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BJ Lawson Money Bomb - 6/29, email from Amit Singh

This is an email I received from Amit Singh today:

"Dear Friends,

You supported me when we had our Lunch Bomb and raised over $7K in
less than 24 hours. Now I'm asking you to help my friend BJ Lawson in
his bid for US Congress to represent North Carolina's 4th District
with the values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and
personal liberties. BJ is a smart, articulate, principled family man
who has both engineering and medical degrees from Duke. But instead
of practicing medicine he has decided to help our country and I fully
support him.

A neccessary evil of winning elections is raising enough money to
reach voters and get the message out. Every little bit helps and with
our help BJ can keep the fight for liberty strong. Please take a few
minutes this Sunday (6/29) and open your wallets for freedom. Thank



ps. I know you may find it strange for a Wahoo to support a Blue
Devil but in this case I'll make an exception!"

I've been doing some volunteer work for BJ, he's a great guy, and part of the future of this movement. I hope we can make this substantial!


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Very good

IOf course we wished that Amit could have won - he was not far - and so good that he is now active helping BJ, and Amit is perhaps the perfect person to get new voters, Independents and Democrats for BJ. Also, if BJ is hopefully elected, in two year's time (or less?) BJ can help and campaign for Amit in Virginia again.

Take a listen to this one also, promoting the BJ moneybomb: