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Convention Judo - Nevada State Convention

A fortunate side effect of being constantly denied a victory is that you become better and better at what you are doing in order to achieve that victory. This is the essence of a free market, and is the core of what will save this country.

The dominating trait of people that are able see the problems of the world is intelligence, and when that is combined with a work ethic and motivation, obstacles are not viewed as problems, but as intellectual challenges; this gave opportunity to demonstrate the years of training and practice in the private industries of which the individuals belong. In this opportunity it gave this group of parliamentarians and contract experts two months of time to tear up the blatant problems and flaws that all occurred on tape from the April 26 convention, solutions will arise.

In the two months that have past since the Nevada Republican state convention was held, the video of the event has had some time to be studied. The list of illegal actions that were taken by the party, were referenced vs Robert's rules of Order, Nevada State Republican rules and bylaws, and RNC rules and bylaws to determine the best approach to invalidate the parties actions and return the authority to the delegates and not to a few leaders. On June 28, 2008 in Reno, the Republican delegates came together once again to complete the unfinished business of April 26 and stand together as a symbol of unity.

The proceedings on June 28, 2008 began with Chairman Beers being called to the stage in order to continue business, when this did not happen, the body as a whole elected a temporary chair, Mike Webber, being a temporary chair, the powers to do a business were limited and many motions would be unable to be completed. The motions that would be able to be completed would be appeals of previous business. So began the list of appeals that would undo the wrongs of April 26.

The first event that was appealed was the statement made by Chairman Beers that the convention was running under no Rules on April 26. The statement would imply that no rules existed, hence could be just made up as the party went along. This flew straight in the face of RNC rules, State Republican Party rules, and Robert's rules of Order. In these it was plainly stated, if no convention rules had been set yet, it would default to these previously created rules.

The second and most important flaw that the party did was to deny access to a registered delegate list on April 26. This breaks many basic rules of Robert's rules dealing with credentialing, which pertain to being able to know all of the present delegates in order to challenge delegate status of individuals. Being that the body of delegates had no official list to validate who the delegates were, any supposed list that may or may not exist becomes invalid.

The last important appeal was to do with undoing the unconstitutional section of the rules the party put in place on April 26. This dealt with how Presidential electors are chosen, the United States Constitution states Presidential electors shall be chosen by a process created by the State's legislators. The Nevada State legislators have decided that each party in the state will choose the five electors, and the victorious party then sends their five to the electoral college; the rules of April 26 stated that the electors be chosen by the National Convention, which would be unconstitutional. Thus this existing rule gave the RNC the door way to invalidate the Nevada State convention.

After the appeals were made, elections were held to elect a new permanent chair, which with all the unfinished business could be dealt with.

These appeals being setup, then allowed the delegation to reconsider the credentials report, which opened the door to everything else. Because no credential report existed, a new one had to be created with the currently attending delegates.

After the delegates were credentialed, the convention broke into Congressional Districts to decide on the delegates that would be chosen from each. In CD 3 and 1, since the results from the elections held on April 26 were known, were ratified. In CD 2, since the vote counting was not completed on April 26 and the ballots were unavailable, a new election had to be formed to choose their three delegates.

The convention then completed the process to elect delegates to the 22 at large open positions; delegates that were denied on April 26. Everything was recorded and carried out very precisely in order to be indisputable when the time comes for it to be debated before the National Delegation in September.

In the end, all the effort the State Party put forth to withhold the credentialed delegate list was their undoing. Just as with the self defense style of Judo, the delegates defended themselves by using the very force the party officials tried to use against them to throw them out of the ring of play. The State Republican officials can choose to do several things. The easiest for them will be to simply accept the convention and move on to unite the party. The next hardest would be to try and reconvene on July 27, where if they continue on like everything done on April 26 was legal, will be overturned by national; or try and correct the wrongs that were made on April 26. This would also lead to invalidating themselves and agreeing the April 26th convention was not credited. Lastly they could try and do a mail in ballot, which has no legal precedence and has never been done before; thus the RNC or Nevada State rules to do, would eventually lead to being overturned at National Convention.

