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Jews For Ron Paul

Jews For Ron Paul is a great website.

Maybe they can interview Dr. Paul. Maybe they can add biographies of Von Mises and Rothbard. Maybe they can become an educational resource and explain how Dr. Paul's freedom message would benefit everyone.


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Just an excuse

To use the excuse that Ron doesn't want to send money to Israel is pretty lame. He doesn't want to send foreign aid to ANY country!

So making this into a Jewish issue is wrong. Some will do it and you can't change their minds.

I have a lot of Jewish friends who are supporting Ron, many of them listed on that website, others who are volunteers.

I'm sure Ron doesn't want to send money to Italy either, and I'm not running around saying he's anti-Latino.

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Sorry, I don't think I understand what you're talking about.

Vic Gold interview on youtube

Their website has some definite incentives for Jews to vote for Ron Paul. Also, I've heard a third of Ron Paul's supporters are Jewish. This is interesting, since the issue of foreign aid to Israel seems divisive. There was a post by the RJC about that.

I just watched a series of documentaries on youtube called "Invasion of the Party Snatchers." Vic Gold is interviewed, since it's his book. The rest of the title is "How the Neocons and the Holy Rollers Hijacked the Conservative Party." He speaks favorably about Ron Paul.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul