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A cheap and effective way to blanket New Hampshire with Ron Paul's message

According to the 2000 US Census there are only 475,000 households in New Hampshire.

I would guess a DVD costs (with postage and donated labor) $1.50 or less to mass produce.

We all know that Ron is at his best when he gives a speech where he can expand on his ideas. Right?

But how often does the general public ever see him in that light?

Never. (unless you are already a Ron Paul fan and already have gone to or watched a Ron Paul rally)

My proposal:

I think an "intro to Ron" video taking the best cuts and clips from his speeches which cover his top issues should be put on a DVD. Then after the user is given a menu of issues to click that Ron covers.

475,000 households x $1.50 = $712,000

I personally think it's a worthwhile investment for the Ron Paul campaign or a Ron Paul political action committee to take this up.

Now if you can target only independents and republicans, even better and less DVD's could be put out there.

I'm all up for criticism or comments that would make this more effective. We have the money and we'll have a lot more on November 5. Isn't blanketing every home that is able to vote in the primary worth it? Especially before all the other campaigns get their butts in gear?


-David G.

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scroll down

evan 42 has a nice comment and a link for the NH meetup group.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul


not all of those 475k vote

not all have t.v.s or dvds

but so what...go true!

if you get 100 people it's worth it. why?

because those 100 will tell 100, etc.

most all efforts give results

Who is Ron Paul? DVD

I have just completed a really nice Ron Paul DVD. I've spent considerable time putting it together. All of the Ron Paul DVD's that are out there are boring and ineffective. I wanted something that would convince anyone who watched it to vote for Ron Paul regardless of their political affiliation.

My DVD is labeled "Who is Ron Paul" which is intended to capture ones interest. The DVD features a quick 20 second commercial at startup and goes to a nice menu.

The sections include:
1. Who is Ron Paul?
-30 minute introduction (best youtube videos meshed together)
-Intended to grab everyones attention and give nice overview
2. Message from Ron
-His presidential exploratory message
3. Issues Section
-Short clips of Ron on the Issues
4. Debate Highlights Section
-Best clips from the debates
5. Get Involved Section
- A video with supporters in background
- Text that shows people how to get involved with campaign
- Reminds people to vote in the Primary
6. Music videos
- A few music videos for fun

Check out these screenshots: http://picasaweb.google.com/WhoIsRonPaulDVD/
I will try to get the DVD's up on eBay or some sort of online store soon.
What do you guys think? Would you be interested?

A winning idea

You seem to have a wonderful DVD and it's Ron Paul's message and so I hope you choose to raise the money and mail them out to every household in NH!!


I would like to find some people that can mass produce it and put it up online for distribution. My money is tight; I don't have the resources to put together a website or buy a duplicator. If anybody does, I would be more then happy to send you a DVD to evaluation and if you like it, use it, copy it, whatever. It's all about Ron Paul here.


This looks very nice! Because of it being menu driven, they can get as much or as little info as possible. Please contact me at mail@ronpaulhq.com.

Jim Forsythe, PhD

Blanketing NH

In my opinion would be the equivalent of direct marketing, i.e., junk mail. Just my opinion.


Too Costly

I feel that in terms of cost effectiveness, handing out brochures about generally Ron Pauls position that also includes website that they could reference for details and speeches he's given. The brochure is cheap and it is meant to entice, the online videos are cheap and its meant to solidify support.


But how many people read the brochures they get via mail or toss it as junk mail?

Remember, all the candidates are sending brochures and flyers and pamphlets.

DVD's (or even CD's) are unique. Just as internet fundraising is unique to Ron Paul.

It's time to think outside the box.

Blanket NH with video of Ron's speeches.

for the last time...

...kindly contact the NH meetup as they are already planning how to best cover the great state of NH.

here is the link:

the man to talk to is Jim Forsythe.

Pretty pretty please work in conjunction with people who are already working in that state, as we don't want to step on each others toes.

If, on the other hand, you don't care about running the most successful campaign possible and you really just have some obsession with mass mailing DVDs, then I can't stop you... mail away. But don't expect people to actually assist you by giving you the bullets (addresses) with which you plan to shoot the campaign in the foot.

I agree

Evan's right on track with this comment. Definitely please work with us. We had folks do a mass auto-call to democrats out here, and it actually hurt the campaign rather than helping.

Jim Forsythe, PhD


If you do the DVD, consider its length. We Paulites can't get enough of our candidate, but when asking others to take time to get to know him, we need to be reasonable. An experienced politico suggested to me that 15 minutes, maybe 20, is what most voters would tolerate. If they see or sense that they have to commit the likes of 45 minutes or more, most won't bother to view it.

Personally I may burn some audio CDs from here: http://www.ronpaulaudio.com/index.html#new
The advantage of an audio-only CD is that people can learn about Dr. Paul while driving in their car. They don't have to set aside 15, 45 or any other minutes to learn. Plus I can make copies from my laptop -- or should be able to according to the site. Been too busy distributing Slim Jims to do that yet.


Addresses? Can you provide addresses? Anyone?


Treg/Tempe, AZ Meet up

We have thousands and thousands of RP Flyers, slim jims and DVDs to mail out.

Help us with addresses to your early primary state. Any early Primary state!

