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An example of what NOT to do

Here's an example of what NOT to do if you don't like the government.

Calif. nuclear engineer gets more than 4 years for sending threatening letters to Bush, Cheney, others


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This was really stupid

This was really stupid (and the guy's an engineer??). That was not just speaking out against Boosh or even calling for his impeachment or demise otherwise. I can't believe he actually sent them threatening letters with white powder in them to boot. Regardless of what kind of job you think the president is doing, that is taking it too far.

Let this be a lesson to everyone!

Don't ever send the president baking soda!!

Not a good move.

He should have gone for a walk on the beach instead. Peace

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The article states that, in

The article states that, in addition to threatening, many of the letters also contained a white powder that the letters described as poison. The power turned out to be baking soda.


reminds me...

...of the "unsolved" terroristic anthrax attacks, that killed some postal workers, upon United States Senators Daschle and Leahy after 9/11 in the weeks leading up to the passage of the unconstitutional U.S.A./Viet Dinh "Patriot" Act.


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