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Republican Libertarians

The libertarian party is said to consist of about 300,000 members. I'm a registered republican that never changed party affiliation in order to be able to vote in local republican primaries. Maybe there's a lot more Libertarians out there like me. Maybe its over a million. What do you guys think? Even though I consider myself a libertarian, I've always remained a registered republican.

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Let's see a president that represents both genders at least

I just got this in an email:

Any man who votes for Hillary, who unilaterally represents a few of her womyn friends but not men, is a masochistic, deferential wimp. Her NOW friends already reign in terms of the right to have children or not after conception, child custody, domestic violence, and presumption of innocence. Men are left with the right to remain silent. Wanna lose that, too?

Dick Morris, once an advisor to Bill & Hill, has predicted that Hillary will occupy the Oval Office in January 2009. This can happen ONLY if she gets the male vote. Accordingly, it will confirm that there are a LOT of eunuchs in our midst ...

I am a member of the

I am a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and one of the things that I have found extremely frustrating is RLC's failure to endorse Ron Paul for President. In my own state, many RLC members are vocal supporters of Giuliani, including my own regional chairman. I have been trying to get RLC members to see the wisdom of endorsing our former chairman, and trying to get more Ron Paul supporters to join RLC, but sometimes it seems like I'm pounding my head against a brick wall.

RLC and the Ron Paul campaign II


I recently called EVERY chartered state affiliate of the Republican Liberty Caucus to see check on activity regarding Ron, among other things.

Without exception, every RLC affiliate is mobilized for Ron -- even in those states (there are two or three) where the leadership is split on the question! RLCers were among the first to form Meetups in Florida where I live and, frankly, most all RLC activity nationwide has come to a halt outside of Paul campaigning. This is quite natural, as Ron was the national chairman of this explicitly libertarian Republican organization which has always endorsed and funded Ron's Congressional races!

Effectively, the RLC is an extension of the Ron Paul campaign much like the Meetups with which the RLC is intertwined. For legal reasons, this is not and cannot be official.

Additionally, the national RLC by-laws make a presidential endorsement nearly impossible. In spite of this it might happen anyway. Just last week, the Florida RLC excom became the latest to nominate Ron for the national RLC endorsement.

I, too, have met an RLCer here and there who is not on board the Paul train. This is not a reflection on the RLC. In fact, these folks are natural prospects for the Ron campaign and we should reach out to them.

Check out www.rlcfl.org for some recent Florida RLC activity on behalf of Ron. To join, see: http://www.rlc.org/Pay/Dues.asp?ref=RLCFL.

-- pb

P.S. What state are you in?

Phil, I am encouraged to


I am encouraged to here that RLCFL endorsed Ron. I am in New York and I can tell you that it definitely does not seem like an "RLCer here or there" is opposed to him. Every time something positive is said about Ron, there is a torrent of pro-Giuliani and anti-Ron sentiment. Here is an example: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RLCNY/message/1776 (one of many like it) I have lobbied to have a vote on an endorsement of Ron and have been met with either silence, outright refusal to consider it, or proposals to wait until after a nominee is chosen. You are incorrect when you say "without exception, every RLC affiliate is mobilized for Ron." New York is not. I was told by my regional chairman that he is supporting Giuliani and that there is no way he would allow a vote to endorse Ron before the primaries.

New York RLC and Ron Paul

Yes, New York is a case where the leadership is split, although RLCNY co-chair Carl Svensson is pro-Paul. It was Carl I spoke with recently in my canvassing of RLC affiliates. It is co-chair Norma Segal who is not fully on board.

However, NY is one of the states that I was referring to where even though leadership is not nominating Paul, NY RLCers are in the field at Meetups and public demonstrations. You, sir, are a prime example!

Stay in touch. If New York holds a vote on nomination for endorsement, my guess is that you and your friends will want to weigh in on the matter.

Philip Blumel

Phil, Can you apply pressure


Can you apply pressure on Carl to hold a vote before the primary? After that it will be too late. Norma's vote should count as just one vote, same as mine. If more Ron Paul supporters in New York would join RLC, we should be able to force a vote.

Don't expect an endorsement from the Libertarians

They CAN'T endorse Ron Paul because he is a REPUBLICAN, running as a Republican, stating he's a Republican, and participating in the Republican debates.

Whether you consider them one or not, the Libertarian party IS a political party who endorses Libertarians, not Republicans. So while we all know that they really do want to see Ron Paul win this thing, they just can't endorse a candidate from another party. It just won't happen.

What they can do is continue to state that Ron Paul is the most logical choice among the Republicnas, and we're all smart enough to know what they mean. But don't expect the endorsement because it won't be coming.

Scanner 313 is exactly right.

The Illinois LP bylaws do not allow party endorsement or support for enemy political parties or candidates. Individuals can do what they want of course. Bylaws changes must be made at the yearly convention requiring a supermajority vote.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ


While the official Partys probably won't endorse Ron, many Presidential candidates and former candidates for the LP and the Constitution Party have already endorsed RP. Michael Badnarik and Steve Kubby have endorsed RP on the LP side, for instance.

I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a rule against two parties both endorsing one candidate. It happens in NY all the time. Candidates will often run on multiple party tickets. Primarily they will be repubs. or dems., but then the other parties, like the conservative party of new york, will step in and endorse the candidate that represents their views...

