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Want to buy lots of gold and silver and scared

I just cashed out of my condo and want to exchange a chunk of my money for gold and silver. Not ETFs but physical gold and silver. They don't make it easy because reports are filed after certain incriments and and there's not enough available at certain coin dealers. Does anyone have any good advice here? has anyone else tried to do anything like this? Now days I feel like the government has to know all of your investments. However if I took all that money to Vegas and spent it, they wouldn't care. It's sad that we can't have private wealth in this country. Go Ron Paul!

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monex is in my opinion the

monex is in my opinion the best one i have found .. other companies try to force their way on me to buy this and that and they won't leave me alone ... monex is great and like the other guy said so I received a complimentary 3 oz silver coin set for having referred someone else regardless of the size of the purchase.

never had any problems ... you get a personal representative ... they are kind and knowledgeable ... i would call them to talk ... very helpful

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

You might want to familiarize yourself with Ebay

Not only is it a good resource as long as you are practical... but if you need to liquidate your gold or silver it can be useful as well.

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Be careful buying someone

on here a while back said they did not get what they purchased. Just a word of caution. Peace

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I believe that article was referring to APMEX

I have seen a few "not so goods" about them. I have received gold coins from Monex with no problems or run around, and even received a set of 3 different one ounce complimentary silver coins, for sending them another customer.

www.monex.com ... i've dealt

www.monex.com ... i've dealt with them for a while ... they are pretty good and usually have whatever you want

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

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Yes rft is right.

I deal with Brian Costello there on a daily basis. He is an awesome guy. Not pushy, he is level headed, and professional. I am always happy to give him a recommendation.
1-800-949-4653 ext. 2330 ( during California time)

thanks for your feedback

my only concern is keeping it annonymous. if it takes me longer to accomplish this, that's ok too.

you are correct

Stay off the gold/silver buyer lists. The feds stole the Liberty Dollar lists some months back when they took all of his inventory. They can take others as well if and when they choose to. When do you think lists of gold buyers would come in handy - during any fed confiscation of metals...

midwest_rpfan, regarding purchasing gold and silver

Try Northwest Territorial Mint ( http://bullion.nwtmint.com/ ); they ship all over the world. They also have the lowest prices, spot price plus a small fee. REMEMBER they are NOT a bullion bank, so they DO NOT carry large quantities on hand. They will sell you the bullion @ the current spot price, plus their fee... they then place your order (you must pay in advance). Ask them what the lead time will be for delivery.

I hope this helps, good luck!

P.S. DO NOT buy on eBay, their prices are inflated. That it is where the dummies buy their bullion, not the serious investors.

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You are right

Ebay is a great place to sell.....to Boneheads that do not do the research!

Okay After looking at this....

They already know how much money you have from cashing out your condo. So do not worry about the transaction paper trail.

I would go to www.APMEX.com and order 25% gold eagles, and 75% silver eagles in the monster boxes and take delivery. BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE enough CASH to pay all of your bills for 6 to 12 months. Don't over commit.

Now.....when you buy gold and silver, and take delivery, you want to hide it in many different places. HARD PLACES. Maybe even hide it at your parents house, without them knowing about it.

Also.....Special note....If you are investing in precious metals, you need to understand it is for the long term. It is not something you want to watch day by day. The roller coaster will drive you insane. If you understand this...then move forward.

My 2 cents

PS www.APMEX.com is the only place I deal with. I have been dealing with Apmex for a long time. Never a glitch.

I am sure other companies are out their. But these guys from Day one have always hit the nail on the head. No B.S. Delays, and no excuses. If it is on the web site, it is ready to ship!!!

Get lots of gold coin in

Get lots of gold coin in small denominations. I've seen 1/20th ounce pieces that are about half the size of a penny going for about 50 bucks right now. Keep in mind that when you sell these at a later date, the price will probably inflate a lot due to the falling value of the dollar. If you sell $10,000 worth or more, you will have to report it to the feds. That's why I'm sticking with small denominations. A one ounce gold coin could easily be inflated to over 10K in a hyperinflationary market. And yes, look around. I've used Bullion Direct with good results.

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Gold, Silver and Read Crash Proof by Peter Schiff

a Ron Paul supporter. It's a good, quick read.


shop around, and

buy in different places

try eBay, see your local store (always remember there's shipping and taxes, so do a total estimate)


Over 10k will have a report filed against it. Just buy 9999 dollars worth and you will be safe.


It is $3000 now here in Portland Oregon.

And I don't care if they report it. The money is clean, and they will never find it anyway....

I already paid my taxes on it!


Buy locally

Find a reputable local coin shop, meet the owner (use a false name) and buy with cash over the next few months. Records of remote dealers can be and have been taken by the feds.

Check out allamericangold.com

They also have a very good business news commentary podcast. Check out the last two days of broadcasting.
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American Precious Metals Exchange


Also, there is no reporting if you buy American Eagle bullion coins.

Don't forget about palladium and platinum.

And finally, try foreign currencies as well. Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Remnibi are good ones. Even euros for the short term. Not all eggs in one basket is good advice.

Not so hard

I don't know how much money you are talking about, but you should be able to buy 100 gold ounces over a span of a few weeks without any reports being filed. I don't know what the threshold is, but I know it is not low enough to be much of a problem if you are talking about $100,000 or so.

Also keep in mind that there is safety in diversity. I am a big gold bug but I would not suggest putting all your eggs in that basket.

Call Franklin

Call Franklin Sanders
He is an easy man to talk to. Very Christian and will not try and sell you anything but will answer all your fears even if you buy from someone else. I know this because I had this experience. Call him. He lives on a farm in TN and raises his own food and all his kids and grand kids live there too. One last thing he was in the movie America Freedom to Fascism. Good luck. You won't be sorry to talk to him I promise.

Ebay it.

Only buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback and a decent amount of it.

I have had some good luck.

I had good luck too...I've

I had good luck too...I've dealtwith Austin Rare Coins for several years..prompt delivery, private sales...