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Chuck Baldwin, great guy, but nobody knows who he is - see article

From Press Enterprise:

Another presidential campaign stopped in the Inland area Thursday, albeit without the usual trappings of a national campaign: no motorcade, traveling press or Secret Service.

In fact, Chuck Baldwin’s appearance at the Mission Inn Restaurant was so low-key that diners probably had no idea there was a presidential candidate in their midst. Baldwin, the nominee for the Constitution Party, quietly ate bacon and eggs with a half-dozen supporters, trading tales of deer hunting and lamenting the influence of “liberal Democrats.”

See the rest of the story here:


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I'm voting for Baldwin. I

I'm voting for Baldwin. I checked out Barr on several videos. The things he said "sounded" libertarian, but at least to me, I could hear other stuff creep into his speech patterns.

I like Baldwin better. Name recognition be damned...the most recognizable name over the last year would be Clinton.

Name recognition didn't draw me then, doesn't matter now.

dfw thats great but

the whole idea of the campaign that Ron Paul ran was not about one man, it was about the message, and I am afraid nobody will be getting the message through Baldwin, except for the people who already know what the message is - namely us.

The idea is to get people that don't know the truth, and obviously McCain and Obama aren't going to be telling people that. So who do you have left, Bob Barr.

For example, where is Chuck Baldwin tomorrow, how is he spreading the message?

Barr is on national television, and the message continues and we get more converts or at least people interested in what Barr has to say, who may do some research and convert.

That's cool

...but haha what do you mean "I checked out Barr on several videos. The things he said "sounded" libertarian, but at least to me, I could hear other stuff creep into his speech patterns." Could you please elaborate cause all I'm concerned about is what he is actually saying because that's what people who don't know who he is hears, and he speaks about the things this movement holds dear. That's his message.

I hope your right

I hope your right I want everyone to know who Chuck Baldwin is, but Barr undoubtedly has higher name recognition than Baldwin. With that already higher name recognition, it's only going to get substantially higher considering tomorrow morning Bob Barr is going to be on "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" which is a major media platform as well as he is slated to appear on ABC ’s national TV news show “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday, July 6th. Nothing but good PR coming out of the Barr campaign.

Working on a plan to change

Working on a plan to change him from being a no-name. Goals are being set-it is a workable plan, and I feel very certain he will actually stand a better chance than anyone else running as independent/third party, once it is in motion.

the same is virtually true

the same is virtually true of Bob Barr.... sure, he gets a few media interviews, but that's it....

At least 60% of people probably haven't even heard of him....

Remember, there are still millions of people who have never even heard of Ron Paul. The number has to be even higher for Bob Barr...

VOR - thats not true

Bob Barr has been in the MSM media every week, I don't think Chuck Baldwin made it once.

Barr is getting much more media attention than any other third party candidate since Ross Perot. Its real.

And when McCain comes out saying what he did today about letting in all the illegal immigrants that will just lose more of his base.

Barr has been polling in multiple polls anywhere from 5%-8% and he just started 30 days ago.

It's the truth...

You may not agree with the article being being released, but the fact of the matter is the article is completely true. No one knows who this man is outside of our circles.

lol. Third party watch was owned by a pro Barr libertarian

Now its owned by Pro Barr Richard Vigurie
I wonder why youre trying to discourage people from voting Baldwin. do you want me to go back to attacking Barr everyday and discourage people from supporting him? pls stop this bull crap.

So youre pretty much filling for JustCantGetEnough and willing to divide to conquer. I dont care about your pro Barr stuff but pls leavve Dr Baldwin out of it or Ill seriously follow your lead
Video message from Dr. Chuck Baldwin to all his fellow Revolutionaries

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

I have never trusted

I have never trusted Vigure..he has done some strange things..we need to watch him, too..

They did not write the article only reported it

The article is from a Southern California outfit, so before you jump to conclusions do some research.

Nope I like Baldwin, and was the very first person to mention him on the Daily Paul way back in the summer of 2007.

But....I am realistic and I want a voice in the debates and Baldwin won't be there, and its only a very slim possibility that Bob Barr will be there, but it is possible.