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Stop Waiting For Ron Paul To Endorse Bob Barr Or Chuck Baldwin

A good blog that is just telling it like it is. No matter which candidate RP supporters support, we need to get aggressive in organizing money bombs for both candidates. We need to create a "money bomb" website that has 3 money bombs in one. On the same site and on the same day, have a money bomb for Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty", Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin.


Much has been made amongst the Ron Paul faithful about who Ron Paul will end up endorsing for President. The only thing they all seem to agree on is that it won’t be John McCain. It seems that the sentiments are evenly split between Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin. The truth is it doesn’t really matter who wins his endorsement. Anyone who has followed Ron Paul knows what issues represent true liberty. They don’t need Ron Paul’s expressed approval to know which candidates support liberty and which do not.

For those that don’t already know here is a refresher. If your last name is Obama or McCain you are anti-liberty and don’t understand the Constitution even though you will swear to defend and uphold it when you take office. If your last name is Barr or Baldwin you are pro-liberty and you understand that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. That is really all you need to know. Ron Paul has De-facto endorsed both Barr and Baldwin. It is unlikely Paul will officially endorse either candidate.

Why is it unlikely that he endorse one or both of them officially? The answer is simple. He’s a sitting Republican Congressman. If he were to publicly and officially endorse someone from another party he could be committing political suicide. He could lose his committee memberships. He could lose his seniority. It is important for Paul to walk this political line in order to help return the Republican Party back to its “Old Right” principles. He could not do so if he loses his status as a senior Congressman. He would be jeopardizing his ability to directly question the Federal Reserve Chairman about monetary policy. That is something he seems to relish so much, as do his supporters.

The only other evidence that can be given to support the argument that he will not endorse a non-Republican candidate is that he has played politics with his endorsements over the past year. He refused to endorse against any incumbent Republicans even when the challenge came from a liberty minded Ron Paul Republican. To this day he still has not endorsed against any incumbent neo-conservative Republican. The only motivation for doing this has to be maintaining his Congressional status on committees and other relationships. This runs at odds with his rhetoric of castigating the party for its neo-con ways. He won’t put his endorsements where his mouth is.

So stop waiting for Ron Paul to endorse Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin. Pick one to endorse yourself then go out and campaign for your choice. When you do so you know you are campaigning for liberty whether Ron Paul gives his endorsement seal of approval or not.

We support Bob Barr over Chuck Baldwin, but supporting either is a victory for liberty. Writing in Ron Paul is a victory for your own conscience but it won’t help liberty win. However, supporting Barr, Baldwin, or writing in Ron Paul is infinitely better for liberty than voting for Obamccain.

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Dr. Paul

should endorse neither Barr nor Baldwin, but he can continue to root for them. We must first see in any case what happens in the polls etc. with McCain between now and the RNC. In case McCain is the nominee and looses to Obama, it is good that Dr. Paul does not endorse either, as they may "blame" Barr and Baldwin - which is wrong, but it is good Dr. Paul would not be "made responsible" for this. A decent showing by the CP and LP will demonstrate to the GOP the direction they have to take and who better in the GOP to lead such a movement in the GOP than Dr. Paul. If Dr. Paul however would endorse either formally, he would be also directly blamed. If he does not endorse them, he can act as the white knight, and person that stayed in the GOP, e.g. earn respect for solidarity and gain acceptance. McCain & Co's reputation would be very low and Dr. Paul can "strike" :-)

Get real....

....I am still hoping for a miracle at convention.....I support Ron Paul...who is still running, just not campaigning....Obama, McCain, and Barr would never get my vote....

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Your telling me to get real

Your telling me to get real and yet your hoping for a "miracle".

No thanks...

...I'm supporting the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty.

Support Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty!

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams


"...a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -John F. Kennedy

Thats great! I'm sure every

Thats great! I'm sure every Ron Paul supporter will be apart of the Campaign for Liberty. Here's a better idea. Why not have 3 different money bombs on one site. One for the Campaign for Liberty, one for Bob Barr, and one for Chuck Baldwin. Every RP supporter will most likely donate to the Campaign for Liberty and then they might donate to EITHER Bob Barr or Baldwin (perhaps even 2 or all three).

