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Has everyone heard of the Pipeline of Peace?

It is a proposed pipeline to transport natural gas from Iran into Pakistan and India, and will serve Iran as economic protection against sanctions. Both China and Japan were offering to help fund the pipeline, yet when China and Russia combined resource offerings, Japan was excluded from participation (at least this is what I gather from the initial information that i am reading). This is a website that I found yesterday http://www.iags.org Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. Used the site search and typed in Iran....interesting indeed. You can research it by searching either Pipeline of Peace or IPI pipeline. You can also search TAPI pipeline.

Please forgive if this is all old and widely known.

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Yes - i think it's awesome

Let's see what China and Russia do if we dare bomb Iran.

"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers

I've not seen

this, thanks.

Good things are happening in other countries but we wouldn't know it here.

Empire building is popular with at least 545 legislators and untold number of medias.