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The convention of June 28th keeps being described as being a convention of Ron Paul supporters. When I entered the hall June 28th, I did not see signs for any candidate on the wall, as I did on April 26th. On that day, even though Ron Paul was still running, the only signs on the wall were for McCain, & they were quite large & dominant. I picked up the convention program. There was a full-page ad for McCain in it, & nothing for Ron Paul. I know if the space had been offered, the Ron Paul campaign would have bought it. Also, the program contained a schedule. It did not mention any time constraint.

Among many important things that happened at the June 28th convention, that I did not see covered by the press, was that ALL of the people who wished to be nominated to be state delegates at the April 26th convention, were also on the ballot June 28th. Even though many of these people weren't present, all were afforded 15 seconds to make their pitch to be elected. If a nominee wasn't present, someone else could speak for him/her. This was extremely fair, & not one mention has been made of this in the press. It's probably because no press were there when this process was happening. They were busy covering the rodeo, or the volley ball tournament.

At the lunch break, I witnessed a man haranguing Mike Weber . He was livid that the hall was filled with Ron Paul supporters & seemed to think this was all Mike Weber's fault. I said to him, "Everyone was invited to this convention. That hall could be filled with McCain people. All they had to do was come. There are no signs on the doors saying STAY OUT MCCAINITES!" Muth mentioned the number of people in the hall June 28th. I think the turn-out was fantastic considering how disgusted most republicans are with their party. Almost 1,500 of them traveled at their own expense to Reno, & paid to attend a convention that was gaveled to a close against the rules. The fact that over 300 people still cared about their party & showed up was remarkable. I was on the State Platform Committee & read all the planks that were submitted from the county conventions in Nevada. The republican party in Nevada is made up now by a majority of people who want our government to be run according to our constitution. Presently, it is not constitutional. You can rant & rail all you like about "republicans" coming on board with the party & supporting McCain, but for most Nevada republicans, this is anathema. We can only support a candidate who represents TRUE republican ideals, and these are clearly spelled out in our constitution.

There can only be ONE convention. It resumed June 28th & was officially adjourned Sine Die. Read the rules. No quorum of 600+ was needed as the convention of April 26th was not recessed according to the rules. In essence, approximately 600+ people had to go home & feed the dog. Three hundred + stayed & finished business & adjourned. Read the rules. Mike Weber, a parliamentarian has, perhaps you should talk with him, Mr. Muth.

Please desist in putting down the people who participated in the convention June 28th. They are people who love their country & constitution. By degrading their efforts you only appear to have total disrespect for that which they revere.

Cynthia Kennedy
Nevada State Delegate

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great letter ...not to mention that it was fully legal!!!

When this convention stands up in court then what will they say????


You cant argue with the truth.....(you can try...but ...it is really pointless.)

excellent letter!

Very well done.

Join the Team! campaignforliberty.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Thanks, KRMAYA

We spent awhile today presenting Redress of Grievance petitions to Congressman Dean Heller, and Senators John Ensign & Harry Reid. Five other people who love their country & constitution came along. All of them are supporters of Ron Paul. None of them were supporters of McInsane. Just that tells you which people just pay attention just to party lines, & which people truly care about what happens to our country.


good job Cynthia! even

good job Cynthia! even though I was a guest at the reconvening, you have my vote! Way to go Nevada. I'm glad I got to see you in action!