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I'm personally going to protest the Olympics with my money, who wants to join me?

We all know that there's nothing we can do about the situation between China and Tibet. But I think it would be something out of this world if we could send a message. Think about it... at this rate, we may not have that many chances to send the corporations a strong message. The Olympics would be a good time to do so. We could screw McDonald's, Snickers, Coca-Cola, etc. at least during the time of the Olympics by making these Olympics the worst in sales ever. We have a free market system, let's use it in our favorite. Sure, I might miss my Coke and Big Mac but the Olympics could be ripe for sending a message. I don't want to tell any of you what to do here. I want to make the NWO elite crap in their pants. I would be stunned if we could have these companies that sponsor the Olympics see dropping like ever before just to see their competitors beat them.