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Bob Barr hits 3000 Meetup Members in a little over a month

Presidential Candidate Bob Barr has hit over 3000 meetup members in a little over a month since his election as the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee.

Barr has meetups in 81 cities, 47 states and two countries.

Lately, Barr has been flipping Ron Paul meetups in mass, as they now join other Barr meetups to continue the message that Ron Paul
championed in the Republican Primaries, and now make the push
into the Presidential Debates.

Ron Paul has created the Campaign for Liberty, which will move beyond the current Presidential election and creates a force to push
the United States back towards Liberty and Freedom. The organization already has over 67,000 members.



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Seen this?

The American Freedom Agenda’s (AFA) mission is twofold: the enactment of a cluster of statutes that would restore the Constitution’s checks and balances as enshrined by the Founding Fathers; and, making the subject a staple of political campaigns and of foremost concern to Members of Congress and to voters and educators. Especially since 9/11, the executive branch has chronically usurped legislative or judicial power, and has repeatedly claimed that the President is the law. The constitutional grievances against the White House are chilling, reminiscent of the kingly abuses that provoked the Declaration of Independence.

The 10-point American Freedom Agenda would work to restore the roles of Congress and the federal judiciary to prevent such abuses of power and protect against injustices that are the signature of civilized nations. In particular, the American Freedom Agenda would:

* Prohibit military commissions whose verdicts are suspect except in places of active hostilities where a battlefield tribunal is necessary to obtain fresh testimony or to prevent anarchy;
* Prohibit the use of secret evidence or evidence obtained by torture or coercion in military or civilian tribunals;
* Prohibit the detention of American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants without proof of criminal activity on the President’s say-so;
* Restore habeas corpus for alleged alien enemy combatants, i.e., non-citizens who have allegedly participated in active hostilities against the United States, to protect the innocent;
* Prohibit the National Security Agency from intercepting phone conversations or emails or breaking and entering homes on the President’s say-so in violation of federal law;
* Empower the House of Representatives and the Senate collectively to challenge in the Supreme Court the constitutionality of signing statements that declare the intent of the President to disregard duly enacted provisions of bills he has signed into law because he maintains they are unconstitutional;
* Prohibit the executive from invoking the state secrets privilege to deny justice to victims of constitutional violations perpetrated by government officers or agents; and, establish legislative-executive committees in the House and Senate to adjudicate the withholding of information from Congress based on executive privilege that obstructs oversight and government in the sunshine;
* Prohibit the President from kidnapping, detaining, and torturing persons abroad in collaboration with foreign governments;
* Amend the Espionage Act to permit journalists to report on classified national security matters without fear of prosecution; and;
* Prohibit the listing of individuals or organizations with a presence in the United States as global terrorists or global terrorist organizations based on secret evidence.


Commission on Presidential Debates - http://www.debates.org/pages/sitesel.html
National Ballot Access - http://www.directdemocracy.com/
Voters for none of the above - http://nota.org/
Black Box Voting - http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

..or this?

Bob Barr Biography

Bob Barr represented the 7th District of Georgia in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003, serving as a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, as Vice-Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, and as a member of the Committee on Financial Services.

Bob Barr occupies the 21st Century Liberties Chair for Freedom and Privacy at the American Conservative Union, and serves as a Board Member of the National Rifle Association. He serves as the Chairman of Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances, and provides advice to several organizations, including consulting on privacy issues with the ACLU, serving as the Chair for Youth Leadership Training at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia, and as a member of The Constitution Project’s Initiative on Liberty and Security, based at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute. Bob served as a Member of the Long-Term Strategy Project for Preserving Security and Democratic Norms in the War on Terrorism, at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University from 2003 to 2005. Recognizing Bob Barr’s leadership in privacy matters, New York Times columnist William Safire has called him “Mr. Privacy.”

Bob has appeared on virtually every major cable and network television program dealing with public policy matters, and has served as a contributor for CNN. He writes a regular column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and has also hosted a nationally-syndicated weekly radio show, "Bob Barr's Laws of the Universe." Bob is a Contributing Editor for The American Spectator, and his writings have appeared in numerous academic, local, regional, and national publications. Bob is the author of “The Meaning of Is, The Squandered Impeachment And Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton,” published by Stroud & Hall, and available from Amazon.com. Bob also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy.

Bob is President and CEO of Liberty Strategies, LLC, a public policy consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but with offices also in the Washington, D.C. area.

Bob was appointed by President Reagan to serve as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia (1986-90), and served as President of Southeastern Legal Foundation (1990-91). He was an official with the CIA (1971-78), and practiced law for many years. He currently serves Of Counsel with the Law Offices of Edwin Marger, with a national and international practice in both civil and criminal law.

Bob Barr has traveled widely and spoken to audiences across America and internationally, and has served as an official member of the U.S. delegation at five major United Nations conferences. While in the Congress, he led congressional fact-finding trips to other countries and regions, investigating terrorism, international crime and drug trafficking. He speaks to local and national groups on a regular basis and is affiliated with one of the largest agencies specializing in professional speaking engagements


Commission on Presidential Debates - http://www.debates.org/pages/sitesel.html
National Ballot Access - http://www.directdemocracy.com/
Voters for none of the above - http://nota.org/
Black Box Voting - http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

...or this?


