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An Open Letter to all my fellow Ron Paul Patriots: Why I BELIEVE Ron Paul will WIN!!

- - The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is, Fear Itself. - -

This is in response to a few persistent topics, I've observed over the last two days; very pertinent concerns of those who are conjuring up the "A" word that rhymes with nation. And those who have very real, legitimate concern over zealots, lunatics, and meglomaniacal oligarchs that continue to encroach upon the sovereignty of free men/women/children/souls with their tyrannical policestate ways via their so called New World Order, the North American Union, the Amero, Eugenics, etc.

You manifest what is inside your heart and soul. Everything outside of us, first began inside of us.

I share your concerns and, am cognizant of your probable research material as well. If you look back at history, every tyrant there ever was, were "elected" into office. But that also tells you that they had to propagandize and lie to the masses. They cannot attain control over our minds unless they manipulate our fears, and we sheepishly buy into their lies. The Power lies within us. We have the real power. Power to the people.

At the end of the day, this whole manufactured reality that the oligarchs have pushed upon us for generations is nothing more than an attempt to control our mind, our consciousness. I believe it's important to consider the fact that Alex Jones' site InfoWars.com is called that for a reason. There is, in fact, a war on, for your mind. Unless they control the mind, they can do whatever they may think they can to our physical body, but if they cannot capture your mind and soul, you CANNOT lose.

In fact, the word government, or govern-mente, in its original Latin root, literally means to "control the mind," or mind control. Another related term, "political science," is in fact, considered a science, for a reason. Because there is a structured method to the madness. Poli-sci is nothing more than mind manipulation. A perfect whorish supplement to govern-mente.

So while it looks like they have all the power, all the toys, all the leverage, at the end of the day, they still need to fool us. They still need to convince us of their lies. And they need a willing customer. Key word: willing. Now the only way that'll work is, if we let them. If we knowingly buy into their lies and propaganda. Remember, we are many, they are a few. They are scared, insecure little boys and girls, deep down.

The only downside is that, if you can call it that, we are compassionate beings, with heart and soul. So while it may be far more expedient if we were murderous, vengeful, hateful, warmongers like they are, we realize in the end, that's never really a real long term solution. They are mindless, heartless, calculating sociopaths and psychopaths. Yeah, our humanity gets in the way, for them, that is. So in reality, it's really our strength. Our humanity is the source of our energy, creativity and inspiration.

To a strictly logical mind, when all the odds are against you, "hope" would seem like lunacy. When in fact, it's the only reason we continue to go on, in spite of it all.

So, either way, we always start at the point of an advantage. Because they have to convince us. We don't have to do anything we don't want to. We are the beautiful girl at the bar. They're the drunk degenerates with cheesy pickup lines. They have to come to us, first. And they certainly ain't getting any tonight!

You are only powerless, and lost, if you willfully abdicate your sovereignty by following or falling into the lie they are telling you.

So don't fret my friends. In my heart of hearts, I absolutely believe that Ron Paul will, not only win the primaries, but the Presidency. In fact according to Rasmussen Poll, Ron Paul has a better chance of beating Hilary than the hurdle he's got to get through, to win the GOP primaries. GOP primaries, in a party that makes up, now after 7yrs of a lunatic puppet presidency, only makes up 30-40% of America. A minority, if there ever were one, where 70% of which still consists of delusional NeoCON sycophants.

As Goethe famously said, that None is so enslaved as are those who believe they are free.

They can only fool people in a prison with visible bars, for only so long. Because the evidence that one is living in tyranny, is pervasive and ubiquitous. But if one does not realize that he/she is living under tyranny, they can be fooled for a very long time, in a prison without bars, if you will. In some ways, I believe that's what we've been dealing with for the last 200yrs. Living in a drunken, just satisfied with trinkets enough not to rebel-stupor.

It's been a crazy 7yrs, but in some sick twisted way, I don't believe a lot of people would have woken up, had no illegal war abroad, and torture, secret imprisonment, secret trials, and utter destruction of Bill of Rights happened, with the full complicity of Congress and two other Branches, at home.

