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Liberty widget still maxed at $4 million

..at least i think its called a widget..

anyways that lady liberty gal is still capped at a measly $4 million.. I really wonder if the campaign is truly on top of the 5th of November surge potential.

If they fail to be able to process the donations it will be a totally avoidable discouragement and loss of a tremendous media opportunity.

The potential of this event should IN NO WAY be underestimated. I am concerned the campaign views this effort with insufficient appreciation for what a failure on their part could do to morale.

November 5th is the very best day between now and election day to receive and process a donation by the campaign. Getting the system up and running on the 6th or 7th is not at all an acceptable fall back position. Not at all.

I hope they are awake over there.

Time will tell

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When the thermometer widget for the end of 3rd qt 500,000 goal hit the top, there was already a cool graphic in place to move it to the new, 1000,000 goal. The campaign is well aware of the 5th, don't worry.

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If you look at the widget,

If you look at the widget, they changed the goal from a MONTHLY goal to a QUARTERLY goal. I think their original plan was to have a new widget every month, but since we didn't reach $4M, they're going to keep the lady liberty one until they reach $4M.

I hope they've upped their servers' capacity for November 5th. I'm sure they've taken care of what they need to do.

"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out...and if you like it, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul

I doubt

that the liberty widget getting maxed out would prevent the site from being able to still accept donations. We just might not get the satisfaction of watching the lady light up...

There is not necessarily a

There is not necessarily a direct correlation that is very true.

Liberty's $4 million max may however be indicative of a general lack of focus on this issue of processing capability.

I am resolved to worry about this until the 6th so no point in trying to calm me down ; )

I ask people who have some ability to break through the communications barrier erected around the campaign to do so with this concern. They don't seem to have staff alloted to processing communications.

There is a time to be penny wise and there is a time to avoid being penny wise and pound foolish. Resources are needed to be in place for the optimal donation processing demand which could very well prove to be beyond their present imagination.

This campaign has grown so rapidly and it seems to have a way of outstripping expectation at every turn.

Thus my concern. If they think a crash on the 5th is in any wise acceptable then they are in need of being awakened to a larger perspective.


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