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Work from home Employee needed for immediate opening

We are looking for someone to work with www.revolutionbroadcasting.com as an assistant to help further the movement and promote liberty.

I would have said volunteer but this will be a full time job.

Job requires long hours and extreme dedication.

You will be required to meet the needs of many here on the forums and via emails.

You must be willing to take lots of criticism on a daily basis.

The salary for your position is $0 yes that means you must work for free.

Please send your application to managers@revolutionbroadcasting.com

Dr. Steve Parent

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Are you appealing to single income 2 parent households?

Is it because all the stay at home moms have so much TIME on their hands? Let me clue you in, we ALREADY work for free!

Let this die off until he changes it to VOLUNTEER.

Will I get fired and lose all my benefits if I perform


Am I eligible for cobra?

Are my salary increases when promoted based on a percentage of my current salary?

Do I need to make the long distance calls on a pay as you go cell phone plan?


i think it's fair to say

i think it's fair to say that no one is willing to work for $0 an hour today or even yesterday ... the economy sucks .. my father passed away, and i'm the only provider in this household ... $0 just won't make due .. and i'm in a better position than many others

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Ability to teach spelling

is considered a "plus"!

Employee? WTF.

It's called a volunteer. Maybe you don't know the difference between an employee and a volunteer but I sure do. Don't even use the word employee unless you are going to pay someone. Since you obviously can't then don't try to make yourself look more legitimate by using the word employee. You are running an organization based on peer support and dedication not a business.

I forgot to add that you

I forgot to add that you will be required to make many long distance phone calls.




Dr. Steve Parent


Can't wait to triple my salary with a promotion.

You mean you need some volunteers.

We all have our roles.

Considering this is a full

Considering this is a full time job I figured employee was better suited for this post.




Dr. Steve Parent