I used to think you that had to organize, do this, do that, and convince the entire world. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you do with yourself with the knowledge that you have gained through experience that matters the most. If you travel down a righteous path, you'll run into kindred souls who share your values. And I cannot tell you how grateful I am, for the chance to be part of this Ron Paul community. Even if I'm not generally, a hit the streets, demonstration on demand, type of person. I am humbled by the level of creativity and courage displayed by some activists on this site. Utterly inspired.

Let us not forget that only 3% of the colonists participated in the American Revolution. We are the majority of a crucial necessary minority. You are all in great company.

RON PAUL 2008!!!! B E L I E V E

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Thanks Pier!

Now, please check out my reply to Fabio titled "Language and Symbolism..."

This may further explain "control the mind."

Or if you feel it's too long, the following are series of questions I feel one should ask oneself to determine whether indeed the "gubernare"+"mente" means control the mind, or not:

What is the role of govt? What must it essentially manage, or control, steer, guide, to get what it wants? What is govt designed to manage? How does it manage? Do you really believe that govt can do all it wants, without controlling what its citizenry construes as reality? What are their tools of constructing one's reality? Media, academic, scientific, reference, history penned by victors, revisionist history, etc.?

And "mind-control" is not what I assume that you presume it to be; we're not talking solely about the Manchurian Candidate-type programmed brainwashing. The most successful mind control mechanisms are subtle, more often than not, voluntary.

Now, no one is immune from the effects of social engineering. I do it, too. But I ask you to mark the number of times you see or hear yourself repeat to your friends/family, or strangers, second or third-person info as "facts," that you read, on any given day, from a blog, book, reference, newspaper, TV, etc. as if it were absolute empirical truth that you've discovered all on your own. Honestly, ask yourself if one can be absolutely independent of non-firsthand knowledge, NOT influencing your view of the world. In fact, unless one has lived the lives of thousands of professionals, reading and watching is, primarily, how we formulate our view of the world, everything outside of what we gained from firsthand experience.

Most of us have no idea how profoundly we are controlled by use of language and symbols. We use it, repeat their lies, police our own and our friends' thoughts, without even realizing it. Listing chronology of etymology, yet not connecting the dots leaves much to be desired.

Simple question. What and who does government, govern? Because it can't get anything done unless it controls, affects, or influences your belief system, via memes, at some standardized level.

I hope that you can see, as I can, that you've just begun to prove my own point, my friend. Thanks!

RON PAUL 2008!!!! B E L I E V E


Delegates are the key to getting Ron Paul nominated. The biggest asset we have to get Ron Paul nominated is voter apathy. People are not willing to go out of their ways to vote in Guiliani and the like, because they are not worth spending their precious time. Ron Paul and his 1100 meetup groups have a huge motivated following who are willing to go the length and become delegates working their way up to the national level, to get Ron Paul nominated. That is why we are going to win. Voter apathy and Ron Paul supporters determination.

Arguing using conspiracy theories

I really don't like this rhetoric. It doesn't confront the problem in any kind of a rational way.

If you really want to fight globalism, you need to give up these end of the world scenarios and the odd ideas about what you think motivates foreign policy.

All you really need to do is to point out what people at the CFR actually say. No conspiracy tea leaf reading or Rockefeller family stories needed. I'm sure the CFR loves Alex Jones, and easily uses him as a foil to help diminish arguments against their policy reccomendations.

For example, Currently on C-span, there is a booknotes show with Walter Mead, who is the Henry Kissinger fellow at the CFR. He comes right out and explains that the world is highly influenced by the Anglo-american system, and that we are militarily involved in the middle east because of its impact on the Asian economy, and that if we didn't Japan and Korea would have to protect its source of oil themselves, and this would be bad because . . . blah, blah, blah - in a nutshell, if we don't police the world, someone else will police their region, and then they would be more influential, and we couldnt' control them.

The argument to make is against these openly stated and acknowledged policies. I think it would be a good argument - do we want to sacrifice liberties, money, and people for the economic success of Japan and Korea and some nebulous concept of influence around the globe ? If we frame this argument correctly, I'm sure we win.

The more you buy into the disinformation that's put out -like the rockefellers want to live forever, etc. the EASIER it is for the CFR to win the argument with the public.

The reason Ron Paul is making headway is NOT because more people are acceptiung the conspiracy theories, it is because he is making credible arguments using openly available and accepted facts.

