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Time is short to sign seven petititions being delivered to govt Monday!

Do you have the will and the courage to sign one or more of the seven petitions written by Robert Schulz and available on

Each is a compelling and enlightening read and over 76,000 have signed them already. Press releases are being sent to local media by volunteers such as yourself to the press and TV and radio stations, made easy on the website. You are invited to compose your own Letter to the Editor or use the one suggested. Keep them short to get them published.

It only takes a few minutes to be part of this countrywide effort to draw the attention of the populace to the violations of the Constitution which has brought our country down this path of loss of freedoms.

If you had been living in Lexington on April 19th 1776 would you have had the courage and the will to stand up on the green to the Redcoats of the British Empire? Now here is another opportunity to exercize your rights by standing up to the establishment of the bureaucratic empire under which we now endure.

If enough of us help this cause by at least alerting the local press our neighbors will learn how the government has been ignoring the limits on its powers established in Article 1 Section 8 and might result in more votes for our candidates across the country now and in the future.


Read the petitions, sign if you will, send letters to the editors of five local media at a time.

Join the revolution!


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Signed,donated,and letters sent to everyone.
Monday will be a day for the history books,the only question now is whether they will answer the petitions,or reveal themselves as traitors to the Constitution.If it's the latter they must be held accountable.

76,425 have signed as of this moment!

Compose your own letter to the editor. Find out where your congressman is going to be on Monday. Be there when the petitions are served to him or her.

Encourage the media to cover the event. Be sure to include the website in your letter to the media so they can read the petitions too.



"I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine" Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged p731

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.