- Elected Nevada GOP National Delegate

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Thanks for the write-up

Is there a link to the video, or a trancscript?

Someone was going to post this on youtube

But so far I haven't seen a link to it. The good news...here's video!

My speakers have given up the ghost on me...so I can't comment, unfortunately, but I was there and it was brilliant.
Of course, everything you hear from the NV GOP leadership is that it is bogus, illegal, etc. They are going to have to fight that one and when they do there might be information which comes out and they would prefer doesn't. So far, they just chose to ignore the situation and, imo, have managed to clamp down on the media.


This is great. Thanks for

This is great. Thanks for posting!




Thanks for the good

Thanks for the good information. Question: If the April convention was invalidated, how is it that you were able to ratify the results for CD1 and CD3? How can the April convention be both valid and invalid at the same time?

Carl Bunce an RP guy? We

Carl Bunce an RP guy? We need to add him to the donation list.

This information is very valuable for the states coming up that need to represent Paul and NOT stay home. We need to get the bottom feeders all the way to the top of this, some unknowing, group of neocons.

If the event in July occurs ....

Will there be someone there to put them on notice of these points?


Bump for Clarity

Thanks for your huge contribution. I sure wish I was reading this in every newspaper in the state and hearing it discussed on every radio and TV station.


great info,, thanks. All

great info,, thanks. All eyes were on that Convention 6/28--you guys did great. Am sure the Sue bunch will attempt countermoves, but you sound like you have them by the short hairs..wtg

wish we had you guys here in

wish we had you guys here in Colorado! give em HELL!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Number of Ron Paul Delegates

CD 1 = 1 out of 3
CD 2 = 3 out of 3
CD 3 = 3 out of 3

At Large = 22 out of 22

29 Ron Paul Delegates, this is the exact same result that would have occurred on April 26th if we would have been allow to complete the convention.



Thanks for the excellent post!!! It helps to ease my mind a bit!

Crooks are stupid! What more can I say??

Got Hope?? Click Here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01kcqKd2Tag
Historic moment at WA State Convention at minute 4 here!!
Convert a delegate here! www.dvds4delegates.com

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


IMO this would be a good article to send to delegates in the few remainig states who are yet to hold their conventions. Also, if you know anyone in the media, you might send it on to them w/subject line: "Breaking news: NV GOP State Convention Completed June 28th." or something along those lines... Repetition breeds belief and this whole convention has been fairly well blacked out by the media.


Press suggestion


We are getting a media blackout, but they're going to have to deal with what occurred on June 28th, whether they want to or not

Press Release

This was sent to NV press. Please spread it around however you like.



Nevada State Republican Convention Completed on June 28th

RENO, NV, June 30th, 2008 --- The Nevada State Republican Convention was brought out of recess on Saturday, June 28th, at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. The Convention was organized by credentialed delegates, and all business was legally completed on Saturday, including the selection of national delegates.

“The State convention is finished,” said convention organizer Wayne Terhune. “All of the business was completed, and the convention was adjourned with sine die.”

Much of the business that occurred on April 26th was ratified this Saturday, and all necessary business was completed. The platform from April 26th was ratified, and results of national delegate selection on April 26th for Congressional Districts 1 and 3 were also ratified. A provisional election for national delegates from Congressional District 2 was held because ballots cast on April 26th were not made available by State GOP party officials. At-large delegates were selected by secret ballot.

"We brought the meeting out of recess, corrected mistakes from the previous convention, and completed all the necessary business,” said Wayne Terhune. “We’re happy to have completed the work of the Party, and we’re looking forward to sending Nevada’s Republican delegation to the National Convention in September.”


Spread the word....meetups, too

Apparently some delegates didn't feel they had to participate, or that a $10 hotdog was more impressive, but we made history.....fair and square.
Please get this info out.