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Bob Barr will be interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday

Bob Barr will be interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, tomorrow.

Below is a great video on how we do have a choice this November


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who cares!!!!!! as for me

who cares!!!!!!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

His Chance

This Sunday on the show and next Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. His two biggest audiences by far. Now we need to see our pathetic George and Chris act twards him. I will bet they will do their usual job of cheap tricks to make Bob be on the defensive the whole time.

I think Bob needs a big line or moment on one of the shows. Maybe he gets into a real heated arguement with the host. Something newsworthy other than an appearance.


indeed. Remember George Stephanopoulos was part of the CLinton administration and wonder whether he will have anything in bad feelings about the Clinton impeachment, where Barr played a leading role. Chris Wallace (like his father) is something like a "neocon Democrat" IMHO. We will see what happens. Barr is articulate and would articipate questions. He should use the skill to turn "nonideal" questions over to a case for liberty and differentiating himself from both Obama and McCain.
It would be good if he could later be on "Face the Nation", which is a serious site, also on PBS with Bill Moyers and later "Meet the Press".

I hoping so

Representative Barr is quick on his feet, I don't think he will let them do a hatchet job on him.


indeed. He need to demonstrate that he will not only appeal to conservative Republicans, but also Democrats. I am sure as both the interviewers are Democrats, they would try to focus on the Democrats and some may go into differences of opinion within the LP or try to make LP philosophy it rediculous. They always take the opposite role. Dr. Paul has already fought a way open, for Barr to build on. He need to make a lot of practical info straight, such as the savings witht he slashing of the departments etc.

Barr need to communicate balance, and also strength and decisiveness, while also an openness for different views. So far he has done a good job IMHO.
Some wordplay would be good to outsmart them.