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The Occult World of Commerce

Jordan Maxwell honors Jason Whitney with a special twenty-minute introduction into the esoteric foundation of words and terms frequently used in present-day society.

Jason Whitney presents a brief, yet elaborate Power Point production which offers key insight as to how our legal system is predicated upon one thing, “commerce”, and the regulation thereof, or better said, the extraction of money “energy” from society.

Understanding of the concepts presented by both Maxwell and Whitney are essential for anyone who desires a greater understanding as to how our out of control judicial/legal/banking systems are designed and operate in America.


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Admiralty Law

A lot of this stuff makes my head spin, but I know that there is something big going on with this British admiralty law business.

In my town in Windsor Ontario Canada we have an armoury building called the H.M.C.S Hunter.

Her Majesties Royal Ship

Right next door almost attached is a masonic temple, and I know that European royalty is at the highest levels of Freemasonry.

So the stuff with birth certificates and everything else is very compelling.

There really is sooo much else isnt there?

The US is evidently a corporation since the fourteenth amendment...the IMF owns the IRS?

I'd really like to get all this stuff straight some day...

"There really is sooo much else isnt there"?

Yeah, The more I learn,the more I realize how little I knew.
I just learned, District of Columbia,Vatican City,and Part of London were sovereign entities,supposedly immune to, or operating under different laws.
*scratching head*

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The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

"The Empire Of The City"

The idea that the NWO uses these three city states as centers for different purposes:

Vatican - Spiritual
London - Financial
Washington D.C.- Military

Each of these city-states does have an obelisk erected, and the whole idea just makes too much sense.

The Vatican is the spiritual headquarters of the New World Order, and the Jesuits who are in charge have teamed up with the Zionist bankers (Rothschild) whose headquarters are in London which does have an inner city-state financial district.

So just as the Roman Empire has "taken back" Britain, the British Empire has "taken back" the United States.

Which explains why America itself has devolved into an empire, which has been at war somewhere in the world non-stop since WWII.

I guess that the Freemasonic, Order Of The Illuminati has been the primary vehicle which has allowed the NWO to infiltrate Anglo civilization.

European Royalty is of course at the highest levels of Freemasonry.

No, no, no...

It's Her Majesty's Royal SHED.


Lisa C.

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I meant "Her Majesties Canadian errr Shed"

Here's the link to its website actually:


Yep, clearly a ship...