Look at Bjorn Lomberg. He starts his arguments saying that "lets accept the UN panel on Climate change's report as true." And then shows problems with the policy that goes along with that. Its very effective, and makes it into the main stream.

The bottom line is, if you want RP to win, you need to give up the conspiracy theory arguments. Or do you want to be a month or two down the road, complaining about how the media conspired against RP, and he couldn't get elected ?



Don't give up

Well, I see a lot of "down" on the posts today. Folks, it is ok to feel sorry and down, but we need to get back up. This is our land and constitution; Paul is the only one who is talking our issues. With the Constitution hanging by a thread, we must do more.

Only Repentance, and Faith in the Atonement of Jesus The Lamb will Save our Beloved Constitution.

Try reading one verse before you start your car.

Please view my Indie Movie; "Sisters Go Ye Trailer 2" on Youtube

TIME article on Ron Paul

Besides painting RP supporters as "nerds" and not normal, everyday people, it acknowledges his popularity and says some good things...until the end:

"Paul doesn't expect that he will win the nomination..."

Ron Paul is running to become the President of the United States. That is why we're supporting him, not to make a statement.


Ron is in it to win it!

I have never heard him say he doesn't expect to win. Everywhere from George Stephanopolis to Jay Leno I have heard him say that his goal is to win. I even heard him on CNN saying that you don't run if you don't think you can win. Ron is in it to win it!

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
Thomas Jefferson, 1791

Of course he is, but...

"Journalists" like this one from Time still get to pull "facts" like this directly from their rectums without either sourcing or correction, don't they?

Excellent Post!

Just one thing:

As far as I know, the word "Goverment" comes from Ancient greek. It actually means "Coxswain" (had to look that up, funny word). You find the same etymological root in "Cyber" as well.
I don`t want to be a smart ass, but I don`t like that topic to be to scary and "goverment" simply has etymologically nothing to do with governing minds (although of course it does in practice).

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Thanks, an excellent point!

I swear, Ron Paulites are the most resourceful and the smartest bunch.

You may be correct about that, as far as a branch of an etymological tree that denotes a term that has the same intent of the word meaning "to control." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coxswain

I believe the term "Coxswain" means to steer, as in a helmsman in the navy, or a navigator on any boat. But it denotes to steer, or navigate, to guide, to control, or to pilot. Has the same basic intent and definition of the word "govern." http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/govern

Though according to this version of wiki it says that "Cox," literally means a boat. And "Swain" is a boy. Or a boat-boy, or a boat-servant. To be led, or to lead?

It's been a while, but the following is where I got the word, "government" or "gubernare+mente" from:

Our discrepancy lies in the basis of, which etymological branch of the word that denotes "to control" comes from. I took the already Latinized-Greek root word "gubernatio" or "gubernare." Which means to manage, or management, government. One branch up in its etymological tree would be the Ancient Greek κυβερνισμός, κυβέρνησις (kybernismos, kybernesis) steering, pilotage, guiding, from κυβερνάω (kybernao) to steer, to drive, to guide, to act as a pilot.

And "mente," which means the mind, in Italian/Latin. "Minde," or "minte," in Old English.

If you go further back, you get the Germanic "gemynd."

So together you have, to govern, guide, manage, navigate, pilot, steer, or control + the mind, or ment, mente, minde, minte. Thus, you get control the mind, or mind control. So, you get the modern phonetic proper, to govern + the mind, ie to control the mind, then you add the two: govern+mente, where you finally have "government."

I love Wiki!! Until you brought it up, I had no idea wiki had an etymology reference/dictionary called the Wiktionary! Thanks!

RON PAUL 2008!!!! B E L I E V E


...cool...I did not know that either about wiktionary. I love Etymology!
Thanks! In German Wikipedia they explain the etymology and I was disapointed that they don`t in the english one. But wiktionary is great!

You are rigth about "gubernare" and "mens" in Latin, but the "-ment" in "goverment" has nothing to do with that "mens".
It`s like "movement". "Movere" = to move, but it is not "move the mind"

I speak Italian and French as well and "governo" and "gouvernement" are not etymologically related to "mind", although your argumentation is valid.

