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Posting Ron Paul Signs On Traffic Signs

I was thinking a great way to get Ron Pauls name out there is to post Ron Paul signs right underneath a Stop Sign, because people pay attention to traffic signs. I was thinking "what about other traffic signs?" What about traffic lights?
Is this legal or what? I want to get his name out there but I also don't want to break the law.

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Burma shave

Does anyone out their remember the ol' burma shave ryhmes that you could read ( a few words at a time ) going down the highway? Just a thought being put to work around here with the help of the farmers...we're placing them on fence post.....with perrmission. Informative and always funny. ( The I.R.S. must take a fall , in 2008 , vote Ron Paul ). Hope this helps with ideas....

Stop posting to this topic

It's illegal... there have been a dozen or so messages saying that it is illegal, stop posting to this topic...

Get this crap off the main page.


And we said this last night several times. Shame on whoever bumped this back up

Be safety conscious

Make sure your signs are not placed in any way that distracts drivers or obstructs their view. Last thing we need in an accident caused by a RP sign.
-A liberal for Ron Paul.

-A former liberal for Ron Paul.

telephone poles

Telephone poles are a better option.


Yeah...we need a bury function on this site...

Don't block street signs -- ask for permission

Back in 1992; I served as Jerry Brown's State Director in Utah; part of my job was signs. A number of voluntters wanted to place them around street signs. We did not. We cannot be above the law. We did however ask local businesses on busy streets; actually many did. Don't forget many business owners are for Paul; more will be if they hear his message. Thank you for asking.

Only Repentance, and Faith in the Atonement of Jesus The Lamb will Save our Beloved Constitution.

Try reading one verse before you start your car.

Please view my Indie Movie; "Sisters Go Ye Trailer 2" on Youtube

Been done in my hometown

It's been done in my hometown in VA....after talking to people their response was, "Who is Ron Paul and why won't he take his trash down!"

How about....

Completely covering the stop signs with Romney and Guliani posters?!

Just kidding. I think the traffic sign idea shows that your heart is in the right place, but it may be counter productive.

How about printing small labels that say "Google Ron Paul" and putting them on lighters? Lighters tend to get passed around from person to person, and they are seldom thrown away, unlike flyers and leaflets.

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

If I burn to many bridges I'll never get off this awful island.

MUCH better-idea.

Especially since Tax Hike Mike http://www.taxhikemike.org is a smoking-control-freak...Stickers on lighters are like tshirts on excessively-pretty girls. They may not be politically-correct, but it's a winning strategy. Especially compared to blocking or cluttering legitimate signs, and thereby annoying people.

shoot straight

The campaign needs everyone to be engaged in lawful ways to promote Ron and his message, we don't need any more problems as we already have this creep Gary Warner from UAB trying to hang us with this phony botnet rap.

If someone dies because of your sugestion..

You will pay..

It is unsafe.. and I cannot believe this is common sensical.. really...

I can see the sign.. 5 car pile up.. 2 babies dead.. Ron Paul supporters blamed.. my god.. Please do not do that..

That is just dumb

How in the world is a sign going to cause people to crash? I personally have done just what was asked and we have gotten nothing but positive results from it. You people need to stop being so scared of everything. A Ron Paul sign will no more cause an accident than a Wendy's sign! How many times have I driven up to a stop sign to see "tagging?" Did I suddenly swerve and hit the car next to me? Just about as dumb an idea as can be pitched.

Ron Paul is my hero :)


how does putting a ron paul sign under a stop sign cause death???

first off-- if you put up a homemade sign--- the campaign does not get sued....

second off-- noone has advocated putting signs in places that would cause accidents---- thats just dumb...

lighten up people....

anything you make by yourself is NOT part of the official campaign....

i suggest putting ron pauls name everywhere... if people are turned off-- so be it... these sorts of small acts are nothing more than attempts to make people think and implant ron pauls name in peoples heads...

even if it doesnt--- it is fun and exhillerating---

live a little--- its ok...

I mean... really

traffic is messed up during rush hour on busy freeways. so what if a banner hangs from an overpass? it's like elevator music.

and you're mad Hucklebooboo din't think of it first... just like the internet. waah!

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

I second the motiion....

Canada loves Ron Paul!


Definitely not legal and definitely not a good idea. Please don't deface traffice signs, even if it doesn't cover up the sign entierly it's still a bad idea.