Registered Republican
Federalist Society Member
REAL Conservative for Ron Paul

New York is a fusion state

New York is a fusion state allowing cross-endorsements, but I believe that it is only one of two states that does. The Constitution Party of New York has endorsed Ron, but I believe that the Libertarian Party of New York does have a provision in their bylaws that prevents them from endorsing another party's presidential candidate. Estelle Edwards, LPNY candidate for Suffolk County executive has endorsed Ron though. See:

The Libertarian Party Convention will be Exciting

The LP Convention isn't until May of 2008, by which time, many of the Republican primaries will be over, but the nominating convention won't have taken place. The LP will have to decide what to do about Ron Paul. As mentioned, even some of our candidates are supporting Ron.

There are party by-laws which may prohibit us from nominating Ron and party officers are prohibited from endorsing other party candidates. We do consider him a lifetime member of the party, however.

This discussion is pointless, anyway, as our nomination might not help him (it could be distracting) or he might not want it. He's absolutely right to focus on the race where he is.

However, anyone interested in joining the LP should check it out. You don't have to be 18, you don't have to be registered to vote, registered to vote Libertarian, or even be a citizen to join the party and potentially come to the convention as a delegate. All you have to do is sign the pledge: "I certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving social or political goals." Then, visit your local party organization and ask to be a delegate.

That means, you can stay registered to vote Republican for Ron Paul, and join the LP at the same time. By the way, the LP runs "Ron Paul-like" candidates every year at all levels of government. (Though, most without the 30 year history in politics.) President Paul will need support in Congress.


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What a joke

That is just plain crazy. If the RLC is *vocally* supporting Giuliani, then they are a complete joke. Even the RLC has been hi-jacked by neocons. Incredible.

To be clear, the RLC is not

To be clear, the RLC is not officially supporting Giuliani. To get RLC's official endorsement, a presidential candidate first needs the endorsement of all sixteen state chapters. To my knowledge, about four state chapters have endorsed Ron and none have endorsed Giuliani. So it is not possible that RLC will endorse Giuliani. It IS possible that they can still endorse Ron, but the likelihood that they will do so before Super Tuesday dwindles everyday. The frustration for me is that I can not even get my own state chapter to vote on whether or not to endorse Ron and that there are leaders in my state chapter who actually support Giuliani.

They were a bit frustrating

When I was a large-L Libertarian, too. Especially if you tried to honestly discuss topics like spending-levels or the tax and spend drugwar. Most of their work seemed to be in trying to get me to hold my nose & vote Republican whether or not the Republicans deserved my vote. It wasn't terribly convincing...

RLC and the Drug War

I cannot explain your experience, but if you were an RLCer and attended GOP meetings, you would find it is only RLCers that bring up issues like the drug war and neoconservatism.

In fact, at the most recent meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County (Florida), we had two local GOP Congressional candidates speak and an RLCer asked them about his position on the Drug War. Another asked about foreign policy. I grilled them on free trade. The point is to press these issues within the party.

This is what RLCers do, have been doing before the Ron campaign, and will continue to be doing after it too.

The official statement of positions of the RLC can be found at


My experience, at the time...

Seemed as much an interpersonal issue as a political issue, but basically the expectation was that I compromise positions I've long held regarding the failure, economically and morally, of the drug war in return for *nothing*. After failing on that front, we had a discussion over the spending issue, which also didn't go well. The RLC guy simply wasn't convincing, so I stayed a Large-L Libertarian for another decade or so. No biggie, it's not like the Republicans ran anyone remotely worthy of my vote in the interim! In fact, they haven't until now.

And it's not like I "can't compromise," either -- far from it. I'm MUCH more libertarian than most people I know in this movement, but I'm perfectly willing to cooperate anyway, as I have for months. Why? Because this time, with this compromise, _I_ *GET* something instead of just giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving while getting NOTHING. That's the difference. I'm glad Florida's RLC is so-improved, and please keep it up.

RLCers for Ron Paul

Particularly in states with closed primaries, intra-party activism is ESSENTIAL for the Ron Paul campaign. Since the RLC is a network of Ron Paul Republicans already inside the GOP, it is a great place to start. I am active with the RLC in Florida and see how vital the RLC is to the Paul effort. As an example, check out the top story on the RLC of Florida website: www.rlcfl.org

*raises hand*

*raises hand*

I've been a registered Republican since I started voting, because the Democrats' platform is socialist, and I've always instinctively recognized socialism as evil. My way of fighting evil was to vote Republican, but I've never deluded myself into thinking that the Republicans were perfect -- far from it -- I just figured that I can easily circumvent behavioral rules, but it's a lot harder to escape a government-controlled economy.

In other words, I've always been a "lesser evil" voter, until now. The GOP scared me away with their neocon police-state mentality.


There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:

1. Soap
2. Ballot
3. Jury
4. Ammo

Please use in that order.

--Ed Howdershelt (Author)

Republican Liberty Caucus

I think you're not alone ;-)

There's also the Republican Liberty Caucus, of which Ron Paul is a member:


By the way - you seem to be located in the NY area ;-), so you might want to check my post: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/5334