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Ron Paul Floor Speech on Iran & Foreign Policy

Ron Paul gave a speech on the House floor today condemning the "virtual war resolution" soon to be considered by the House of Representatives. This bill already has 208 co-sponsors, and will likely be voted on after the 4th of July holiday. A related bill is being worked on in the Senate, with 29 Cosponsors. Many of the cosponsors are Democrats. Who says the Democratic Party is the anti-war party? Here is the video of Dr. Paul speaking out forcefully against this resolution, sadly to a nearly empty House chamber.

It is time for Americans to join together against this insanity. Please take the time to understand your representative's position on this resolution, and let him or her know that the American people do not want another war. Below is an unofficial transcript of Dr. Paul's speech:

Today the Dow Jones Average was down 350-some points, gold was up $32, and oil was up another $5. There is a lot of chaos out there and everyone is worried about $4 gasoline. But I don't think there is a clear understanding exactly about why that has occurred.

We do know that there is a supply and demand issue, but there are other reasons for the high cost of energy. One is inflation. In order to pay for the war that has been going on, and the domestic spending, we've been spending a lot more money than we have. So what do we do? We send the bills over to the Federal Reserve and they create new money, and in the last three years, our government, through the Federal Reserve and the banking system has created $4 trillion of new money. That is one of the main reasons why we have this high cost of energy and $4 per gallon gasoline.

But there is another factor that I want to talk about tonight, and that is not only the fear of inflation and future inflation, but the fear factor dealing with our foreign policy. In the last several weeks, if not for months, we have heard a lot of talk about the potential of Israel and/or the United States bombing Iran. And it is in the marketplace. Energy prices are being bid up because of this fear. It has been predicted that if bombs start dropping, that we will see energy prices double or triple. It is just the thought of it right now that is helping to push these energy prices up. And that is a very real thing going on right now.

But to me it is almost like deja vu all over again. We listened to the rhetoric for years and years before we went into Iraq. We did not go in the correct manner, we did not declare war, we are there and it is an endless struggle. And I cannot believe it, that we may well be on the verge of initiating the bombing of Iran!

Leaders on both sides of the isle, and in the administration, have all said so often, 'No options should be taken off the table -- including a nuclear first strike on Iran.' The fear is, they say, maybe some day [Iran is] going to get a nuclear weapon, even though our own CIA's National Intelligence Estimate has said that the Iranians have not been working on a nuclear weapon since 2003. They say they're enriching uranium, but they have no evidence whatsoever that they're enriching uranium for weapons purposes. They may well be enriching uranium for peaceful purposes, and that is perfectly legal. They have been a member of the non-proliferation treaties, and they are under the investigation of the IAEA, and El Baradei has verified that in the last year there have been nine unannounced investigations and examinations of the Iranian nuclear structure and they have never been found to be in violation. And yet, this country and Israel are talking about a preventive war -- starting bombing for this reason, without negotiations, without talks.

Now the one issue that I do want to mention tonight is a resolution that is about to come to this floor if our suspicions are correct, after the July 4th holiday. And this bill will probably be brought up under suspension. It will be expected to be passed easily. It probably will be. And it is just more war propaganda, just more preparation to go to war against Iran.

This resolution, H.J. Res 362 [listed as H. Con. Res 362 online] is a virtual war resolution. It is the declaration of tremendous sanctions, and boycotts and embargoes on the Iranians. It is very, very severe. Let me just read what is involved if this bill passes and what we're telling the President what he must do:

This demands that the President impose stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains and cargo entering or departing Iran, and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials.

This is unbelievable! This is closing down Iran. Where do we have this authority? Where do we get the moral authority? Where do we get the international legality for this? Where do we get the Constitutional authority for this? This is what we did for ten years before we went into Iraq. We starved children - 50,000 individuals it was admitted probably died because of the sanctions on the Iraqis. They were incapable at the time of attacking us. And all the propaganda that was given for our need to go into Iraq was not true.

