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President Paul will need help...

If he is expected to make alot of the changes he wishes to. In order to implement his ideas, he needs help/approval from congress. The current congress, house and senate, will not allow Dr. Paul's dreams for a more perfect union to come to fruition. This is why, since the 2000 elections I have voted against all incumbents who vote for bad legislation, or against good. It's going to take more than an honest president, we need an honest congress. Too many people vote for the incumbent because they don't know what the "new guy" stands for. If nothing else, we need to show these "politicians" who is in charge... People are resistant to change, but change is good. Most people don't even bother with due diligence when picking a candidate. We don't need anymore lawyers in congress, we need janitors, teachers, computer techies, stay at home moms, and such ( and doctors of course). People who care about people, not people who just want to make a name for themselves, or know they're going to get the "perks". I don't see President Paul using his executive powers to circumvent congress the way the current president does. We need to vote for change, not just for president, but for congress also.

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I really think that there it is possible to get small government people into congress. Dr. Paul is an example of that.

What we need thought are 535 trustworthy people with the time/financial ability to run and serve if they win. There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people involved in this campaign. Perhaps we could find a few hundred among us who have the time and ability to run for congress.
Of course it's good to have a minor league farm system. You stand a much better shot of getting elected to federal office if you have served as state rep or another office of that nature on the state/local level.

I agree 100% ri_liberty_guy.

I agree 100% ri_liberty_guy. We need a clean sweet of congress! Get some new blood in there, preferably Libertarians and Constitutionalists.