I thought it was clever.

The premise of the website is an operation to take power away from the Federal government and pass it to the State government, then, to take power from the State government and pass it down to the individual. Much is easier said than done, however, the best tools we have are education, direction, and numbers. Those are quite powerful.

The Freedom movement is in all places with great ideas everywhere. I'm hoping to capture some of these ideas and thoughts to be published by the people for others to make use of the knowledge of the collective. It is important that we educate American's on all aspects to help wake them up. Telling, what we believe, is the truth. We will have information on a slew of different topics to make Americans (and other people in the world) more self sufficient and less reliant on government. Becoming more self sufficient by growing our own food, conserving energy, saving properly, and making decisions for ourselves about politicians etc we will be sending a message to the government (NWO) that we do not need them anymore and we will be doing so by our actions and mass education.

Areas of education can include but not limited to:
Finance/Banking - How money works, suggestions on saving.
Law/Civil Rights - If you know your rights then you can assert them.
Legislation - Lets use it to make government smaller.
Self reliance - Not just how to plant a garden but also how to incorporate some 21st century technology into your life to help become more self sufficient.
Politicians - Who best reflects our views. A political breakdown of voting records, quotes, and corporate affiliations.
Gun Ownership - Informative articles about various aspects.
Homeschooling - How to's, informative material.

Any other suggestions are welcomed. Ideally I'd like to bring in established organizations to provide content in their area of expertise and use this website as a figurehead for everyone to meet in one place and coordinate our efforts in a more concise movement in order to reach our goals in a more efficient and effective manner. We can educate each other in what we're good at and everyone will be better off.

Also to note: This website isn't going to "compete" with the CfL. The CfL is more directly associated with Legislation and Politicians. However I intend to strongly promote the CfL.

I've also purchased the .mobi domain name. I figured if the idea takes off we can send mass text messages to start reporting the news to ourselves instead of getting it from the MSM.

Its a big idea, almost a revolution inside a revolution. A website like this will entrench our position for the longterm battle to regain our freedoms and sends the message that where here for the long haul. However every new idea has to start somewhere and with someone. Therefore, I need a few patriots who would be willing to help plan and execute this statement for humanity.

email: jonm701 -at- hotmail dot com

Questions/Comments/Concerns welcomed on this forum topic.

p.s. Even though its a little cliché a man once said "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come".

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I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Great work. The more we

Great work. The more we unite regarding Constitutional issues, rather than personal beliefs, the better I like it. The Presidential election to me is now (except for RP) irrelevant. What is important is things like this..

very articulae, funny you

very articulae, funny you brought up the .mobi, its the next step in communication. im always on dailypaul via my phone. im in.
affiliation is thw way to go. right now there is alot of grassroot websites, meetups etc. the trck is to corral them all to all th websites, and allow websites to fuse together in turn, its evolution.


An Eye for an Eye will ONLY make this world go blind~Ghandi~