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Want to convert Republicans? Here is the Silver Bullet!

Ronald Reagan is an almost deified figure among neoconservative Republicans. They continually evoke his name, calling themselves "Reagan Conservatives." The only trouble is, the policies of Reagan bear little resemblance to those of the current breed of neocons.

Neoconservatism was born of liberals who decided that the Left had gone too far; it was a backlash movement. This is why so many people mistake Reagan for one: he did switch from Democrat to Republican, after all. But it's just not that simple. The neocons, like the left, are big-government spenders. Reagan was nothing of the sort, as his friendship with Ron Paul will attest. The neocons are also a warlike bunch, but here again they break from their idol. Pat Buchanan illustrates this far better than I can, here: http://theamericancause.org/patreaganneoconservative.htm

The point is, Republicans have lost their way. They no longer resemble their own declared figurehead. The following video illustrates this like nothing else can. Show it to all your Republican friends, then politely introduce them to Ron Paul. If this doesn't win them over, you will know that they really are from the new breed of neocons. This new breed is beyond salvaging, in my opinion. They are bent on world domination, and will never vote for a non-interventionist candidate. At least you'll know where they stand, and can focus your efforts on the real "Reagan Republicans."

Good luck!



There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:

1. Soap
2. Ballot
3. Jury
4. Ammo

Please use in that order.

--Ed Howdershelt (Author)

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Put the link on my YT channel: airborne373

Great video of Reagan, seen it before watched it again all 28 minutes. Rousing!

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I was born in 1968 so I can say I never heard anyone speak like Ron Paul until I watched this. Boy, the Republicans have gone off course...and this proves it! Go Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

"Fire Team for Freedom"
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because I like that speech.... :)

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