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what's going on at youtube?

Recently added videos aren't accessible! The last one for recently added Ron Paul videos is three days! What is up with that? Anyone know?

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I don't get it

Isn't every video on YouTube vulnerable to being spammed? What's to stop their competition from spamming it all and shutting them down? If I were them I would look at their policy. They just told the world how to shut them down. I love YouTube. It would be a shame.

90 videos

search my name, "Treg Contest" and look for my contest ...then view the recent Ron Paul videos there. There should be about 90 videos as response attached.


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I was thinking about this same issue

I noticed the same thing. Thanks for the reassurance guys and also the google video tip.

I also think we should promote Freeme.tv to new converts. This is all the videos without having to search.

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This is normal.

YouTube has something like 20,000 videos posted per day, that's a lot of processing and indexing. To make the site fast, those things are done on delay. If you upload any other type of video, you will see the same results. It's very normal.

Google Video search tends to find the videos faster than YouTube's own search, so try that.

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These delays are common. Just look at Clinto or Obama's videos and you will see the same delay. No conspiracy. I think google video does it on purpose (google owns youtube now right?) so that people will go to their site like I ALWAYS do now.-A liberal for Ron Paul.

-A former liberal for Ron Paul.

Google Video Search!

Google videos always has the latest Ron Paul videos from youtube and even faster than youtube itself (wierd?). I use google video all the time now.


Google owns Youtube. They may be making attempts to transition folks over to google video to more effectively build their brand. Ron Paul may be the most popular search item, hence, his videos and followers would potentially be a target for this shift.

What do you guys think?


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that's messed up...

we get blamed for an attack against us.... as I have said before, sometimes, these guys are bloody brilliant...

I have server space that I could donate to store and serve Ron Paul videos... But... The bandwidth cost would get huge fast so I would have to support the site with advertising... The fastest way would be google adwords but I am not sure it would generate enough revenue unless everyone made an effort to pay attention to and click through to advertisers that they were truly interested in...

I'll think it over and see if I can set something up... No promises, but if I got some feedback on people wanting it... I actually still have the website leftover from the Iowa Straw Poll push at www.ronpaulvideorevolution.com that I could adapt very quickly...

Thoughts? Encouragement? Critisism?

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I like the idea.

But we all also need to politely contact YouTube and explain what's going on, IMO.

Is there another place to upload to?

Someplace we can redirect the attention to, other than YouTube.

Aparently, the spam-attack is working.


That's What I Understand as Well

Apparently, YouTube has some kind of auto-remove feature for videos referenced in a spam campaign.

Hard to tell if it was a brilliant smear tactic, or a really frickin' stupid supporter. Of course it also might just be a smear campaign that got lucky.