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DON'T "punish" the campaign over the Philly Rally!

So what if the venue changed? It sucks but it is what it is. The whole point of this rally was to get Ron Paul attention and to introduce him to a new audience. We STILL have the opportunity to do that by flooding Valle Forge with current supporters and thousands of college kids and veterans who have yet to hear the message. Don't hold back your support. Don't "punish" the campaign. The future of our nation is at stake - even in this small show of support that we can give. In the grand scheme of things, however, it might be more important than a simple show of support. I'm willing to bet that if we fill the venue and then some, that we will still get the media attention we are looking for!

I can't believe that I am hearing people say they will hold back donations or not show up simply because of a venue change. We not only have to show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with but we also have to prove to the campaign that our support transcends poor decision making. WE MADE THIS CAMPAIGN and we can still win this nomination for our candidate and our ideals! Don't walk out on it now!

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I could only WISH to be a part of this and be there with you all

the venue change will be meaningless 10 years from now.

This is going to be brilliant, no matter how difficult the venue change. Even if you don't get to see Ron Paul that day... this event will still make the news and I predict it is going to be very positive and very exciting.

Chin up folks! Think of the future, think of how you'll feel in 10 years when you can say: "I was there!" and "I voted for Ron Paul!"

THANK YOU to everyone who has worked SO hard to spread the message, keep up the good work!

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Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

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I'm with you. I'm frankly

I'm with you. I'm frankly getting fed up with the immature childishness of some of the supporters. You aren't the center of the universe...Ron Paul should be the focus. Quit your bitching and STFU about these little details that barely matter like commercials and where we're having rallies and other such things.

"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out...and if you like it, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul

You don't get it

The first Revolution wasn't tidy in the least. Why do you want to force civility? Man, this is Philly - people here say what's on their mind.

Come to Philly in any event.


I'm still going, but here is my concern...

I live about an hour from Philly, here is my concern. The VF convention center in the Pennsylvania room hold MAYBE max 2500 people...

Route 422, the main road into VF is going to be a PARKING LOT. I honestly don't think the convention center is ready to handle the kind of capacity that this event is going to draw.

I'd advise anyone planning on going, to get there Friday night, or VERY early on Sat.

Just my 2cents...

Revolutions are a fight

you have to roll with the punches

I live in the middle of BOTH spots....

Here's my 2 cents on it....
I live almost smack dab in the middle of both spots...so to me, it matters not where he is....
Here's the Pros & Cons...(in my opinion)

You could take public transportation to Philly easier than you can to VF. I believe both have public trans....but it's a bit more involved for VF.

There are more hotels / dining within walking distance in Philly....but you will pay WAY higher prices than VF.

We would have had the possibility to sway a large minority vote who now may not be able to make it to VF. However, Philly is one of the MOST corrupt governments anywhere....so it's probably better to be away from them anyhow.

Driving in Philly is next to impossible and parking is outrageous where as driving from your hotel in Philly to VF is just hoping on a highway and cruising out to the VFCC, where parking is a breeze and if you want to venture out...it's easy.

I will still be going...and donating on the 5th....if anyone wants to Email me with where they are staying...I can get them good directions on how to get from there to VFCC.

Poor decision

This is still very poor decision making on the part of the people at the national campaign. The people there need to learn a lesson from this. If the grass roots people in a local community are doing an excellent job with something that benefits the campaign, then leave it alone!

Dr. Paul is right, it's the message that's important. I just hope that the people who are running the campaign wise up. I also hope that none of them ever make it to an important position in a future Paul administration. After seeing that first TV commericial and now this debacle, they don't seem to have the best decision making skills.

It's a learning process. I'm sure none of the people running the campaign have any experience with running this type of campaign because I don't think a campaign like this has ever been run before. The only thing that could be close would be the '04 Dean campaign. We are much more organized, and more active in supporting Ron Paul by use of the internet and grass roots organizations than the Dean campaign ever was. Hopefully everyone learns from this and we don't have a repeat in the future.

Friday $50

I have not even considered punishing the campaign. If I had gotten a nickel for every time I was forgiven and given a second chance after making a mistake, I could have made the maximum donation to Dr. Paul's campaign already.

That said, I have given my weekly $50 to the campaign just now, to be followed by another $50 every week until he can be properly addressed as Mr. President (Dr. President?), plus an additional $100 on Monday. Every day I want us to get closer to victory, regardless of any sacrifices I must make, or disappointments I must suffer. As Dr. Paul says, it's not the man, it's the message. This is bigger than me, and I'm trying not to let everyone else down.

Valley Forge/King of Prussia area is a great area

Being from just outside Philadelphia, I understand what some people are saying about Valley Forge vs. Philadelphia. It is a shame that Philadelphia can not be more guest-friendly for conventions, etc... It is a great city.

