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Ron Paul's position on Media Consolidation?

I gang, I have a friend of mine that keeps asking me what Dr Paul's position is on media consolidation/monopoly. I get the drift that he pretty much feels that if they own the business they have a right to control the content, but in an atmosphere where the government tightly controls who has access to broadcast frequencies I wonder if that's really the case. Does anyone have any information to show Dr. Paul's official position on this subject?

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I can give give you the standard libertarian position.

True monopolies can only exist with government intervention - in fact that is the definition of a monopoly. If any number of businesses decide to consolidate on their own, then it should be allowed. A voluntarily created 'monopoly' differs greatly from one created by government. Free access to the market along with incentives to compete usually renders 'voluntarily' created monopolies ineffective. You did mention that the government tightly controls access to broadcast frequencies - this definitely restricts free entry to the market which Dr. Paul would oppose.

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good question ~

I've also wondered what his position on this might be.
Any ideas out there?