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Ron Paul excited about November 5th!

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Tea Party 07

The next big fundraiser should be this:


No Time to Waste

Nov 6th, we need to start on the next money drive for December. One poster mentioned Dec15 the Bill of Rights Day. Or say A Christmas present donation day or something like that.


Please donate $100 (or more) November 11th. I'm a Navy vet and 100 percent for the constitution and it's champion: Dr. Ron Paul.


$219.56 raised on ebay so far for Monday morning!!!

This Canadian guy is buying all my comics I've listed on ebay that will in turn be donated to Ron's campaign, EARLY EARLY EARLY Monday morning. $219.56 so far plus the 'it' that has yet to sell...and I haven't even gone in the snake infested shed in the backyard....that will change tonight. If we can get just 20,000 Paulite/spammers @ $500 each....BANG! BOOM! SHOCK and AWE!


I left feedback for the good Canadian that went something like 'Ebay buyer prevented world war 3...thanks'

Transform your webpage into a "Ron Paul Donation Day" webpage

I'm trying to promote "Ron Paul Mass Donation Day" by having webmasters change the look of their site for the length of the event – by adding just one line of code to their page.
Find out about the details at Betablogr - Hope for America.


There is a "contact us" for each Meet-up user site and then send them a pre-prepared message about NOVEMBER 5TH BEING THE MEGA-DONATION DAY FOR RON PAUL....
perhaps some of you could coordinate who takes the next 25 etc... but there are *tons* of meet-up groups out there and 25 is the max you can email....
I have to leave today to work, but I did do the first 25.......

Nov 5th

I didn't sign up at thisnov5th but we are donating here. I hope there are a lot out there like me who are donating but didn't sign up at the website. Do you think we are going to crash the Ron Paul website with so many trying to log on? I've been wondering that.

Good thing

Either way it'll be a good thing

Ron Paul Raises over $5 Million Online in One Day
Nov 6, Washington, DC In an unprecidented event, Presidential hopeful and one time dark horse Ron Paul raised $5.2 million* in campaign funds yesterday...

Campaign Site Crashes Due to Influx of Donations
Nov 6, Washington, DC In an unprecidented event, Presidential hopeful Ron Paul's web site crashed yesterday due to excessive supporters' attempts at donating to the Ron Paul campaign. Despite the site's being down for nearly 5 hours in the late afternoon and early evening, they still raised $4.3 million* yesterday...

*those are my projections, please feel free to prove me wrong by donating more.

WE ARE SUCCEEDING IN NOVEMBER 5TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWESOME - I was worried that only on this website and U-tube were people aware of NOVEMBER 5TH but obviously its GETTING AROUND and we are making people aware.
I spend yesterday email all the Ron Paul websites, Libetarian websites, and some Demo and Repulican websites - I worked til 3 am in the morning and I sent messages to approximately 500 PEOPLE....
I asked them nicely to PLEASE mention that November 5th is MEGA-BOMB DONATION DAY for Ron Paul and got alot of responses back also.... no negative responses, at the worst neutral responses... like "I love Dr. Ron Paul but sorry, I dont think he's electable" - so lets show he *is* electable this November 5th...
P.S. I am donating far more than $100.... dig deep everyone!

11-5 drive announced on WBAP - Mark Davis show

I called the Mark Davis show (which I do anyway about once or twice per month to blab about Ron) at 10:30 AM this morning to announce this November 5 fund raising event to one of the top 10 received radio broadcasts in the United States: WBAP Ft. Worth/Dallas 50,000 Watt 820 AM.

Anyway, during our conversation on air Mr. Davis noted how strong the Ron Paul fundraising has been so far, and said he would be watching our performance on Monday with an eager eye. He is very skeptical of Paul's chances, but at this point, I know that Mark is intellectually honest enough to realize that there is indeed a risk that Paul might win the Republican nomination....let's make that clear on Monday, ok?

Monday is about the American in the mirror, and I hope that American in the mirror loves their future (and that of their kids and grandkids) enough to smash every d%!n piggy bank in the house, dig every nasty quarter out from under the couch cushion/driver seat, and fish every quarter of the Jerry's Kids quarters bowl at 7-11 (just kidding) and do the right thing. DO IT!

Well, let's give Mark a good reason to talk to me again Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM about the remarkable 11-5 event supporting the campaign cause of a remarkable constitition defending patriot running for president!

Oh I cant wait for this

this nov 5th is going to be the shot over the bow. either taking warning or what the fireworks.

yeap I'm tired of emailing

I'm tired of emailing Washington DC to respect my Rights.

Nov 5th is a unarmed shot over the bow indeed.
Wake up Washington this isn't classroom social science class!!

The fun begins on Nov the 5th

I *was* going to donate $100 on the 5th.

But now that the "attack" has started with this stupid SPAM thing, I'm going to make it $500.

I hope we knock the socks off the MSM on the 5th!


Yes! I'm ticked as well at the false spam attacks/rumors against my hero and his wonderful supporters. A new friend has helped me to be able to boost my intended $50.00 donation to a whopping $650.00. Many thanks to my new friend Jens!

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Sorry but interested.... what attacks??, what spam thing??....

I havent heard any complaints or problems yet, after all we are contacting ron paul supporters.... anyone had any negative feedback yet?? NOT ME and I emailed 500 people who are not even ron paul supporters but libetarians, repubs, demos etc...

Just Google

Wow! Where have you been to miss the fake smear campaign against Dr. Paul? Just google "Ron Paul & Spambots". We are all mad as hell over this. The only way to stop the enemies of freedom from doing this is to keep increasing our donations and support. When they realize that the wildfire of liberty cannot be extinguished with lies and dirty tricks, perhaps these snakes will slink back into the dark abyss whence they were spawned.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau


"Campaigns going to continue for awhile" ahh hell yea! w000h! :D

Let's not let Ron down!

Pay a little now, or a lot later.

Dig deep on 11-5, the constitution is worth it.