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Froggy the Male

Froggy rapes and kills - aggressive and violent behavior.

In 1999 Bimbo told me the average man suffers from "Little Dick Syndrome"? So, according to Bimbo, Froggy the male must suffer from "No Dick Syndrome"?

The three personalities of my sister/sexual predator:

Virgin Whore - jealous of blue eyed/blonds because of hubby's (Sociopath) fettish. I believe Virgin Whore thinks I am jealous of blue eyed/blonds because Virgin Whore is.

Bimbo - loves to be raped by Sociopath as much as possible. Size matters a lot to Bimbo. Bimbo is extremely jealous of Sociopath because of size. Bimbo possess the Sociopath behavior.

Froggy - male - rapes and kills. If Froggy suffers from "No Dick Syndrome" it must hate women. I believe Froggy is a "Woman Hater". Froggy the male also loves to be raped by Sociopath.

I believe this is why my brother (Punk) and Froggy get along so well. Both hate women. Froggy is the only woman Punk ever loved.

Punk burnt-up his girlfriend for Froggy because Fry Baby knew too much which posed a threat. It was called an attempted suicide. She was put on anti-depressants which Punk ensures she takes and Punk ensures she washes them down with whiskey daily. Real love there. Froggy did give Fry Baby a job using the technology Mouse provided to Froggy to make Fry Baby feel accepted until the drugs and alcohol kill her?