Hows that for "unity"?

The Ron Paul supporters

Have unity...it's you who appears to have the problem.


Hows this for "unity"??

You, your friends, the Barr posters here, Barr himself and Baldwin all go over to CFL site and donate and join up and campaign for it. As far as the Ron Paul supporters here we will continue to donate, join CFL, campaign, get delegates, go to Marchs, events, meet ups, conventions to do all we can to stay our chosen course with Ron Paul. You guys have a huge issue with our choice for some really strange reason. Are we running around stalking every Barr site and post begging for RP support? Time to back off. Territorial? Why don't you just call the owner of DP and see if is ok to call this site 24/7anycandidatebutPaul.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Campaign for Liberty

donated to both Barr's and Baldwin's campaigns. It would be consistent with the mission.

Bob Barr Money Bombs July 2: www.BarrBomb.com and July 4 www.BobBarrMoneyBomb.com Help continue propagating the Revolutionary message of liberty. (9/11 "Truthers": Please don't support Barr. You'll hurt his public image and cost him support and votes, like you did to Dr. Paul).

I would suggest

that you remember this is the DailyPAUL and if you find the other blog spot so on point, go there. Most of us take our commitment to the Revolution and Ron Paul seriously and still have work to do in that regard and could care less about all of this discussion of other candidates.

It is hard to believe some of you have much commitment to the revolution and campaign for liberty as laid out by Ron Paul if you have time and money to donate to other causes, but I do believe it is your right to do so. Anything worth having is worth a little sweat and frankly, I wonder how many of you "other candidate" trollers and supporters have donated to www.nevadagopconvention.com or sent any of the emails or made any of the calls that have been requested. How many people have you sent the Campaign for Liberty web site to so they can join, or even consider joining? Have you donated to the Campaign for Liberty, the march, made a commitment to go to any of the remaining events? Do you sit and read blogs about other candidates who don't have a chance in hell of winning the Presidency. Ron Paul's chances are not zero and he is the one who brought us all together to take back the Republican Party and our country in liberty. So, let's do it.

You were correct that Ron Paul will not endorse another candidate...you see, he is a Republican who wants change within the Republican Party so the next time we run a candidate, we have a chance to get somewhere. Please search and read a post from Jdayh entitled "he did not drop out and why this is a brilliant move." He suspended his campaign, he did not release his delegates nor endorse the presumptive nominee, McCain. How could he? There is no other candidate I could comfortably vote for...so for me, it is inconsequential who 3rd parties run.


I love it when DailyPaul

I love it when DailyPaul bloggers get so territorial. My post includes Ron Paul's name and it related to Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin that way. Ron Paul has even gave them a lite-endorsement on television. Thus, making them related to the RP mission.

And for your information. I donated to max of $2300 to Ron Paul, plus chip-in donations for various RP projects, joined the Campaign for Liberty. I'm holding off on donating money to to the Campaign for Liberty because it already has about 7 million dollars from left of over money from RPs campaign. Once it really gets up and moving and out of "beta" version, I will donate more.

As far as volunteering, I'm a soldier currently in Afghanistan. So I cannot participate in helping with delegates and meet up groups from the other side of the world. All I can do is blog and donate money.


I really don't think anyone is waiting on the Doc. We are simply curious! I think if he does endorse someone it will move some folks that way, but the majority of people I know locally have made up their mind..

Then lets create a money

Then lets create a money bomb website that included both Barr and Baldwin. Same as the RP money bombs, except this site will have Barr on the left side and Baldwin on the other. This Barr bomb site http://www.barrbomb.com/ is ok. Except that I wish it had a counter to show how many people pledged.

If I had the technical know-how, then I'd do it myself. But I don't. If anybody does then would be nice if they messaged this post and I can help them set one up. I can provide funds to pay for the web fees...

Agree, good post.

Both Barr and Baldwin are liberty minded candidates.

good post

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