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Keep eyes on the goal of getting Dr.Paul into the Whitehouse

This is a rough and tumble forum of ideas, opinions and beliefs. Welcome to a free society. Yes, there are kooks who throw in their kookiness, but that is the cost of freedom. I suggest that this is a low price.

Censorship has nothing to do with what we are doing...nothing.

The door is wide open and once in awhile something is going to blow in and irritate everyone.

I say keep focused on what we are doing. Remain unified on the one point we all agree on. Dr. Paul for president. It is all that matters and makes it easy to set other "issues" aside.

I do not want my son to get drafted and sent to die in a war thousands of miles away.

Is your concern over forum censorship override that?

My money is worthless. Is some person trying to make a senseless point that will be forgotten in a day more important than that?

A million Iranian men, women and children are at risk from people within our own government turning missiles against them.

Is your disagreement with another poster more important than their lives?

I think the person managing this site is doing a superb job and the man he supports is the man I believe in.

Best to all,


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If we are truely united in

If we are truely united in all aspects, that would be scary because that would mean two things, either we are robots or we are in a tyrannical society. So we must rejoice, indeed overjoyed that we have differences, even with RP's views. But we are also awakened, aware and intelligent and there is no turning back.

The government will not be our nannies anymore and we are now free...free to chose and make mistakes, and yes, free to differ and free from coercion to kill Iranians, Iraqis, Koreans, Africans, Chinese, Vietnamese. We will chose when it is that our nation is in danger, but definitely not from outside, but from within/domestic.

But above all, let us be united in freedom. Let's make this happen...first.