And it is not true today about the severity [of the need to attack Iran]. But they say, "Yeah, but Ahmadinejad -- he's a bad guy. He's threatened violence." But you know what? Us threatening violence is very, very similar. We must - we must look at this carefully. We just can't go to war again under these careless, frivolous conditions.

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The comments about what

The comments about what 'they' have and what 'they' don't have are so foolish. China is the oil-hungry next door neighbor. If Iran wanted nuclear they could easily barter their oil for nuclear weapons at any given moment,.

Paul did a great job on his speech...and I agree with him...I don't want to see further sanctions against Iran. We don't need to show our power by continuing to push the Iranians into a corner. Best our 'leaders' remember that they don't have the support of the American people...and Iran Does have the support of both their neighbors...China and Russia. This is no pussycat they're inciting.

Neither do I want to be a citizen of a nuclear bully.

Write, call, fax, email...make one helluva loud noise!!

Yes, I want it

Yes, I want it NOW!

Don't waste time with Obama, McCain, Nader or Barr - join the Campaign For Liberty! http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ The Constitution is more important than voting for the evil of 4 lessers.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

The bill?

Can someone explain this bill he was speaking of? Will this prevent normal iranian citizens to moving in and out of the country aswell?

Yes it will....

restriction and subject to search of every person, transportation and political representative of Iran will not be able to leave on any diplomatic travel. Also heavy sanctions that will essentially cut Iran off from the rest of the world and cause many to starve...like we did in Iraq.

Ron Paul is very very angry and I think he knows an attack is imminent..unless a miracle happens to prevent it.

I hope everyone that possibly can will up on July 12 in DC!!! This march needs to be huge!!!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

I've been waiting, and now

I've been waiting, and now I've missed it. I NEED A LINK!

Don't waste time with Obama, McCain, Nader or Barr - join the Campaign For Liberty! http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ The Constitution is more important than voting for the evil of 4 lessers.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

c-span...now....6:30 pm EST

Ginny in PA

he's on

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Are you sure Dr. Paul

Will be on C-Span today? I haven't heard his name yet. It's now 5:10 p.m. CT. in Texas and nothing as of now. Does anyone know?


Sheila Jackson Lee on now... I like her

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

Is This To Be On CSpan 2

or Cspan ?

bigmikedude's picture

So far nothing on cspan

So far nothing on cspan

Anyone Listening?

The bill they are voting on now (HR 6251) has raised some warning bells in my mind -- especially since they are suspending rules to pass this bill. Anyone else know about this bill?



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Foreign Policy?

They just said on C-Span that they are discussing energy bills tonight, and they have a press conference about North Korea on right now. Has there been a change of schedule?


So, we're dropping sanctions and removing North Korea from the terrorism list...but we're about to go to war with Iran...

I know

Any second now I expect an alien life-form to explode from my brain and start talking about staying the course with Iran. Nothing wrong with my chest, though (other than my rapidly shriveling and blackened, bitter heart).

Good thing this Doctor gave me a red pill to cure my symptoms. Down the hatch!

For liberty!! *gong*

For Liberty!! *GONG*

"Myth of US Invincibility Floats In the Persian Gulf "

I originally wrote about this article on January 10, 2008 on The Daily Paul and a similar article appeared in the NYT on January 12, 2008. It looks like the NYT reads The Daily Paul. The article states that a war game conducted in August 2002 costing $250 million took place between Blue (US) and Red (unnamed assumed to be Iran ) teams. The Red team was commanded by Lt. General Paul Riper and he defeated the US team sinking 16 US ships. Here are the links



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Is that EST??? or PST???

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

Since D.C. is on Eastern Time

It's probably safe to assume any declaration like this post, would be the time at the location of the event. I'm in EST....C-span is on now, but North Korea is being discussed as an Axis of Evil

Please God, prevent this

Please God, prevent this war! If it starts it will surely have terrible consequences and could end up being WW3.

Go Ron Paul!


in the name of love/God please stop this war!

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Hoo-wee, Michael's got the inside scoop

Bet you couldn't have foreseen your life today two years ago.


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Be waiting for his words