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Facebook Groups and Ron Paul

I was recently discussing with some friends how best to promote Ron Paul to friends who may not have any knowledge of him or his policies. We talked about ways to attract people in a facebook group. We realized that most groups that have something about gaining 1 million members is at least always checked out at if not only for curiosity sake. We started a group called "Ron Paul 08(1 million stand strong 4 ron paul)" and sent out invites to friends. People started to join and it was immediately evident that some information gathered about Ron Paul, especially on the Christian right, is outright lies. For instance one person posted..."Ron Paul may be a conservative when it comes to economic policies...but he is a wacko left wing liberal when it comes to abortion and homosexual rights. he has voted in favor of these issues and has an immoral socialistic policy! Is this really then man you want in office? Think about it...don't mess up the Repulican ticket by voting for this nutcase1" Obviously this person has no clue about Ron Paul and it offered people in the group a good chance to correct her. She probably only joined the group in the first place b/c a friend invited her and she wanted to be part of joining the 1 million. So if anyone is interested in this group you can go here....


The group is just starting but the point is for people to join then invite their whole friend list... that way people will see an invite see Ron Paul's name and click out of curiosity and thus find out information about Ron. It is about getting both his name and msg out there. I also hope we can have good discussions on there in which we can learn how to better articulate Ron's msg to others as well as providing information to people who are either confused about Ron Paul or new to him. I know there are other Ron Paul groups such as Ron Paul '08, but that doesn't draw the same curiosity as 1 million for... I think we should join as many of the Ron Paul groups and invite friends. The more there are the better.