But in one thing you`re absolutely right:

Paulites are the best informed, most open-minded people.
I`m so bored by my ignorant and arogant countrymen...I`m so happy they are liberty-loving people in the USA at least.

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Language and Symbolism as control apparatus

Great point, Fabio. I suppose a case can be made to argue, that "-ment" is a simple case of suffixing it to construct a noun. However, let us briefly examine what "govern" really means.

Since no words are a mere description of an object or a concept, but derived from millenia of interaction between people within a single culture and exchange of goods and ideas between different cultures, intent is far more important than a mere description. Words, without intent and/or meaning, are simply phonetic describers.

Say, for the sake of argument, we use the more pedestrian definition of the word "govern," the one there is very little debate over, "to manage." Now, what do governments manage? One can answer various resources: money, energy, raw materials, products, goods and services, etc. But what element is required to get those resources allocated efficiently? And what element is required to efficiently communicate the urgency of an effective allocation? The answer? The common denominator? People.

There's a reason why a human being is coldly referred to as a "human resource," at a workplace. As if to say, you're just a unit in this company, Neo. You're simply a gear in the Machine.

Modern form of standardized education, or more appropriately "indoctrination," though one can debate its absolute origins, mainly spawned from the Prussian model. Prussia, the most industrialized nation of the day, needed to fill its factories that pushed the engines of an industrialized modern economy with a work force attuned to "fit" a repeatable task. So "educators" were required, to teach generations of its citizenry to perfect that, said repeatable task, as well. And fill the ranks of their military to supplement the military industrial complex. Something that may happen to America; when there's no middle class left, people are forced to simply work to survive, as many of us already are in such predicament. There will be no time to ponder academics, theories, or practice creativity, or entrepreneurship. Just service jobs and the military.

In fact, the modern standardized education model predicates that it graduates good employees, not great managers ,or leaders. It manages students so that they learn a mind set that encourages them to "fit-in." Because it is designed to do just that. If that is not mind control, I do not know what is. Though, I suppose if you want to talk semantics, "social engineering" is more accurate. But both are agendas held deep in the hearts of govt administrators, the world over.

If the oligarchs' push to destroy the middle class via outsourcing, military imperialism, destruction of civil rights, open borders policy- intentionally discarding the need to have a nation's social and economic equilibrium, when faced with a sudden influx, becomes successful, that's exactly what America will look like. Germany/Prussia of early 20th century, just before the rise of the Third Reich dominion. Such indoctrinated civil construct is necessary, before a government can manage, the governed.

And how does such government "manage?" It constructs a model. A model of socio-economic, scientific, academic, military, law enforcement, etc. paradigms. A model is inherently standardized. A formal construct of a concept, realized. So in the end what must it manage to communicate a common goal?? The human mind. As in, your mind. Our minds.

So what does "government," govern? What does it manage? How does it manage to get anything done? It must first "manage" the mind. Who's minds? Yours. It must control your minds.

Though, I move to argue that "control" is much more apropos than "manage" for an entity that seeks to standardize a set of information. Thus, gubernare+mente=control the mind, or mind control. No conspiracy myth. Just conspiracy fact.

The following is NOT directed at you Fabio, but some other comments. Nevertheless, pertinent to our gubernare+mente as "mind control" discussion. And folks, when I say mind control, I do not solely mean, at the Manchurian Candidate level. The most subtle form of mind control is what we say to each other and how we police ourselves and others, through the repetition of mass media propagated memes. Our idea of the world, our sense of the world, short of direct firsthand experience, is formulated by what we read and watch in the newspapers, blogs, books, wiki, google, TV, films, etc.; we simply repeat those propagated hearsay as "facts" as if they were independently derived out of our own experience. I'm not immune to it either, as one is alway a byproduct of their surroundings.