Commission on Presidential Debates - http://www.debates.org/pages/sitesel.html
National Ballot Access - http://www.directdemocracy.com/
Voters for none of the above - http://nota.org/
Black Box Voting - http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Ron Paul just took Nevada

www.dvds4delegates.com the newest and possibly the greatest weapon the Revolution now possesses.

why the hell are we worrying about Bob Barr right now, let this thread fall off the page please, we'll worry about Barr if the time comes. We are Ron Paul first, enough of these shitty dividing posts.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I Organized a Ron Paul Meetup and now a Bob Barr Meetup

I organized a Ron Paul Meetup and we signed up 58 members here in Seoul, Korea. Now that the General Election is approaching, to continue our work to spread the idea of liberty and our Constitutional rights, I have started a Bob Barr for President Meetup Group. We need to advance our cause on many fronts and on many levels. Bob Barr is now in the right place to bring more people into the liberty movement continuing the great work that Ron Paul began.

Easy Meetup addition...

We just added Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin to our meetup subjects keeping Ron Paul 2008 as the primary subject and it counts for all 3 in their totals.


He had his chance to stand up and tell his peers in Congress how he felt, and he did. He voted with them to pass the (un)Patriot Act.

So he's sorry....BFD. 'Gee Ma!, I'll never do it again, I PROMISE!!!

Barr sucks. He voted to strip me of the protections of my rights.

Gee Jeff I guess only people like you are perfect

But lets make sure we correct your post.

Actually Barr voted "NO" with Ron Paul in the house over the original Patriot Act.

What he did do was after it already passed was to accept a position on the Compromise committee between the House and the Senate to broker - you guessed it - a compromise between the two bills. In order to get on a compromise committee you must promise to vote for the final bill. What Barr did in that committee was to weaken a bill that already had been passed and to add in sunset provisions. Ron Paul was not invited to be on the compromise committee, but according to Ron Paul's campaign staffer at the time, they approved of what Barr did and according to them, "Barr was there contact on the inside". So basically I don't see anything wrong with weakening an a bill that already has been passed and was to become law. It was the smart thing to do.


The people that say that stuff about Barr don't care about that, c'mon let's not cloud the issue here with facts bed1. They don't care where he stands on the issues because they can't look past the fact the guy made a couple of mistakes and was man enough not only to admit them, but to actually change his positions. I'm thinking there's a conspiracy that hes a neo-con and when he gets to the White House he'll turn back into a neo-con and ruin the US. Let's not cloud the issue with the facts that he supports a non-interventionist policy, wants to get out of the UN, decrease the size of government...just go to his site where the current facts are or watch him tomorrow on national TV when he appears Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

too little too late :-) poor

too little too late :-) poor bob

I might vote for Bob Barr, BUT

I might vote for Bob Barr, but I sure as hell am not going to devote my time and energy to him.... he's just a back up plan to vote for, not a serious candidate.... Unless I see him polling over 20% I'm not going to do anything more than MAYBE vote for him.

VOR hmmm.............that won't help the message

The idea is to spread the message, damn its not about the candidates.

We need our message heard so more people join us, if Barr gets into the debates then we win.

I would urge you to push him all you can to get him into the debates to spread the message.

Ron Paul said "He want's Barr in the debates" why would he say that?

Answer: To spread the message, to get more people to join the revolution.

bigmikedude's picture

Sorry everyone.

I just cannot find it in myself at all, not even a little bit, to trust Bob Barr with presidential control of the future of this country, given his history. To me it is the equivalent to trusting, and taking in a reformed crackhead and letting him live in my home.


you trust Dr. Paul, right? and Barr is a friend of Dr. Paul, Dr. Paul rooted for him already and trusts him....
Also: hey, he has been fighting the Patriot Act - after negotiating the sunset clauses - since the past 5 years and come out strongly for FISA etc. He is also connected with the ACU, worked with ACLU on medicinal marjuana, describe the Bush admin as worse as the Clinton admin and come out strongly against FISA etc.

speculor I think you mean

since the past 5 years and come out strongly AGAINST FISA etc.

Bigmike dude thats funny

I guess you will need to find the perfect candidate to become President -
earth to Big Mike you probably won't be alive.

NO CANDIDATE is even close to being perfect. Ron Paul was weaker on illegal immigration more than I would like, but in the end all that does not matter if the message does not get out.

Fact, Ron Paul will not be in the debates, Chuck Baldwin will not be in the debates, its possible that Bob Barr will be in the debates, so even if you don't trust him at least he will be saying the right things.

Now let me say this, I am not a Libetarian, I am a conservative Republican and because of that, Barr is more appealing to me than purists.

However, I have looked into Barr's past actions, and I am perfectly fine with them. Yes he voted for the war, but came out against it 4 months later as soon as it was reported that there were no WMD's.

Lets make it clear, he voted against the Patriot Act with Dr. Paul in the house, he ONLY voted for the act after it already passed and was in a compromise conference with the Senate where he weakened it and added sunset clauses in. Note Ron Paul was not invited to be a member in the compromise committee.

But hey, its still a free country (sort of) go ahead and vote for whoever and just hope they are on the ballot in your state or can be written in.

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I really hope we can get him in on the debates so someone is espousing our core principles of liberty in a national forum...

I am afraid that is our only chance this go around

He might squeak by and get into the League of Woman Voter's Debate which requires 10% polling nationally which he has been shy anywhere from 2-3% depending on which poll you look at. If he can get in there, then we have a shot of getting into the Debate Commission debates which require 15% in the polls, and from there you never know.

Don't forget Bob Barr has a money bomb on July 2. This will help him to get into the debates, and will create momentum. Everyone that supports the cause, must help Barr get into the debates to spread the message.