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a tongue-in-cheek POETIC look at the wars

We must start a war
We`re the `great satan` and `beast`
The dollars a`fallin`
and the OIL`s in the EAST !!!

Iran, Pakistan
Why the hell do we care
Korea or Iraq
Or that great Russian `bear` !!

We`ve ships in the Gulf
and more `bases` we`ll build
We`ll keep on a bombin`
`til our coffers are filled !!

Osama is dead
But he`s good for the vids
The greater the war
The more `contracts` and bids !!

We must fight al-qaeda
and Ahmadinejad too
Saddam had NO weapons
so we left them d.u.

Those Sunnis and Shia`s
We just want their OIL
and Blackwater can take
what`s left of the spoil

911 - they werent guilty
We just made an error
But God told us to fight
This bloody war on terror

We gotta save Israel
and start Armegeddon
Then we`re off in `the rapture`
destination is heaven !!

Artist Unknown

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