So to those who fear the word "conspiracy," by the way, it just means "to breathe together," or two of more persons coming together for nefarious intent or an endgame. Thus I surmise that a North American Union that self proclaims in its own white papers under the banner of Security and Prosperity Partnership, where CFR hack Robert Pastor proclaims "Evolution by Stealth," a program phrase intentionally hidden from We the People, and our reps, is by very definition, a conspiracy. So folks, conspiracies are very much real. Any attempt to dismiss those who bring forth information to whitewash it with its pedestrian understanding of the vernacular is quite misleading and disingenuous, at the least.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

RON PAUL 2008!!!! B E L I E V E

Fabio, I know your feeling, but don't give up

I could tell you many stories about my life and the years I've spent wishing my fellow Americans would wake up. It looks like now a whole bunch of them *FINALLY* are, but boy it's taken a long time!! I've been ready and aching for this awakening for almost 10 years. For others here, it's been 30 years -- or even more. I know a patriot activist in my state who has been fighting the corrupt Establishment for FIFTY years. How lonely do you think he's felt???

So don't give up. It may not be your time right yet, but it's coming. Help us win this thing and we'll gladly help you in your fight. Freedom works!! Tyranny doesn't!! Those 2 facts mean we can never be entirely defeated, only temporarily frustrated while another lesson is learned.

The RPR is gonna go global, no doubt about it. This is only the start.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Great letter, BleuCream013.

Very inspiring.

I liked this so much I tried to Digg it by pressing the Digg logo and this is what came up:

URL blocked
This domain has been consistently flagged as an intermediary to the direct source of news and/or video content. Please link directly to the story source.

Is this new or has Digg been blocking dailypaul.com for a while now?


I had the same problem yesterday.

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Well said brother...well said...

and cheers...we must believe...we are the true patriots...we want ALL americans to be free!

We must continue our hard work...we will prevail! We are now in the fight stage...buckle down...keep our humanity and be compassionate. The majority of Americans will be on our side if we can get the message out.

Liberty and Freedom!

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

Wow, BleuCream013, thanks for the post

I have been really disheartened today. I read some hateful, malicious comments about Ron Paul and his supporters in response to an article, read a couple of crappy articles, realized a couple of discouraging facts and just felt crummy. Maybe he can't win, maybe I'm delusional, maybe their isn't enough time or supporters or enough money. I started thinking, "you know he's already spent $1 M on ads in NH so there is only $4 M left from last Q. And that only paid for ads in 1 state what about the other 49 states. The money isn't coming in as fast as I hoped it would this Q and the sign ups for the Nov. 5th fund-raiser isn't doing as good as I thought." I figured we would at least get $5 M in sign ups by the 5th and I don't see that happening. I mean he had 400,000 people vote for him in 1988 so where the hell is everyone. How depressing. I was really in the dog house today feeling worse than I have since I was first introduced to RP in January (I'm not bi-polar for those who know I was high as a kite coming off the Jay Leno thing). I just felt really discouraged. But you really pulled me out of it. Even though some of my concerns are valid they became over-inflated in my mind and I was forgetting the power I have. Nobody, including Paul, envisioned the kind of success he is now experiencing. And according to the Time magazine article 72% of the GOP don't think they have enough info about Paul to know what they think of him. You know what this means, kids (of all ages)? 72% of the pie is still up for grabs and our job is to continuously educate ourselves and then inform others-anyone who will listen. We HAVE power and all we have to do is what Aaron Russo said, "STOP COOPERATING" with those in power. They NEED our cooperation to move forward with their agenda. There is hope, RP supporters are awesome, creative, inventive, talented, committed, reliable, hard-working and dedicated folks and along with Ron Paul we CAN make this thing happen. He always says he joined OUR revolution so let's make sure we have one. The Force is with US!!!!

Tenacity of Hope.

----- We're INSPIRED, NOT HIRED! -----

LA Cole, absolutely, you have all the power. They have none. Thank you for sharing your roller-coaster of a day with us.

First they stick the losers and imbeciles at Faux Nuisance Chumps at the Good Doctor. Now they managed to make the mainstream media bark like a tabloid dog, at Ron Paul. Hey, you know the Good Doctor, is a ROCKSTAR, when the media go after him like the papparazzi. Good thing Dr.Paul's driver's name isn't Britney.

Strength and ingenuity is all I see in Ron Paul supporters. I've always been wary of any cult of personality. And sometimes one needs to draw an internal line. Is it the message, the embodiment of ideas, or is it really the person, that I respect? So rarely do we come across an honest soul in politics, it can be a bit disconcerting for someone who has a general disdain for a populist. But truth is the truth. What can I say, we love the man.

I must second your sentiment. Ron Paul has cured my apathy.

