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Unanswered Question re: Donations

I have asked this question once on this forum and got no substantial reply (http://www.dailypaul.com/node/4573). I also emailed the campaign directly four days ago and have not received a response.

Can anyone explain why donations that are less than $200 are appearing on websites like fec.gov, opensecrets.org, and huffingtonpost.com? When I searched for other Ron Paul supporters in my state, I was surprised to find the names, hometowns, and employers of donors who had given only $100, $50, and $25. How is this possible when on RP's main site it states:

"Federal law requires we report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for contributions of more than $200.00 per election cycle."

So why is this information publicly available when the donors gave less than $200?

I would very much like to donate on November 5th but will not do so if my information is publicized. I have good reasons for this other than simple privacy.

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It could be..

I think if the total of all of your donations exceeds $200 (even if it was given in smaller increments) it will show up.

i could be wrong, though.

If your donation is under $200.00, you don't have to provide your employer's name or occupation. If you used a false name, I doubt that anybody would care for that small amount of money.

Why are you not willing to share your name? just curious. Do you know something we don't know?

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I have donated

$500 in one go as well as smaller donations and I am not listed at fec.gov. The last donation I made was online over a week ago. Perhaps different types of contributions are disclosed no matter what?

Don't Forget

The government controls the FEC. If you're expecting accuracy or proficiency from them, good luck. One more reason to support the good Dr.

5% of people make things happen
10% of people watch things happen
85% say "What happened?"

Was your donation in the 3rd

Was your donation in the 3rd qt? 4th quarter donations haven't been reported yet.

5% of people make things happen
10% of people watch things happen
85% say "What happened?"

The big one wasn't.

You're right, it makes sense that I wouldn't be on that list since fourth quarter donations haven't been reported. In that case I would say that my personal experience is evidence that smaller donations don't get reported!

It was adressed in another

It was adressed in another feed by me. I called and talked with the treasurer, cant remember her name now... The total amount for that quarter is correct. There was un upload/download issue. It is being looked into. Not sure if it was the campaign upload or FEC download. No Biggie, relax...

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I'm not on there

I checked the first two (I couldn't find the link to data on the huffingtonpost site) & I'm not listed as having donated at all even though I have contributed almost $600 (maximum $100) since May. In fact, nobody in my zip codes (we have two that serve my city) is on the sites even though I have seen 3 people from my city at various times on the board.

I don't know what this means, but I sure hope you wouldn't hold back on donating just because you might be listed. The whole point of this grass-roots movement is to show that Ron Paul has real people supporting him.

Did you per chance click the

Did you per chance click the "I agree that RonPaul2008.com can show my name on the front page" box on accident? I could see that causing issues.

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I'm sorry, Go2Doug, but I

I'm sorry, Go2Doug, but I don't believe that you're going to get an answer to your question here. It's not that you're being ignored. Yours is a real concern, and it's ridiculous that you should have to give out such information, but I don't think anybody here knows the answer to your question. Probably not anywhere else either. It's possible that you might be able to get a response and answer from the campaign headquarters itself, but I doubt that anybody outside there would have the information you seek.

If you have a trusted friend who is under the maximum who is planning on donating on the 5th, perhaps you could just give him the money and thereby avoid giving out any information at all. Sorry, but it's all I got.


Mine doesn't show up....

I did a search for my self at www.fec.gov. I have donated $50 twice so far and purchased $61 dollars from the store.

I also did more searching by random names at www.fec.gov and could find no one with less than 250 dollars.



"I also did more searching by random names at www.fec.gov and could find no one with less than 250 dollars."

I think that the problem has to do with the websites in question.

On FEC.gov, in NJ, look for Joanne Head, John A. Brennan, Jason Marquard, Ken Fischetti, Howard Napier, Linda Vulovic. Their total contributions are showing as less than $200.

If you look up the same names on the huffingtonpost.com site (http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/), these same donors are appearing with contributions totaling over $200.

So, it looks like the FEC.gov website isn't accurately reporting the amounts of political campaign contributions.

So, I will go ahead and contribute on November 5th, and I plan on being active in the RP campaign in 2008!