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Robert Holloway Confronts the Nevada Republican Party on the Air in Las Vegas

Robert Holloway confronts Heather Kydd on the airwaves in Las Vegas. Heather Kydd works for the Nevada Republican Party.

Spread this MP3 far and wide. Good Stuff.


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Update from the Las Vegas MeetUp.

Update from the Las Vegas MeetUp.

Jim says:

I was listening to 840 KXNT this afternoon (Saturday 6/21/08) when Casey Hendrickson went off on a rant about the upcoming convention. I missed the entire segment but the part I did hear was outrageous.

According to Hendrickson his co-host Heater Kydd has received rude calls and or emails from some anonymous Ron Paul supporters. Hendrickson then starts belittling anyone that supports Ron Paul, talks about how the convention in June is illegal and he hopes some sort of legal action is taken against the people organizing the convention; and then says something to the effect of:

'all these Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of scared little people. You notice how none of them have the guts to show up at any of our live remote broadcasts and confront us face to face. And I hope some of them do show up because I will break their arm in three places.'

He actually said, "I will break their arm in three places." Wow, he threatened violence against Ron Paul supporters that have the courage to confront him face to face. Hmmm... I guess I'll have to start listening to this jerks show so I can find out where his next remote broadcast is located. Then I will meet with him face to face to express my displeasure with his comments. And yes, I will video tape the confrontation so I can prove self-defense if this clown tries to get physical with me

Punks apparently always have

Punks apparently always have a future in radio. I say get 20 or 30 Ron Paul supporters from the local area maybe through the meetups. Go down be polite and explain your position. Don't get in a confrontation w/o videotape because it would cause people to believe we Paulites are not good.

I suggest this talk show host visit his local bookstore (repeat)

To buy several copies and read The Revolution, understand it, calm down, and respect others' opinions and right to vote. Let them be the aggressive ones, it shows their frustration, while we are frustratingly civil and unruffled. Play to win, don't get sucked into another guy's scum. Would Ron Paul lose his cool? No, he would smile in that cheshire way and politely explain his point of view. Keep to the calm road, please. They make me angry too, but when people get angry they make mistakes. Let them make the mistakes. That is now we demonstrate brilliance and confidence, and they break down and threaten us. Don't ever forget one of their first talking points is "those rowdy, insurgent Ron Paul supporters." Don't give them ammo, imo. When you hear these talk show hosts down in the Vegas area talking, just remember they are representing Suzanne Lowden and gaming friends. Really confident people don't act this way. Even if you aren't feeling particularly confident...never let the other guy know to win, keep your eye on the prize.


Whoa! Jason are you sure?

Whoa! Jason are you sure? Well of course you're sure. Listen do not go alone. there are plenty of RP supporters in Las Vegas go with at least 1 more. You know what to do. Be forthright but polite. You KNOW he made that statement to incite violence so be very careful. I wish I could be there.

He's just trying to get

He's just trying to get ratings. The dolt doesn't know that the more times he mentions June 28th on his show, the more the word gets out. Let him rant on.



I'm getting tired of writing

I'm getting tired of writing biting comments to these various a$$holes so I came up with the following sarcastic comments sent to her email

Way to go Heather!! I just wanted to let you know that after listening to the Ron Paul supporter talking to you about the NV convention in April, I support the fact that you wish to keep us rolling on the road to fascism. After all what do those humans know about the business of keeping us reptiles in power. Calling them liars is a really good distraction ( most people are too stoopid* to know any better) I imagine that keeping your expensive makeup on to cover all those scales is pretty tough to do without that monetary kick back. I know it is for me.
A Female Admirer

*misspelled on purpose

how did you know she was a reptillian??

or is it that all neocons are...

That was painful to listen

That was painful to listen to. It is really hard to get a message across on a talk show if the host(s) disagree with you. They control the microphone too much.

And Heather.....the really

And Heather.....the really rude lady.....she is an employee of the Nevada State Republican Party. Can you believe that? Can you say conflict of interest?



There is a barbecue

that they are holding the same day of the June convention. I am just a county delegate so I won't be at the convention. But I will be at the barbecue with my Ron Paul R3VOlution shirt.

Sorry SOBs...What are they so afraid of?

Would it be so difficult to hear people out and just conduct business as usual... and have ideas thrown out and voted on?

The answer is... they want politics as usual... they've been running things forever and they don't want to have new people come in and take their cash cow...

"Fire Team for Freedom" and "Operation Daily Paul"
on revolutionbroadcasting.com
or visit www.mikeandjake.com

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

Robert Holloway is in there battling away

He's more brave than many of us. You have to remember that this was down in the southern part of Nevada where the politics played by those involved in the gaming industry have the most influence. We're talking huge money and power. Check out Suzanne Lowden on google if you want to "view" her power. See her holding and positions on the various casino and related company boards on the Secretary of State's listing. She and her husband, Paul, used to own the Sahara (she is still on the BOD), and notice the address for the NV GOP is on Sahara Ave., there are few real coincidence sin life. When I first got here two years ago, I was advised that it is the gaming industry which has full control of almost everything that goes on here. So any media in the Las Vegas area is a particularly hard nut to crack. But applause for Robert, he went to battle for us.


that was terrible... I can't

that was terrible... I can't believe they shouted him down and called him a liar.

