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Boeing feeling the PAIN... no wonder their pulling out the stops on the TANKERS!

Boeing and it's employees are feeling the pain of their poor decisions and it's effort to "globalize" it's efforts. Even with the huge contracts from the Defense department this mamoth corporation is no longer the innovator it once was.

Boeing Employee bonuses coming in well short

Another delay for the 787...18 months behind schedule and now this

The people of Mobile AL are not happy with Boeing

It's a sorry case, but the it's so apparent that the modern multi-national corporation is just like our government. Completely out of touch with reality. The best thing we could do for our country is pull the charter on these corporations and desperse the assets to it's American stockholders. Small efficient businesses is the key to us getting back on our feet... and the longer we allow these multi-nationals to drain us of our resources the longer we will suffer.

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It was given to Northrop an American company

The aircraft was a Airbus but it would have been assembled in Mobile Alabama. The fact of the matter is either company is shipping most of its production off shore. Boeing is getting parts for its aircraft from Japan, China, France, England among others.

The tanker project in my opinion is a boondoogle regardless if Northrop or Boeing gets it. With the airline business in shambles there are numerous aircraft that have been taken out of service and are sitting on the ground that could be added for pennys on the dollar.

If your ever in Arizona between Tucson and Phoenix just look out into the desert and you'll see all those valuable aircraft that have already been paid for collecting dust.

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At the behest of McCain,

At the behest of McCain, Boeing lost a $40 billion dollar contract.

The contract, if I'm remembering correctly, was given to either Airbus or some other contractor over in France. That was sometime in January or February.