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1st hand account - Hannity in Gainesville, FL

I arrived wednesday for set-up of yesterday's sean hannity fundraiser for the local republicans. only RP supporters showed up to help out the staff set up tables and chairs, etc. since we were there first, we got first dibs on table set up.

thursday my fiance' and I went to the event...black tie and blue jean bbq. at least 30 RP meetup supporters attended. we had a good showing, handing out slim jims, business cards, and got alot of good people thinking. hannity spoke about the repubs losing their conservative ways, but alot of the audience was certainly neocons. alot too, were open and undecided and they were our target.

there were a handful of other sign waivers for other candidates - combined. Ron Paul showing was unsurpassable. I spoke to two young black republicans who were very impressed with RP's message. There were old, young, professional and blue collar RP supporters really working the crowd. A few were in the parking lot before the event was over, placing slim jims in windows. A local radio man wants RP on his show (more later). One sad story is about a woman from the panhandle of florida that had a home schooling program for several hundred children. The Dept. of Education falsely accused her of some crime and she is now fighting the State Dpt of Education (unanswerable to anyone). ...she is now a true RP supporter (more on her story later).

We have a picture of the billboard that is now erected on I-75 near Ocala. Any tips on how to post w/in this message board?...I'm a bit of a net novice when it comes to that....thanks.

All in all it was a successful event. RP supporters were pleasant, professional, and effective. Congratulations and thanks to all who showed up!

gainesville, fl

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Great Job In FL!

Keep up the good work!


...bumpity bump

Fl. Dept of Education case...

...here is her letter. please, any suggestions, she welcomes the call...I suggested a pledge drive, moneybomb, etc. basically, she is owed several hundreds of thousands of dollars over a four year period. the bill submitted is for restitution and future losses.

here is her email to me. i met her last night. she was passing out the newspaper article to people. her town is behind her. her banks have loaned her living expenses. her attorney is on board for now, but he is not a deep pocket. after i compile any suggestions you all have, i will email her back with a list of links. Media exposure and fundraising are her main goals right now. she has a big fight. thanks all. ...hard way to become a RP supporter, I can tell you that.

Good Morning,

It was great meeting you last night in Gainesville, Florida. I hope that you had time to read my article in the St. Pete Times by Ron Matus. The story was also carried on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat's Sunday Edition. I want to emphasize that I am no longer under an investigation - but - last year I was a mere three weeks away from being indicted when the Federal Bureau of Investigation had a "what-if" moment and realized that I was telling the truth when they finally examined my own research and meticulously kept records which ran counter to the disorganized and incorrect paper trail created by the Florida Department of Education. It was this ill-kept paper trail that had served as the basis of the investigation against me. Unfortunately, by the time the FBI came to believe me, I had had a nervous breakdown; I had become financially insolvent; and, my children were devastated.

Presently, I am represented in civil matters by Ken Sukhia who was President Bush's attorney in the military recount case. However, please understand that I am an average ordinary citizen who has been caught up in a horrific incident in which I became the target of a major corruption probe because of false accusations made by the Florida Department of Education - one of the largest agencies in the nation. You probably need to sit back for a moment and really think about what I just told you. I was the target of a major corruption probe - me, Jimmy Hoffa, Charles Manson.

The story becomes a lifetime movie when you add the fact that I am a former homeschooling mommy. I believe that I was targeted by the Florida Department of Education because of my religious convictions and my home education background.

Please understand fully that if I am going to recover from this I will need national news exposure. I do not have the deep pockets necessary for protracted legal costs. Also, I know that I have a really great book here and I am looking for an author who will give me a little guidance. I know that all of this is a lot to ask for...........but the flashbacks from the prison bars - and, the cold hard glare of a total of $141.00 that presently cha-chings in my checking account - have made me very forthright. I believe that small business owners and average Americans will be outraged to know that I can not even get a letter of apology from the Florida Department Of Education. In fact, they take NO ACCOUNTABILITY for what has happened while the everlasting taint of the criminal investigation has left me without the ability to earn a living. I will be living on the street if something is not done.

I am including Ken Sukhia's well written letter to the Florida Department of Education for your review. You probably also want to know that Senator Bill Posey of the Florida Senate is sponsoring a claims bill for me in the amount of $2,700, 000.00. However, the generous actions of these fine men may well be all for naught without national news exposure.......We really need your assistance. Will you please forward this to everyone that you know? I want to ask for the nation's help in recovering from my nightmare. Without their help I will not survive the aftermath of this ordeal. I am a single mother. It will be very easy to sweep this whole incident - and me - under the bus......

Thank you so much,

Kay Williams Stripling

This should be a seperate post

so that the discussion can stay on-topic:)

What was Hannity doing

What was Hannity doing talking about losing old conservative ways? He is a total Neocon.



Great Job

This is the type of post that I wish we had more of on dailypaul. Thanks to you and everyone else at the event that supported Ron Paul!

Kill 'em with kindness

It works every time -- nice job!

I'm curious about the home schooling case, though. "Several hundred students" seems, on its face, like an oxymoron when used to describe "home" schooling. I don't have kids and I'm not judging, just asking -- how can at "home" school have several hundred students?

home schooling

...parent co-ops in conjunction with other schools. its done everyday

Great job

You know, I have lost friends who claim to be Christian but they are still being neoconned. I must say that you have shown more Christian behavior than any of them. Hannity is supposed to be the enemy, so to speak and yet you helped out with setup. WTH is wrong with these people that don't see evil in the neocons, nor the kindness in us RP supporters, or humbleness of Ron? Sorry had to vent!


Here is a short youtube that gets into Straussian phliosophy and the hijacking of the conservative party. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVlzROvIVY4

It's called How the Neocons Use the Myth of Religion in Politics. I will add that it does not say religion is invalid, only that Christianity has been as subverted to serve political agendas as much as conservative Republicanism.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

haha "neoconned" I'm gonna

haha "neoconned" I'm gonna start using that

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

Keep using it...and better yet...

Read the book "Neo-Conned!: Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in Iraq" by a wide range of people including several from the military.


As to posting pictures, you

As to posting pictures, you can upload them to a free host and post links to them. Some common choices:

http://imageshack.us/ - No registration needed, but don't forget your link!

http://photobucket.com/ - Must register, but you get albums, privacy options, etc.

http://flickr.com/ - Ditto Photobucket


There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:

1. Soap
2. Ballot
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4. Ammo

Please use in that order.

--Ed Howdershelt (Author)

How di Hannity treat the RP people?

Seeing he is so nasty to us on the air, I'd like to know how he responded to the RP supporters.

Plano TX

That's my question, too.

He's probably a lot more polite in person, if my guess is right.

Good report`

Simple, factual, positive, informative....gee, how would YOU like a job with the MSM to show them how it's done...LOL?!

I agree!

great job!!


Good job...and...

Please post any information about the Florida woman you can.

If she hasn't already, she needs to contact:

Home School Legal Defense Association

I also encourage people to read up on some of the legal horror stories Home Schoolers have to endure in some situations for taking the ultimate responsibility for their childrens education.


Great job. Keep up the good

Great job. Keep up the good work.

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