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get in touch with the NH meetup group

they're coordinating all sorts of fun things in the state...

my two sense is that it's better to coordinate with them. They're actually keeping data on each voter that has been visited, their level of interest, etc...

it's also more personal, as these are New Englanders who are talking to New Englanders... rather than junk mail sent from out of state.

I'm all for that too

I have no problem with DVD's made by New Hampshirians going out to New Hampshirians.

Or if Ron Paul has a campaign office in New Hampshire, that might be what one wants to hit.

They're doing something similar..♦

a month or so ago they had a ton of people go up to NH for a mini rally with ron.

then everyone got in groups of 4 and was given a packed that covered a section of the state (they concentrated on the 3 most populated cities in NH)... it had individual addresses of what I presume are registered republicans or republicans and independents...

Each carload of 4 with the packet drove to the section it was to cover and parked in a central location and each person took some addresses and went to work: we then knocked on each door and spoke with them... asked if they were undecided... if they considered ron... if they had any specific questions or concerns that we could answer... we gave them slimjims...

we're doing it again this weekend... a caravan of about 20 so far from NYC... Jim says about 100 total will be there this weekend. You want in? Can you be at 515 W 29th St in Manhattan by 7pm today? If so, you can come.

then travelling to the Fairfield Inn in Concord tonight at like 11-ish PM to party (and sleep)... tomorrow morning we wake up and meet Jim Forsythe et. al. and get more packets and hit even more households...

we're going a 3rd time later in the year.

maybe a 4th.

Great idea

I love the idea but lets face the numbers reality of it; 25 groups of 4 are at most going to be able to hit 100 houses per group, correct?

So that's 2500 households out of 475,000 households in New Hampshire.

Any effect a door to door campaign can have I think is awesome, but wouldn't it be easier to mail information in the form of a DVD (I dont think a DVD would be easily thrown out or ignored as say a pamphlet would) to all independent and republican registered households?

As to where to get these addresses, I would assume Ron Paul's campaign staff would have them. Would they not?

last trip...

...each "packet" had between 100 and 120 addresses... and it worked out to every other address or so (they had the specific addresses).

People did either 1 or 2 packets per carload Saturday and another packet Sunday.

Also there were way more than 100 people last time due to the fact that Ron himself was there.

And Vijay from Seattle is rallying support for a mass NH trip and we're planning other ones in the future.

When all is said or done, with the level of support Ron has, and the small # of NH households, there is NO REASON why EVERY SINGLE republican or independent household shouldn't get a knock on the door by a well spoken and polite Ron Paul supporter. So use that $700,000 and buy a few plane tickets for you and some friends and join us next time we're canvassing.

Either way, join the NH meetup and talk with them about it. I'm just a lowly New Yorker who organizes the NYC to NH connection... once there, we just work with the New Hampshireites.

I look at it this way

If you mail out 475,000 DVD's to 475,000 households you know that EVERYONE in New Hampshire is seeing your message. Then just leave it up to the people to see if they agree with Ron Paul on positions or not. Or leave it up to them whether they think he has more integrity than all the other candidates.

If 10 % of those households donate $100, then you pay for more than half of the campaign cost for this promotion.


From Jim, of www.ronpaulhq.com
This is a nice idea, but you really need to target something this expensive, otherwise you are wasting resources. Only about 20% of people vote in the NH primary. You can certainly convince some people to vote who haven't before (which is why we do sign waves, fairs, etc), but the people that have voted in the past are far more likely to vote. So targeting them first makes sure you are getting the best bang for the buck. The most efficient way to do this would be for someone to get these DVD's into the hands of folks doing lit drops. I have gotten some donated to me, but am looking for someone who can cheaply print up a couple of thousand. Contact us at mail@ronpaulhq.com if you can help with this. I'd also advise any folks from out of state that want to do something like this to check with us first. Some well intended plans can really backfire. Folks in NH are fairly independent, and don't like being told how to vote from folks out of state.

There is no way 10% of the people mailed would donate $100. It's a nice thought, but the national average of people that VOTE in a primary is only 10%. I imagine that the number that donate is far lower than that.

Keep in mind there is an aggressive direct mail program by the campaign. Donating money to them may be more cost effective than mailing stuff yourself, AND it will come from in state. I've seen the stuff they are sending, and it is great stuff. DVD's is our big shortcoming right now, in my opinion - so I'd love for people to help with getting us those. I've got some NH specific videos to go onto it.

For lit drops - keep in mind people are doing these every weekend. So although the one we do this weekend is one of the bigger ones, we do in the end hope to knock on the door of every registered ind/Republican voter. The more people that can come up from New England states to do this the better.

Jim Forsythe, PhD

Yes, thus far only about 1%

Yes, thus far only about 1% of 1% of the US population has donated to Ron Paul, one in 10,000 people! That corresponds to 47 donors in NH.

The positive aspect of this number is that the potential is huge! Even within a niche groups such as those who actually voted for Ron Paul in 1988, it is possible to increase the number of donors 20-fold. Targeting is the name of the donation game, I think. Average Joe wont donate. But it would suffuce if only hardcore libertarians, pro-gold standard people and anti-war people began to donate. Most of them actually haven't given anything yet.