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A gun shop owner that doesn't endorse Ron Paul?!

I spoke with the manager of the only gun shop around here, gave him slimjims, articles professing Ron Paul's gun rights advocacy, etc.

He just blew me off, saying it's too early to favor a candidate. This guy runs a gun shop!! I don't think he really understands Ron Paul.

Everybody, do me a favor and let him know just how essential Ron Paul is to the fight in restoring and preserving our Second Amendment rights!

edit -- removed link due to popular opinion against contact

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Risky Business

By asking members of the forum to pepper this guy with emails, phone calls, etc., you risk alienating a potential supporter. I know I would have a ton of resentment toward anyone who constantly filled my email, voicemail, etc.

leave the man alone.

He told you it was too early for him to choose a candidate. Repsect his decision. You introduced him to RP now it is time for the gun ship owner to decide.

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He's obviously not ready to choose a candidate, so why bombard him with emails that will only alienate him. This is just an attempt to force someone to like Ron Paul. Respect his decision and just leave him alone. DON'T E-MAIL HIM!!!

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Drain the swamp!

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too many of us...

think we can force someone to like Ron Paul... which has the opposite effect... But, I would say that is very tiny minority of our group... It just so happens we are a VERY large group, so a tiny minority is quite a few people...

And usually a simple reminder and explanation of good vs. bad approaches will bring people to their senses on that... :)

I personally talk about Ron Paul WAY too much at work with co-workers BUT I counter balance it with self-deprecating humor acknowledging that I probably do so, and just can't seem to stop myself... So no one get's annoyed... Or at least, they tell me that they don't... :)

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one on one...

Speaking one on one makes a much better impact/impression than an e-mail barrage. Since you have that capability, go back, dressed normally (no RP gear), buy something, ask questions, start up chit chat, etc... Find out what's important to him... and slip in a few, "well that's why it's so important this early, this time to look into Ron Paul" etc...

If that doesn't work, get a friend to go in and do the same thing, maybe a persuasive friend.

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Best way to do it?

Walk in. Buy something. In the process of getting your change, THEN mention your support for Dr. Paul, offer slimjim/card, etc.

A transaction of any sort softens a merchant's heart, believe me...