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Whores Will Always Need More - Get The Money Presses Turned-On for Iran

I read today the CIA are now claiming military and CIA operations to stop Osama bin Laden and his band of terrorists were halted due to this, that, and the other? Now, Osama bin Laden is working out of Pakistan and Afghanistan?

This definitely adds fuel that is needed by the Republican Party to use it's most effective tool "The Fear Factor" to oppress people in the United States into voting in their party again.

How oppressed can the Republican Party make the average American citizen? Oppression is the key element in controlling a mass of people.

How does this affect Osama Obama? The U.S. military in Afghanistan has proven to be useless in capturing Osama bin Laden, or any of his leadership, for years. Now, it is known that not only were they not stopped, they have grown and are being accommodated by Pakistan. So, this useless military/CIA effort would have to be analyzed by top military officials and trustworthy intelligence officials - not the CIA - as to the continuing of such useless efforts. Therefore, I'm not sure what Oops and Hillary want to do about this? I think they should be questioned on their stand on this issue. This military operation will continue to feed the whores that need more, no doubt about that. But is it enough? I do believe the whores want to profit from Iran too.

Who does Fishy want as the next United States President and Vice President?

Froggy, Fishy, Sociopath, and Mouse try to use oppression as their key element against me and my minor son. They are control freaks.

It's Just Little Ole Me - Underdog!

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They are

Froggy - Bush
Fishy - Cheney
Psychopath - McCain
Mouse - huh?

am I right?

on, and eff you on the "Osama Obama" crack. There's no need for us to perpetuate the Neocons dirty tricks for them.

"Every generation needs a new revolution" ~Jefferson

Join ours - http://www.ronpaul2008.com

"Every generation needs a new revolution" ~Jefferson

Join ours - http://www.ronpaul2012.com


Who are Fishy, Froggy, Sociopath, and Mouse?