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Nov 5th - its about making a statement

Nov 5th is about making a statement using money. A lot of money raised on one day to say to the media, the unaware public and haters that "this campaign, this candidate, this cause is legitimate, Ron Paul has the backing of populous and that we'll come out in force to show it"

This could be a tipping point in the campaign. Ron Paul was just on Jay Leno, a lot of people unaware of Ron Paul are now aware. A money bomb on Nov 5th could catalyze in the minds of "on the fencers" that this candidate has a real chance of winning.

Its takes money to impress and I feel that anything less than 8 million in one day would only be perceived as a blip on the radar.

I plan to donate $500 on this day. But I encourage all of you to donate as much money on this one day as you would have planned to have donated throughout his entire campaign.

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Dig deep, donate big 11-5, ebay your attic, whatever it takes...


I should be getting 200 to 300 federal reserve notes from ebay auctions. I'm not rich, and if I can raise a couple hundred, ANYONE can. DO IT!

Lady Liberty remains at only

Lady Liberty remains at only $4 million maximum receivable. Is the campaign truly prepared for this massive day of donations? Are the computers ready? This is very important. People will be sacrificing a LOT to make this an important event.

If they cannot process the donations all the efforts to make this a MEDIA EVENT will be squandered. The campaign must realize this is more than a playful spike in donations which if things fail can be received just as well on the 6th or 7th.

A dollar received by the campaign on the 5th is worth FAR more than a dollar on any other day between now and the election.

There is no replacing this opportunity !

I earnestly hope they will be fully prepared.


..Without the truth we have nothing

Your exactly right this is

Your exactly right this is what it's all about!