As someone else mentioned, businesses and stores moved to King of Prussia to avoid these issues. For that reason, possibly the largest mall in America is located there (King of Prussia Mall). You will not wont for things to do in the area including day trips to downtown Philadelphia. Independence Mall has become a nice area with the addition of more lawn space, but the finances seem to have doomed it.

Hope that the rally is awesome!!! I am sure that Ron Paul will be.


You're only partly right

VForge/King of Prussia malls were indeed created by poor Philadelphia government, but that was then and this now. Center City Philly has great shopping and some of the best restaurants in the country, having undergone a renaissance. Europeans marvel at how it's so clean and well-lit. Shopping in a mall is like eating at a MacDonalds.

Sorry, but I changed my plans

I am really disappointed in the campaign. I can't help but feel let down. When I watched Ron Paul ring the Liberty Bell in his new commercial and the promise of seeing something historic that would provide memories to last generations, I expected too much.

I love Ron Paul, and I will still donate to the campaign. It is not so compelling to hear him speak at a convention center. I am being honest. I hope someone from the campaign reads this.

It would have meant cutting short a visit with my mother who I will not see for Thanksgiving and haven't seen in a year.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

please reconsider

I understand your feelings but the presence of every ron paul supporter is needed...Hope sitting on the november 11th seeing youtube videos you wont feel like I should have gone....you come in this world only once ...and if you can be a part of a change that can effect lives for generations dont you want to be involved ...imagine the excitement and the buzz especially after the success of november 5th....be a part of the revolution...if you cannot due to certain reasons that too is understandable...but hope seeing you there...peace...

Please come!

Enjoy Philadelphia Freedom with Dr. Paul. This is where the first American Revolution started. Be here for this one.



Ok, someone tell me where is the new venue? How does one get from the hotels and airport in downtown Philly to whereever?


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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Here's the travel deal

If it's at Independence Mall:

If your hotel is in Center City, just walk there. The heart of the City is safe. The rally location on the Mall is between 5th, 6th, Market and Arch Streets. Walking back at night will also not be an issue. You can hit a restaurant on the way back.

If it's in Valley Forge:

See the other post that had a link to the VForge Convention Ctr. I presume that you would have to take a taxi. Best bet would be to link up with other RP supporters in the hotels' lobbies - wear RP t-shirts! Then you can all share a taxi to and from the event.


Here ya go ...

Valley Forge Convention Center, Valley Forge, PA (Google map)

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

Said it twice...

I'll say it again. NO ONE is capable of leading this country besides Ron.


NO ONE is capable of leading this country besides Ron!

Any so-called supporter who

Any so-called supporter who attempts to "punish" Ron Paul by withholding funds they had already planned on giving, is like a deadbeat father who withholds child-support payments to "punish" his ex-wife for dating a new man.

Dr. Paul always says that the man is less important than the message. Well isn't the venue less important than either?


There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:

1. Soap
2. Ballot
3. Jury
4. Ammo

Please use in that order.

--Ed Howdershelt (Author)


I no longer wish to watch my tax money used to support an unjust war so I no longer wish to pay them. It has nothing to do with my love for my country. Its my protest against the people running it.

This is insulting to all of us here in Philly who have been telling anyone who would listen that Ron Paul will be right here in PHILADELPHIA. Now we look like idiots. SMALL TIME IDIOTS. SO THANK YOU.

This campaign asks for money for everything, so why could they not find a way to make this happen? It's a huge disappointment for me and if I choose to hold back my money than maybe the people running this campaign will learn a lesson.


So when the campaign is

So when the campaign is forced to make a tough economic decision, your response is to hurt their pocketbook further. And for what? Because the venue won't be as pretty?

You sound like a pouting child. It doesn't matter if the event is held in a cow pasture, as long as people hear the message. Try to remain focused, for everyone's sake. It isn't Ron Paul you are "punishing," it is your own future.


There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:

1. Soap
2. Ballot
3. Jury
4. Ammo

Please use in that order.

--Ed Howdershelt (Author)

What Happened at Valley Forge -

No battle was fought at Valley Forge. Yet, it was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It was here that the Continental army was desperately against the ropes — bloody, beaten, battle-weary — and ready to quit. Even General Washington conceded, "If the army does not get help soon, in all likelihood it will disband."

The question must be asked, "Why didn't they disband?"


On June 19, 1778, exactly six months after they Americans arrived, a new army anxious to fight the British streamed out of Valley Forge toward New Jersey. They had been transformed from Rebel into a Mature Army.

