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Slim Jims in return envelopes - is this a good or bad idea?

One of my meetup group members says that he takes the return envelopes that come in his junk mail and send it back with a slim jim in it. I can see that it could be a way to get the word out better, but I could also see that it would be upsetting to businesses who have to pay for the return postage.

I was considering doing this especially with mail that related to RP's special interest areas (precious metals, guns, nutritional supplements). If I did it, I think I would write a polite letter stating that I wasn't interested in their service at this time, but I was making an investment in my future and making target points about RP that they may be interested in. I would also include a slim jim, possibly one of the new targeted ones.

So my main question is: Is this a good idea or bad PR for RP and why?

Any other thoughts?

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I don't know

do you really want to feed a mailroom?

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Derenda, I've heard of

Derenda, I've heard of people doing things like this, too. Personally, I've returned those envelopes empty but stamped the outside a few times with a RP stamp. I almost think any kind of name recognition or 'press' if you will is better than none.....even if it is a bit of a fringe thing like this. Of course, if you included a personalized letter and sent it to targeted interests, I think that would be awesome!