How is hanging a Ron Paul

How is hanging a Ron Paul sign UNDERNEATH the traffic sign defacing the traffic sign!? What is wrong with you people?????

Ron Paul is my hero :)

What other signs

Do you see posted illegally under traffic signs? Overpasses & Tyvek-signs are one thing, but this is simply a bad idea. Other campaigns do not do it for that reason.

The other campaigns just

The other campaigns just don't have anyone who is interested. Otherwise, you'd see the same thing happening. The lack of support for other campaigns is no reason to conclude this is a bad idea. I have had much success doing this in my area. We always get greeted with "I've seen his signs everywhere. Who is he?" Oh yeah, getting his name out is a terrible idea...

Ron Paul is my hero :)

You forgot the word

"Illegally." Do as you will, but if/when you get busted, guess what Presidential campaign it reflects-on in the midst of spam we didn't do?


I'm not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. But...

It's most definitely illegal to post signs on a traffic control device. DOT will take them down quickly and you may very well be prosecuted if they catch you. Likewise, don't block the view of an intersection.

However, it is my understanding that people have had success posting banners in other locations. Be creative and be respectful. A single banner that harms anyone erases the gains of a thousand well-placed banners. And keep in mind that the text on DOT signs is more than a foot tall in some instances. There's a reason for this. Keep your messages short and sweet. and use fonts specifically designed for roadway use. If you have a lot to say, make banners with different messages and rotate them around the city.

Did I mention that you should understand and comply with all relevant law on the matter? Well, you should.

You would have to check with

You would have to check with your state and local government for regulations. Don't do it if it's illegal, they can come after Ron Paul's campaign and that wastes resources on unnecessary legal fees.

Pretty sure it's illegal

At least here in Washington. In fact, especially in stop signs, they take things like that very seriously and prosecute people who put anything on traffic signs. I knew someone who was arrested for putting a snowboarding bumpersticker on a stop sign. Not sure what exactly the charge was, but he had to do a ton of community service as a result.

break the law...

DO IT!!!

someone will take them down eventually- but that means you can put them right back up...

i used to put 'BUSH' under the word STOP on stop signs... that was a couple of years ago- i went by one recently and it was still there...

i print out labels on my printer with ron paul messages and put them around town- pay phones, shopping carts, urinals, newspaper machines etc...

i also will start printing out pics of guiliani and hilary on labels and putting words like GREED, LIAR, PHONEY etc on the pic... and place them wherever i can...

i put slim jims on windshields... last night while walking my kid around for halloween i used the opportunity to put slimjims on as many cars windshields as i could...

do whatever you can--

i dont care if what i do is legal or not... as far as i am concerned is that it is freedom of speech-- main thing- watch out for the new surveilance cameras that citis are putting up...

was the boston tea party legal?

Do you like your donations

Do you like your donations to the campaign to go for advertising or paying laywers to deal with local governments which issue complaints or file lawsuits against candidates?


what does me printing out GOOGLE RON PAUL on a label have to do with the official campaign?

i think people need to lighten up...

be creative... print your own signs--- dont put stuff on public property that has ron paul campaign printed on it...

saying that the campaign donations will go to paying for lawyers after getting the campaign sued is called paranoia...

i will keep printing labels and pics and slapping them where ever i see fit...

i just thought of another place--- go to drive thru's and put them on the ordering intercom....

The campaign has been

The campaign has been getting sued over the grassroots efforts by some states and local governments for placement of banners and or signs in locations where they are not meant to be or at least that is what i had been told about that from the new IL State coordinator a while back. The tactics are cute and rally the support of the young at heart, however, they also turn off the support from the old and wise who may have just been a vote.

make you own sign or labels...

then the campaign has nothing to do with it...

ron pauls message is much more powerful than any message relayed in politics for a looooong time... the message is strong--- if people ignore the message becasue of some creative campaigning... ron paul is not their guy--- they should go vote for the typical neo con or dem....

we dont have to worry about tiptoeing around on eggshells hoping not to offend or turn off potential voters.... the message of ron paul is too strong....

imagine thomas paine getting told by his neighbors to stop printing his essays since some people might get scared or offended....


I guess you really don't

I guess you really don't understand litigation. I can sue you for any reason... be it valid or invalid. You can choose to represent yourself or hire counsel. In either case you are wasting time, money, or both in the litigation.

The campaign has made requests that we not put signs up illegally becuase it is wasting both time and money. Is your mission to create a financial burden upon the official campaign?