There are those who like to make a strict distinction between a politician and a statesman. Not for the sole sake of being a contrarian, but the latter is obviously a euphemism. I must say that indeed, Ron Paul, to the extent that we can gather from history and texts, is Founding Father material, in my opinion. So yes, he's definitely a "Statesman."

But let us not forget that Dr.Paul and his campaign chairman, Kent Snyder has already run a national presidential campaign together before. However small it may have been, it was still a mighty difficult struggle, going against two party elites, one of them, a member of the Bush Crime Familia. Plus, no one gets to stay in Congress as a Representative in the House, where you have to run every two yrs and more importantly, win, without being a shrewd politician.

I think people, even within this movement underestimate him, where we should have a bit more faith in. The NH ads are a prime example. My first impression of the first one, was one of nurtured disgust with a sprinkle of indignance. But after watching it repeatedly, as cheesy and quirky as it was, it was beginning to soak in. And it suddenly hit me 15sec into a second viewing. I wasn't the target audience. Best breakdown can be had in JohnnyLiberty's post.

I thought the 1st NH TV spot had a great B-movie-like charm. Now, bad ads are like $100million blockbusters that self-labels itself to be a hit before even hitting the screens, then bombs at the box office. Can anyone say Kevin Costner's $200million tragedy Water World? My guess would be that, Water Worlds are what the rest of those NeoCON goons from both parties are going to put out.

So let's break it down:

1. We have Ron Paul.
2. We have a man who is sincere, honest, intelligent, experienced and brave enough to say on national primetimeTV, in front of 11million+ viewers, without an ounce of pandering, "I may have shortcomings, but the message has no shortcomings."

3. We have an experienced team.
4. Where short on cash, our enthusiasm and ingenuity will make up for it.
5. We have an avuncular candidate, a wiseman people want to listen to.
6. We have supporters who are infinitely more knowledgeable about the Constitution, politics, and history than the rest.
7. Message has NO shortcomings.
8. We have Ron Paul.
9. We have YOU, a whole everlasting Freedom REVOLUTION.
10. We have the will of the people, those who are beginning to awaken.
11. We have YOU. Did I mention that we have YOU?
12. We have Ron Paul. Did I mention that we have Ron Paul?
13. You get the picture.

RON PAUL 2008!!!! B E L I E V E

PS. From what I can tell, from Glozell's blog pix, LA Cole, you're the beautiful girl at the bar. They are the drunk degenerates with cheesy pickup lines. And they certainly ain't gettin any, tonight! Or Ever!

That's right, you hold all the power you'll ever need, already inside you. The oligarchs are powerless unless you willingly give it away.
Indeed the Force is with US.

Thank you again for the blow by blow at Burbank!!
Keep up the great work.

P.S.2. And just for you, LA Cole, for laughs: Colbert for President. Democrats are so afraid of a comedian, even running in one Southern State, they banned him from the debates.

His "stump speech"


ha ha, I'm glad his driver's name isn't Brittany either

It's late and I'm tired so I'm not going to pretend I understood everything you were talking about in this post (mainly the statesman vs politician thing {OMG-I just misspelled politician and the spelling check suggested POLLUTION, ha ha ha}) but anywhoo...

hmm...didn't know Kent Snyder was with him the last go around, that is reassuring. we underestimate who? Kent Snyder or Ron Paul? well, yeah, maybe I underestimate him sometimes but he's not conniving so I think sometimes he's not as crafty and calculating as others and it can work against him at times. but I don't see that as a shortcoming just...the punishment for being genuine???

hmmm, I figured the NH ad was for a targeted audience but I still think it could have been better. not worth getting into again cuz it is what it is.

yeah, "our team" has a lot going for it.

oh, you saw Glozell's pics? Kewl. I wish someone wouldn't have told me I was the beautiful girl at the bar sooner because I've spent most of my life not dating because I was too worried about hurting guy's feelings. I guess that sounds dumb but it was easier to just say, I don't date and mean it rather than having to "reject" someone. I hate that word and always felt guilty cause I never wanted to imply they weren't "good enough" for me. sorry, rambling...its late.

well, I do believe we have power up to a point...sometimes people resort to violence but that is another discussion.

