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33-cent pocket Constitutions

Last night I looked up the site for National Center for Constitutional Studies http://www.nccs.net/ and saw they have discounted the price of pocket Constitutions (33-cents), "A More Perfect Union" videos ($3), and "The 5000 Year Leap" books ($5) for purchases of 10 or more. I guess the idea is to give us resources to educate others about our Constitutional government.

Just thought I would throw this out for anyone looking for these types of materials.

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I ordered 100 for $30

I'm going to keep one for myself and hand the rest out at Ron Paul's mini-convention, rally, party, huge gala, big send-off for his delegates :-)

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When I bought ENDGAME®...

When I purchased the DVD from AJ's site out of curiosity, I received a little pocket Constitution. He also included some religious crap I did not care to have or request when I bought the DVD. He did not shove it down my throat literally speaking but I find the action disrespectful. His alleged endorsement of Baldwin is understandable though. I just look for a common link. Its my opinion that (Nobody wants to be wrong) and with such stubborn mental conviction, ah... never mind

What you believe too be true, is true too you...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Freedom ain't free...

...in this instance it costs $0.33

Alex Jones has some pretty good deals on pocket constitutions if you buy them in bulk from his website.

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Worth every.

inflated depreciated FED cent.

The war on your mind -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klSek88t54w
Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/
If we can't vote for Dr. Paul consider a vote for Constitutional Freedom, consider Chuck Baldwin -- http://baldwin2008.com

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Thanks for posting! I got sum!!

Please include this very important info to anyone you give a constitution!

A citizen's rule book

"Fire Team for Freedom" and "Operation Daily Paul"
on revolutionbroadcasting.com
or visit www.mikeandjake.com

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

Thanks for the link

This is information we all need to know.

We Need a Clarification Amendment and a Third Party Amendment

Some of the things in the Constitution are unclear.

Example "The right to assemble and peaceably protest the government".

This is the only thing that implies we can say hello to others without the government interfering.

But it could be misconstrued (and will be in the upcoming IMBRA case) as meaning only that you can meet up with others who are on their way to a protest planned by someone or whatever.

The UN Charter of Human Rights is more explicit. Yes, I know we are supposed to hate the UN, but their charter is more clear-cut than the US Constitution in many areas.

Another thing: we probably could get an amendment passed by 2 thirds of the states that says that a party with 5% of the popular vote deserves 5% representation in the House. I would like to see the Senate doubled to include the 100 people who finished 1-100 in a Senate at Large national vote.

The Senate would probably include a lot of movie stars, etc, if half of it was voted this way, but we would have more direct representation and those movie stars, etc, will be less likely to be influenced by bribes and career politics.

Also, these changes would dilute the power of the careerists who are doing everyone so much damage.

The size of the ancient Roman Senate was twice increased in the above way for exactly the same reason I suggest...and the people were thrilled when it happened (too bad the people also embraced Octavian as a means of lessening corruption in the small Senate).

The things we need to clear

The things we need to clear up with Amendments to the Constitution are clauses that are being misused by the courts and by Legislatures. I would start with the 'Interstate Commerce clause' to only refer to the Federal Government's right to put tarriffs and excise taxes on goods, not to regulate drugs. Another clause would be the 'General Welfare clause' which has been misused from this country's beginning.

You brought up the U.N. Charter of Human Rights. If you look today, it is increasingly apparent why we cannot take that path. The U.N. isn't for individual freedoms only collective freedoms. I believe the U.N. Charter of Human Rights says that governments need to provide health care. As we can see here in the U.S. the government makes illegal substances illegal because they may cause future health problems. I and most Americans believe we own our own bodies, so why should we be prohibited from using anything we want with our own bodies. The U.N. believes it is the job of governments to protect the people by prohibiting things that cause problems to society and that includes health care costs. Our Constitution prevents the Federal Government from prohibiting anything(10th Amendment) and that is why the 18th Amendment was ratified and then repealed by the 21st Amendment. In short, the U.N. Charter of Human Rights states what the government MUST provide for the citizens and it isn't individual rights.

The Senate's job is to represent the states

States need representation, so they get two Senators each. The people need representation, so they get a representative for every so many people (435 total). Just who would your additional 100 senators represent?

I welcome the good intentions your idea brings, but I fear it dilutes the federalist nature of our bicameral legislature, thereby undermining the very system our founders worked so hard to design.

The top 4 finishers in each state would become a senator

The top 4 finishers in each state would become a senator.

This means that the stupid Democrat and Republican loyalists will blow their votes on the first 2 finishers, leaving independent thinkers to elect the 3rd and 4th place finishers who become state senators of equal standing.

This would be perfectly fair and we would actually end up with real democratic representation in Congress.

The Dems and Reps would be well represented in Congress but they would cancel each other out because they would always get elected in pairs...the action and the power would be in who got 3rd and 4th place.

I live in Germany where this basically happens (not quite as described).

Only the USA has the bizarre concept that there should be local all-or-nothing elections to maintain democracy.

All or Nothing breeds tyranny and a two party system. Here is why:

In a homogenous US society (our forefathers did NOT live in a homogenous society but rather one where they thought differences would always be regional), it can easily happen that one group can pretend to split into two factions over an "emotional issue" like abortion.

With the media hyping the fake issue (fake in that such issues are used to distract attention from the oligarchical control), you can get 30% wanting to vote for the Pro-Choice Party and 25% wanting to vote for the Pro-Life Party and then you might get 20% wanting to vote for a grown-up party that considers other issues such as overall freedom for the individual and not specifically for fetuses.

Well, the Pro-Choice Party is going to split every regional all-or-nothing election with their secret friends in the Pro-Life party and the third party will probably NEVER get a seat anywhere...despite representing 1 in 5 Americans!

We need a Proportional Representation Amendment that preserves State Power but gets each state's Congressional contingent 20% worth of representatives in Congress that represent the 20% of the state's population that wanted such representatives.

What I suggest is not only doable but NECESSARY for our Republic to survive considering the stranglehold the current one party system has on us, perpetuated by the BS concept that only the first place winner of each election should represent anyone. I already noted that the Romans expanded their senate to stop exactly the problem we have now, but they did it the wrong way (the people of ancient Rome grew to hate their senate so much that they just wanted the senate to be watered down and weak relative to the new emperors).

Even when we take over the Republican Party, we will need an amendment like this because the Neocons will then be left totally out in the cold, even though 20% of Americans are neocons.

Now that you have explained it

I like your thinking. Thanks for taking the time to clearly explain your idea. It is a worthwhile plan. I have long wondered why America has no real chance for third parties, while every other country does. And I have never been satisfied with this situation either. I could go for a constitutional amendment like you suggest.