So because they disagree with us, we're liars? That's not a very fair, reasonable, logical, or polite conclusion to make.

Interesting how they kept saying that we have to conform to the rules/party rules/national rules, yet they don't....

and isn't it odd that all the Ron Paul supporters, and only the Ron Paul supporters are the supposed liars and cheaters? Bullshit.

They knew they were going to lose, so the ended the convention. If they deny it and they're not afraid then they should reconvene the convention. Do they honestly expect us to believe, that here it was, Ron Paul supporters are winning the delegates, and all of a sudden, the party leadership cancels it without even a vote, claiming they ran out of time, even though the hotel said they could keep going? They expect us to not be suspicious?

If they want to lose in the Fall, they're going about it the right way, because last I checked, the GOP really isn't in any position to pick and chose it's votes/supporters.

Believe it.

"I can't believe they shouted him down and called him a liar."

Liars do that. If someone calls you a liar with no basis for the accusation, then they themselves are the liars.

"They knew they were going to lose, so the ended the convention."

Everyone knows that, including the weasels.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

IF ANYONE LIVES IN RENO AREA....please go down to the

Peppermill hotel and find out exactly who was working then and get them to tell you on tape, that they were offering the conference room the evening of the convention in April for free. and video tape the truth so we can shove it down their throat...LET THEM GAG ON THE TRUTH... (oh yes, also please put it on you tube...if we ever go to court over this we need as much ammo as possible)



a bump for

www.dvds4delegates.com the newest and possibly the greatest weapon the Revolution now possesses.


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!



keep up the good work...I found some more potential delegates

IT IS ONLY ABOUT10 but if any of them are delegates, and we get just one it would be worth it...Please to any one else who wants to call these guys, have your facts in front of you, so you can literally read them. These politicians know how to lie in their sleep, so you have to have all the truth right in front of you so you can nail them between the eyes with it...


IF YOU WANT TO TRY AND DIGG UP SOME DELEGATES...PLEASE CALL THESE ELECTED STATE SENATORS...We don't know for sure but we think there are some state delegates there in the list...

THEY CAN BE CONFRONTED ...If they are all cowards and hacks..then lets give them a chance to be that, or maybe , we might get a couple onto our "side" . for I have a feeling that most of them do not digg for the truth, they do what they are told, only leaders digg for truth, and make intelligent choices based on that truth....When calling or emailing them please point that out....and let them respond(that is if your fortunate enough to get them on the phone)

Amodei, Mark E
Beers, Bob
Cegavske, Barbara K
Hardy, II, Warren B
Heck, Joseph J
McGinness, Mike
Nolan, Dennis
Raggio, William J
Rhoads, Dean A
Townsend, Randolph J
Washington, Maurice E

their phone/fax/ and emails are in this link....
please post your results...its only 10....(well 11 if you count BOB...well you should call him, just to invite his lying ass)


Please call them up and find out....then ask them if they will come to the convention in Reno on June 28th, if they ask why should they/is it legal etc. please have your facts in front of you(ie http://www.nevadagopconvention.com/ ) We must ask and be firm in our knowledge and truth about our facts....I bet many of them(if any are actually delegates/alternates) are only making decisions based on what they are told, not based on the truth. have this also in front of you so you can quote Roberts Rules of order to them....

On Page 224 of Robert's Rules of Order - Newly Revised 10th Edition it says this about a Recess:

3. Is out of order when another has the floor.
4. Must be seconded.
5. Is not debatable.
6. Is amendable as to the length of the recess; any such amendment is undebatable.
7. Requires a majority vote.
8. Cannot be Reconsidered


Who is that snotty little twat?

That woman had the same combination of smugness and ignorance that pervades the country-club faction of the Republican party. Is she Bill O'Reilly in drag?


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

Her name is heather

Her name is heather kydd.

This is her e-mail.

Show her some love :)




was this today??

if so what station was it on!!!

We need to ask these questions to that smart ass host...

#1) what rule in the National GOP says that our convention will not be honored?

#2) What state rule in the GOP party says that it wont be valid(ie the delegates wont be counted)

#3) what is the phone #, fax #, and email of this host? (this is war , and the sooner we take a stand the faster we can win...they must not be allowed to gain any MOMENTUM!!!)

#4) do we have these somewhere where a link can be provided so all can see we are right?

#5) and what recourse is there if they try to dis validate our National Delegates?

We need to be ready for a legal fight, as they may try to disvalidate out delegates, and the convention in advance, and after we are triumphant !!!

Yes, Friday June 20th 2008

Yes, Friday June 20th 2008

This is good? Sounds not

This is good? Sounds not good to me..sounds like there will be no quorum in June..I hope I am wrong, but these people are convinced that they have heard from the majority..weird.

heather kydd works for the

heather kydd works for the state party.

I've been personally calling delegates. The responsive has been overwhelmingly positive. I am confident we will have a quorum.



Yea!I sure hope u are right

Yea!I sure hope u are right because these neo cons are lying, now..right on the air. They need to tank.