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We all knew the Iraqi invasion was BS


Besides the Israeli war lobby and
the Bush administration, who else
supported the invasion of Iraq?

Hint: Five years later, they're
paving the way way for an illegal
attack on another country:

More media flim flam
The US news media likes to pretend that Americans supported Bush's fraudulent, unprovoked attack on Iraq five years ago.

They're "shocked" to now discover that there "may" have been some "misstatement" of facts by the Bush administration at the time.

Good story. Too bad it's total bullshit.

Over 30% of Americans - even in the midst of Nazi-like war hysteria drummed up by media outlets like Clear Channel - were firmly opposed to the invasion before it took place.

Furthermore, millions in the US and around the world took to the streets in protest of the pending atrocity.

We all knew Bush could not be trusted to tell the truth and that his family has a long record of selling out the country to make a buck.

This is only news to the venal morons who report the news in the US.

Over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians dead as a direct result of the invasion to date.

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