Colbert for Prez...ha ha ha. My favorite Colbert video is with Dennis Kucinich. Have you seen this video:
Luv tea parties...ha ha ha


Just keep on doing what you're doing

Go out and spread the message. I'm pretty optimistic for what's to come. Here are my predictions:

November will be the month when Ron Paul breaks through to the mainstream. It will also be the toughest month. You can see the attacks starting already with the botnets and the stories about them that are being circulated, especially by FOX. Ron Paul's no longer being treated as an 'annoyance' by the media. Instead, we're seeing one side slowly starting to warm up to him and another side starting to feel very threatened by him. We'll get through it though, but not before it gets nasty... just hang in there.

December will be an interesting month but it should be good for the campaign. It will however have to keep the momentum going from November and the increased attention it’s received from the major money-bombs from early in the month. Hopefully after those events and the increased interest it will generate, it will 'legitimize' Paul to the media and he will get much more attention during the last handful of debates. Combine that with the national TV ads that the campaign will be able to afford and we'll be set. Hopefully sometime this month or next we'll start to get some major celebrity endorsements; however, I think it's more likely that a lot of celebs might hold off of giving their blessing until after they see what happens in New Hampshire and whether or not Ron Paul comes in first or a close second.

Yeah, you know I was

Yeah, you know I was thinking about the celebrity endorsement thing earlier today...that's part of why I started getting depressed. I was really excited because there have been 5-10 celebrities that have already contacted the campaign and said they would publicly support RP if he picked up more momentum so everyone is thinking after NH, right? Well, they've said that they would possibly speak out around December when they are hopping to have another fundraiser in the Hollywood Hills but then I was despairing that that might be too late. Primaries are starting in Dec. so there might not be enough time to pick up traction. I think we've got to send e-mails to Regis & Kelly, David Letterman and whoever else to get him more exposure. It's free and reaches millions...I don't think we are going to be able to raise enough to pay for that kind of necessary exposure so we have to get him on these shows somehow.

Yeah, you're right Nov. is going to be the toughest month and I'm tough but I don't like being called names "loony", "nuts", "moonbats", "nerds", "idiots" and every other nasty thing people are calling us. I thinks that's another reason I was so upset earlier because we are in for a big fight this month and people are becoming very polarized. I felt the rumblings of that today and it depressed me because I don't like fighting...I'm a peace lover but sometimes it is necessary to engage the enemy, so to speak. I'm not looking forward to it.

My boyfriend and I are going to another show taping (we went to Leno) later this month. The star of the TV show has a yacht slipped in front of our apartments. It would be awesome if we could get into a political conversation with him somehow. We've seen him out there some days and hope to go for a walk in our Ron Paul gear when he's down there one day.


That’s just what happens when people are faced with radical new ideas… like following The Constitution! :p I understand where you’re coming from about not wanting to engage the ‘enemy’, and no one likes being called names, but just be happy that we’re at least getting the attention. Now people with differing views feel the need to attack us. It’s because they’re starting to open up to the idea that Ron Paul might actually spoil things for them—and that’s great! These are just the birth pangs of the movement going mainstream.

I heard that there were some celebrities standing by, but I’m hoping that if the November 5th money bomb is successful, not just in generating money but also in generating buzz, some of them might decide that the time is right to make their endorsements public. Don’t get discouraged if that doesn’t happen though.

Good luck with trying to spread the word of Paul to the mystery TV star (care to say who it is?). Oh and great post about your Leno night.

ha ha

Yeah, I hope you're right about the Nov. 5th money bomb and the stars "coming out" about RP.

I did mention this star in another post but I've started wondering if that's wise. Maybe I'm being overly cautious but it's weird how these things end up in google and I don't want him to move his Azimut because he thinks some crazy RP supporter is "stalking" him or something. Initials are KG...had a TV dog named Eddie, got it? Shhh ;0)


That's awesome! KG's great. Again, good luck!

Ron Paul will win. On the

Ron Paul will win. On the chance that he doesn't, it will not have been in vain as millions will have heard the message of liberty, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

If you're getting discouraged, consider moving to a place where there's an active, growing liberty movement that'll have your back. If all of us liberty lovers were united in one place, imagine the difference we could make. See my signature below.

