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Fred Barnes on Ron in Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard is *the* neocon weekly, of which I am a charter subscriber. I have found it to be very helpful in understanding the neoconservative outlook from neocon intellectuals themselves (Poderetz, Kristol, Barnes, etc.), rather than relying on hostile caricatures. Here's their first reporting on Ron Paul, from the Nov. 5 issue on newstands this week:

The Two-Man Race: Only Rudy and Mitt have credible scenarios.
11/05/2007, Volume 013, Issue 08

Also, check out the RLC's recap of Ron at the Orlando/Prez IV/Paullapalooza event at:

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Hey he's got a point

Hey he's got a point here:

"There are three things to keep in mind when evaluating the presidential race in 2008. First, national polls don't matter at all. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry polled at 13 percent or less nationally before the primaries, then locked up the Democratic nomination a few weeks later."

Recently ran across an old Poly Sc. text book that mentioned... "obscure Arkansas governor named Bill Clinton may run (for the white house) but is a long-shot."

There are advantages to be under-estimated. Consider the turtle and the hare.

Looks like a lot of flack yet to be flung..

Look at the Democrats, flinging away at Queen Hillary. Why? She's got a lot of flip/flop baggage. She's no Bill Clinton, when it comes to politics. And that brings me to my point, look at Mitt and Rudy. I wouldn't trust either one of these clowns in a poker game. Just too much seediness, and slowly, but surely, it will be exposed. The internet just won't let it go away anymore. It's getting harder and harder to erase history for convenience sake. And then you look at Ron Paul..........the rock of Gibralter in the whirlwind of Washington BS.

Say it loud and clear, to all who hear: This will get attention!

Would you like to see the IRS, and Federal Income Tax abolished? Then vote for Ron Paul. Why not give him a shot?

alan laney

He quoted Luntz...

...nuf said

What Fred Barnes and the Neo-Con Elite DON'T comprehend is...

1) Ron Paul supporters aren't Republicans who've lost their way. They are a group of Independents, or Democrats and Republicans who see no difference between the party candidates anymore.

2) Due to number 1), RP supporters aren't going to simply pack up and join another camp of candidates simply because Ron loses the primary or runs out of money and drops out.

I explained this to a familty member who is blinded by the MSM.

Here's a scenario for you, Fred Barnes:

Scenario: Ron Paul drops out of the race, doesn't run as a third-party candidate, and says I'll see you in Congress next year after I win the Texas 14th District for the 11th time.

Result: 95%+ of The Ron Paul Camp becomes people who will not vote Republican, period. And I don't care how many millions of dollars you spend, you're not going to convince us to vote neo-con. Thus, a Democrat wins.

Conclusion: The Republican Party will not only alienate voters, but simply WILL NOT win with 5-10%+ of the typical Republican vote (who are now Ron Paul supporters, LIKE ME) simply writing in Ron Paul or not voting Republican. (Let's not mention all of the college kids, now engaged in politics, who they'll piss off for the following elections in the rest of their lives. Shhhh. Don't tell the neo-cons...the colleges are the hidden silver bullet for Ron Paul.)

There is a schism in the Party - it's called the Ron Paul Revolution, and unless the neo-cons begin realizing this, they'll never win the White House or a Congressional majority again.

I suspect they're praying

That somehow, if they're dishonest with us, they'll still "own" the Meetup infrastructure we've created not only without their help, but often to their jeers. Good luck...