At Valley Forge, we read of words like "sacrifice" and conjure up images of bloody footprints, but the concept of suffering for freedom isn't easily to understood. What kept these men going? What happened at Valley Forge


Perhaps this change of venue is more important than you all realize? Valley Forge National Historical Park attracts 2.2 million visitors per year - that's about 6000 people per day - from all over America. You will be outnumbering tourists almost 2-1.

People come together and get your friends to go... this can be something very powerful.


The Natives know.

Anyone from the Delaware Valley knows and understands the insanity of Philadelphia politics, and the unions. They shut down MTV's Real World production a few years ago with the same tactics. The same forces the Paul campaign tried to rectify sent the MTV producer packing.

The venue has been moved to King of Prussia PA, a large business hub of many companies that fled the city long ago due to heavy handed local government.

The venue is great, and the location actually has the possibility of drawing more people than Olde City as this venue has geographical advantages.

The Natives know that the VForge venue is not great

How could you say that VForge is a great venue when you live in NJ? Your only route is either across the BF or Walt Whitman bridges and up the Schuylkill.

The big downside of VForge is lack of walk-ons. Residents from Center City and its nearby neighborhoods can literally walk to Indep. Mall. Relatively few of them will travel out to VForge.

Totally agree

The Unions in Philly are considered as dubious as the Mafia.
My father was telling me about a story about one of his jeweler friends that wanted to replace the glass in his front window, he went with a private contractor that wasn't union the next week the new glass front was broken.

My father owned a small resturaunt 20 years ago in center city and got rave reviews, union members came to him and told him he needed to pay them to have his air ventilation replaced, they started spreading rumors that the place was bug infested and broke his current air ventilation system two weeks after he denied it, and his small business was over.

I was really excited about him being at Independence Mall for the rally, I'll be there for Valley Forge, but let's remember how the crime syndicate tried to bilk a real American and flush these union scum out in public.

Not all unions are crooks and liars, but some forces at the heads of the unions, especially in the construction and demolition part in Philly are very corrupt.

So anyway, although the rally is in Valley Forge, I think it still would be sweet to have Ron Paul walk through Philly anyway. He doesn't have to hold a rally or anything, he could just be visiting the Liberty bell and Independence Mall.

Philly just spent 2.7mil in survalliance cameras and have a public militant 'police' force similar to the Guardian Angels in the streets. I personally think this wasn't a money issue, it could have been a saftey issue.

Dubious Decision?

Clearly, Independence Mall is the ideal spot to host 10,000 supporters. If you'd given the supporters a choice to drop $10 on-line to cover the cost, they would have done that in a hurry. Sometimes, the cost issue leads to penny wise, pound foolish decisions.

In addition, by working their media contacts they could have extracted a lot of free TV coverage. I doubt covering a crowd of supporters at VF would stir up half the excitement among the media. Supporters should have been given an opportunity to defray the costs. The potential impact of extensive and ongoing media coverage reporting on the event would have been huge.

Did they not know the cost at the time of making the initial announcement? No, we are not going to punish the campaign, but they need to understand that supporters made travel arrangements from far afield to assemble at this historic site. Their existed an implied contract between the campaign and these supporters.

Anyway, what's done is done. Of course, nothing would stop the 10,000-odd supporters from going to Independence Mall, either before the rally or afterwards, and peacefully assemble with placards. Go before the time with placards and signs advertising the VF rally.

Plano TX

Valley Forge IS an historic

Valley Forge IS an historic monument, and this change of venue should not disrupt anyone's plans, whether they drive of fly to the event.
Can everyone please stop whining and some solidarity!

Texan heading to Philly

Yes, I was "disappointed" that the rally wasn't going to be where originally scheduled (book that expedia flight/hotel package to be close to the venue, but "oh well..."), but at least they didn't change it to D.C. as was being kicked around. Point being for those of us flying in, we are still in the "right city" just maybe not as convenient as many of us first thought or booked for lodging (anybody have an extra seat in their car going from downtown to VF...?).

Hey, if you're like many of us it is (a) a trip to GET OUT OF TOWN from wherever you normally are (YEA!) and best of all (b) a chance to join a whole bunch of other RP supporters and give the good Doc another show of support.

If all else fails via standard transportation, God gave you that "thumb" for a reason :-)

For JeffnDallas: Let me know

For JeffnDallas:

Let me know where you will be on that Saturday morning. I would be happy to give you a ride. I don't live that far from center city. (I guess there is some kind of public transportation to Valley Forge however...)



"Bring me everyone!"

The VF Convention Center is adjacent to several office parks, so there is lots of available parking within a short walk. Valley Forge is easier to get to than downtown Philly (right off the PA Turnpike), and is within a 2 hour drive from New York and Washington.

I think everyone should come, and I mean EVERYONE. So what if we don't get inside? Give Dr. Paul a bullhorn and we're good to go!!

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul