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Concerts for Ron Paul

My wife and I went to the John Mellencamp/Los Lobos concert in Fort Wayne last night, it was great! As some of you know JM's music is geared towards peace, love your brother, hometown values, anti-government, etc. Many folks there were baby boomers (me) and more younger folks (20 to 30 crowd) than I expected.

We wore our Ron Paul shirts to the show and I stuck about 50 slim jims in my back pocket along with a small stack of wallet cards. WOW!! We had people asking about RP all night! At least half of our slim jims and cards were gone before the show and the other half went during the intermission! And these were all given to folks that were receptive to get them! I'm still kicking myself for not taking more. We talked up the www.WWRPD.org site after we ran out of slim jims and cards because it is an easy site to remember. My wife and I did more RP talking to folks than about the show. If you get 3, 4, 6 people in a group talking it really takes off.

We got a few "Rue Paul" comments and was kinda freaked out when I finally found out who he/she was, but it was all in fun.

The demograqphics for the RP info was perfect and we did a lot more campaigning than I ever thot we would do. It was so cool to be in our seats watching folks read the slim jims before JM took the stage.

These concerts are a perfect place for RP campaigning. You can generally tell what the demographics and crowd type is going to be. People stuff these things in their pockets and take them home, probably to be looked at later. Everyone is in a festive, talkative and friendly mood.

It was just a great experience last night and I wanted to share it here and maybe turn someone else on to a great place to do some RP campaigning!


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This is a great idea!

I'm going to try for a similar thing with Doug Stanhope, who is coming to Florida next week. On Thursday, the 8th, he'll be at the "Backbooth" in Orlando, and I plan to go in a shirt and with some cards/etc. to hand out, and I hope other Ron Paul fans will join me. Comedy shows and concerts, especially by artists already friendly to our message, are a must. More info at www.dougstanhope.com