"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out...and if you like it, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul

Dont let those hateful

Dont let those hateful malicious comments affect you. It is merely a sign that we are an increasing threat to the establishment. I dont know about you guys but I'm still giggling about about happened at the Democratic debates. I bet thats why they attacked us. Can you imagine all those Ron Paul hating liberals watching with horror all those Ron Paul signs everywhere? Neo cons dont like us very much but die hard democrats loathe us to no end. Keep your chin up. Nov 5th is right around the corner.

Passion is the reason, and

Passion is the reason, and here's why....

People say that Ron Paul supporters are spamming the online polls. I think there's some truth to this, but not like everyone else thinks. We all know that people send out messages on forums, meetup groups, and wikis letting people know where the latest polls are and encourage people to vote. It's possible that a small percentage are dishonest and vote multiple times using proxy servers, but overall it's 1 vote per supporter. But you have to ask yourself a question... why do these people spend all of this time voting in online polls? They're PASSIONATE about Ron Paul's message.

Now I may be naive, but if someone is so passionate as to spend time looking for polls to vote in, participate in meetup groups, donate to the campaign, and hand out slimjims at star wars conventions, they're passionate enough to turn out on primary day.

People seem to associate popular support with what voters will do on primary day. The fact is that turnout on primary election day is extremely low. The figure I dug up for 2004 for the Democrats was 8.4% on average, for registered Democrat voters.

Let's play with arbitrary numbers for a minute here. Assume we have 100,000 voters registered to vote Republican. Assume that 8.4% of voters typically turn out normal candidates. Also assume Guiliani's supporters constitute 32% of the population, according to a recent Gallup poll, and Ron Paul with 5%.
I'll go out on a limb and assume that Ron Paul's supporters will show up not at 8.4%, rather at 66% due to the passion factor.

100,000 * .32 * .084 = 2688 votes for Guilani

100,000 * .05 * .660 = 3300 votes for Paul

The point I am trying to make is that popular support doesn't win primaries. The candidate with the highest turnout of supporters, along with some level of support, is what wins primaries.

I will have to put out a caveat, the first three primaries will skew these numbers. More people turn out to vote in the early primaries because there's so much buzz. The good news is that the good people of New Hampshire are likely to go with Ron Paul's message, and the people of South Carolina have a governor that shares some similarities with Ron Paul.

Also, I don't for a minute believe that the Gallop poll of 5% is accurate. While I don't think his support is in the 20% range or better, I wouldn't be surprised if it were closer to 10-12%. That gives us a much larger margin of error.

Hey twojciac, that is Awesome!!!

I've never thought about it like that in terms of real numbers. Very refreshing, inspiring and invigorating. I also believe our turn-out will be MUCH higher than other candidates. Many of us don't even like politics and have never voted in a Presidential election before but as they say Ron Paul has "cured our apathy" and in fact turned us into activists :0)

Ron Paul 2008 Good WILL prevail !!!


I agree with your general reasoning, but are you sure about that 8.4% number? I live in CT and the numbers are still low, but significantly higher than that.

1996 130,418 votes out of 470,774 registered is 27.7%
2000 179,061 / 452,654 = 39.6%

I am convinced CT is winnable, particularly if it's cold and snowy that day, but we're still going to have to do a little better than 5% with a 66% turnout.

I've turned up two numbers,

I've turned up two numbers, and I'm not sure which to believe. 8.3% (I slipped up and typed 8.4%) and 11.4% for the Democrats in 2004. For Republicans it was 6.6%, but that's irrelevant when the President was running for reelection.

Here's the USA Today story with some of the numbers. And yes, some states have a much higher turnout than others.


Another source says Republicans had a 13.2% turnout in 2000, which might be a more accurate number. At that number, we'd need 6.5% popular support rather than 5%.

And you're absolutely right when it comes to the first few states... that's why I put the caveat. In 2000, the turnout was:

Iowa -- 7%
Nevada -- 23%
New Hampshire -- 44%
Florida -- 25%
South Carolina -- 20%

The good news is that Iowa looks like it's not going to be an easy win. The farmers aren't going to like to hear that Ron Paul won't provide them with welfare^H^H^H^H^H^H subsidies. I don't think high turnout in NH, SC, or NV will hurt us. FL is a big unknown to me...