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I'm hoping for this

I've been impressed with Ron Paul supporters for over a year now. They are not only intelligent and passionate, most importantly they are technically savvy. Not all of us are, but many are. Which leads me to my point.

It would be a hail mary miracle touchdown if someone could find 1 of those 32 videotapes of John McCain denouncing the United States. I think it would pull the carpet out from under his feet and the door would open wide for Ron Paul to capture the nomination.

So, let's put that passion and technical know-how to work and get digging. We know they exist. Somebody has them. I wonder if any news agencies in another country has footage?

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Thanks Jen, I know they're out there somewhere...I got some friends overseas, let me see what they might be able to do.

I am unsure about the

I am unsure about the videos, I do know that there is some important information here: http://www.usvetdsp.com/jan07/mccain_myth.htm as well as this:
http://www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnmccain.com/cin_tedmancu... There is some rumor that records in vietnam were sealed, by McCain himself, during a trip there, as well as one that claimed there was a payout for $ilence to at least one of the interogators from vietnam, I do not know if it was to Bui Tin, however he did manage to flee Vietnam and lives comfortably in France, where he also had a newspaper business or something like that. It begs to question, there is much that seems suspect. What is being hidden? Just how much did GW Bush find on McCain in the race for 2000, given his family's access to that which is "top secret", it seems he was able to successfully shut down McCain's run to be the nominee back then. There is more to that than is apparent.
"Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies."

"Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies."

McCain is not our problem.

He is not really our problem. Our problem is 100 times bigger than McCain. Our problem is the establishment GOP. One in the same as the elite machine running this country and doing anything they want with us day after day, night after night.

If we can figure out how to beat the machine, McCain will disintegrate. Remember they lie, cheat, change their own rules, use voter fraud and kill. Remember they are huge, practiced, have a ton of money, the best propaganda machines on the face of the earth, have the attorneys, love to fight and determined to have their way.

I think

One thing is for sure, finding these tapes will atleast wake people up to take a closer look at McCain


In fact, I am concerned that McCain will fail, and they will spring a surprise candidate at the convention that will look wonderful in comparison (at least to the neo-cons).

We have one very valuable tool that they do not: truth.

"The truth will set you free."

Careful on this one

This could easily be turned around to attack Ron Paul and his movement. The video was taken when McCain was under duress -- or at least it will be considered as such by most Americans. It will simply be used to remind people that McCain was a POW -- a war hero. Further, the fact that it happened decades ago will also hurt the value of the attack. It will be seen as dredging up his long distant past.

Better, I think, to stick to the issues. Besides, McCain has basically tied his horse to G.W. Bush -- his economic policies and foreign policy. Both are on the verge of failure, so by focusing on the core issues of monetary policy, conservative fiscal government, and avoiding unnecessary wars will provide more than enough ammunition to sink McCain's boat.


Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!

There is a video of Michelle Obama doing that. Never even heard about this stuff. Would be great if it existed though.

32 videotapes of John McCain denouncing the United States?

really, tell me more

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Supposedly the Vietnames

Supposedly the Vietnames forced him to denounced the US for violating international law against the people of Vietnam. From what I understand this has been verified.

Well, frankly, IF he did, he

Well, frankly, IF he did, he was right. We had no business invading Viet Nam either. Since he seems gung-ho in Iraq and Iran, it does not matter anyway. The People like us, who are Constitutionalists have always wanted peace, and that is all that is allowed unless for defense.